Workshops and Seminars for Ministers

Pastoral Leadership: Discussion of leadership issues in churches and what model of pastoral leadership--for example, CEO or shepherd--is best.

Conflict Resolution: Discussion of the theology and psychology of conflicts within the context of viewing churches as living organisms instead of organizations.

Congregational Renewal: A review of the state of religion in America and what is being done in churches which are experiencing renewal.

Spiritual Leadership: Discussion of effective pastoral leadership with special attention to elements of spiritual growth and development, in the pastor, other ministerial staff, and the church.

Seminar on Basic Christian Beliefs: Specific Christian beliefs are covered in seminars by delving into the history of the belief, beginning with scripture, through the eyes of theologians.

Symposiums for Ministers and Lay Leaders

• Symposium on Congregational Worship, November 2005--Three churches presented their styles of worship, First Baptist Church, Arlington, TX; Tallowood Baptist Church, Houston, TX; and DaySpring Baptist Church, Waco, TX

• Symposium on Congregational Renewal, May 2007--Baylor researchers shared report on the State of Religion in America and three pastors of churches experiencing renewal shared their stories-- Clearwater Baptist Church, Scroggins, TX; Wilshire Baptist Church, Houston, TX; and Crestview Baptist Church, Georgetown, TX

• Symposium on Congregational Song, May 2008--Three churches will share their understanding of congregational song--Ferris Avenue Baptist Church, Waxahachie, TX; The Heights Baptist Church, Richardson, TX; and First Baptist Church, Tyler, Tx

• Symposium on Emerging Patterns of Congregational Life, May 2009--Kyle Childress,Austin Heights Baptist Church, Nacogdoches, spoke on the "Art of the Commonplace"; three pastors shared what congregational life is like in their respective churches. Mike Fritscher, Cottonwood Baptist Church, Dublin, TX; Steve Wende, First Methodist Church, Houston, TX; and Roger Paynter, First Baptist Church, Austin, TX.

• Symposium on Renewing Evangelism in 21st Century, April 2010--Curtis Freeman, Duke University, spoke on "The Theology and Practice of Evangelism Among Baptists: Then and Now" and Michael Stroope, Truett Seminary to respond; Two models of evangelism for the 21st century were presentd. John Lockhart, First Baptist Church, Richmond, TX and Cindy Wiles, First Baptist Church, Arlington, TX

• Symposium on "Are Christians Called to Change the World," April 2011--William Willimon, Uniter Methodist Church, North Alabama Conference, spoke on "The Strange Ways in Which Christians Change the World" and a panel of three of Diana Garland, dean, School of Social Work, Baylor University; George Mason, pastor, Wilshire Baptist Church, Dallas; and Chris Seay, pastor, Ecclesia Church, Houston

• Symposium on "Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? Understandings of God in Christianity and Islam," April 2012--William Abraham, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University spoke on 'God' in Christianity and Islam: Are They the Same 'God' and a panel of three of Abdulhakim Mohamed,executive director, Texas Islmamic Council; Christian van Gorder, associate professor, Baylor University, and Abjar Bahkou, lecturer, Baylor University

• Symposium on "iFaith? The Church in the Digital Age" April 2013--Quentin Schultze of Calvin College spoke on "How to Communicate in a Digital Culture", followed by panelists--Terry York, professor, Truett Seminary; Chris Seay, pastor, Ecclesia Church, Houston; and Doug Henry, professor, Baylor University.

• Symposium on "Does the Family Matter? The Crisis of Faith in Church and Culture" April 2014--Mary Eberstadt, senior fellow at Ethics and Public Policy Center spoke on "Is Secularization Inevitable?" followed by panelists--Byron Johnson, professor, Baylor University; Julia Hejduk, professor, Baylor University; and David Solomon, visiting profesor, Baylor University.

Seminars for Faculty and Administration
• Seminar on Academic Leadership in Baptist Universities, May 20-24, 2007--for information see link on the left

• Seminar on Academic Leadership in Baptist Universities, May 18-22, 2008

• Seminar on Academic Leadership in Baptist Universities, May 17-21, 2009

• Seminar on Academic Leadership in Baptist Universities, May 16-20, 2010

• Seminar on Academic Leadership in Baptist Universities, May 15-19, 2011

• Seminar on Academic Leadership inBaptist Universities, May 13-17, 2012