Model United Nations
Fall 2015

Meeting on

Mondays 5:45-8:30pm beginning August 24

Draper 139

Welcome to the Model United Nations organization at Baylor University.We are a group of Baylor students who compete in international conferences. We put on a conference for high schools each year, and you can find more information on this site.

What is a Model United Nations Tournament?

Model United Nations is an academic tournament focused on developing solutions to today's international problems. Teams are assigned a country within the United Nations and are then assigned to the various committees with the UN. Teams must research their assigned country's policy in regard to specific foreign policy areas including international security, economic policy, and social-humanitarian efforts. Delegates then act as diplomats for their assigned nation within their committees. The delegates must work with one another, just like member nations must within the UN, to solve a specific issue by writing a resolution.


Awards are given based on adherence to national policy, public speaking skills, and leadership within the committee.


  • Model United Nations teaches students the value of both teamwork and compromise.
  • Students must work together in order to come to a solution that the international community will accept.
  • Our conference works to foster the interpersonal skills of each student.
  • Students vote on the resolutions that they have written at the end of the day. A majority vote is needed in order for any resolution they write to pass.
  • Delegates learn how to compromise between an ideal solution and a practical one.

Delegates must learn to compromise with one another while still adhering to their national policy in order to create a feasible solution.


Model United Nations strives to develop the public speaking and communication skills of each individual.

  • Students will have a variety of opportunities to make speeches to their committee.
  • Model United Nations teaches students to think quickly and decisively and teaches persuasive speaking skills.
  • Delegates also have many opportunities to work together during un-moderated caucuses.
  • Delegates learn to read and write documents in the correct international format, defined by the UN.
  • Delegates will have numerous chances to exercise their leadership abilities and organizational skills.

Cultural Education

As the world continues along the path of democratization and globalization, today's high school students cannot afford to remain unexposed to other regions of the world, such as Northern African, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

  • Model United Nations teaches students about cultures that they may have little exposure to otherwise.
  • Students learn about world political situations, globalization, and the international problems that face the world today.
  • Our conference strives to educate students about nations and people groups that are quite different from American/Western European culture.
  • Model UN expands upon many of the ideas that are taught in high school world history classes and makes an excellent supplement to any world cultures lesson plan.

Class Credit

As a member of the Baylor MUN team, students earn class credit for the time they invest in research for the Model UN competitions (PSC 3375 Model United Nations).

History of Baylor University's Model United Nations Program

The Baylor University Model United Nations program began as an informal group of students who wanted to learn about other countries and their role in the United Nations. In 1989 these students contacted Harvard University and expressed the desire to participate in the Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) conference, the most prestigious Model UN conference in the United States. Five Baylor students paid their own expenses to travel to Harvard where they represented the tiny country of Djibouti. Participating with students from the top colleges and universities in the United States and around the world, the Baylor team helped draft resolutions that were submitted to the United Nations in New York for consideration.

Since that humble beginning the MUN program has grown in size and standing. Our teams have attended a variety of national conferences over the years, and on numerous occasions received the award for Outstanding Delegation!

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