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Medical Humanities Students Bring Visual and Healing Arts to Life with Quilt
This past spring, a class of Baylor University medical humanities students sewed their passion for the healing arts into a service project that was anything but patchwork.

Destination: El Salvador
Dr. Lauren Barron, joined by Dr. Elaine Lambert and Dr. Ron Wilson, looks forward to taking a team of students to El Salvador on a medical mission trip organized by the Medical Humanities Program

Faith and Healthcare Merge at the 15th Annual Medical Humanities Retreat
The Medical Humanities Retreat looks at the study of medicine from a holistic viewpoint, incorporating not only the science and logic behind the study of medicine, but the emotions and the heart behind it too. The 15th annual Retreat was focused around the passage Ezekiel 37:1-14. Dr. Mike Attas, local cardiologist and Episcopal priest served as keynote speaker.

Arts and Sciences Join Forces
A collaboration between the art department and the science department has brought life to the walls of the Baylor Science Building.

History Through the Eyes of the Medical Arts
Baylor students and faculty members received a rare opportunity to hear about the medical care President John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald received during their respective final hours.

Impairment Through Humane Views: Disability and Society
Thanks to the efforts of one Baylor professor, students can gain a new, theological perspective on disabilities and how society views them.

A New Perspective: End of Life Care and Bereavement
Dr. Bill Hoy, a professor of the Medical Humanities Program at Baylor, developed and created a new course for the program called End of Life Care and Bereavement. The course was officially offered to students in the fall of 2013.

Homecoming with the Medical Humanities
The Baylor University Pre-Health Program and Medical Humanities Program hosted its second annual Homecoming Reception on Friday, October 18th from 5 - 8 p.m.

Student Talent Shines through New Magazine
Five Baylor students studying different concentrations came together to create a way to inform their fellow students and faculty members about the growing Medical Humanities Program at Baylor University.

DeBakey Medical Foundation Expands Medical Humanities Scholarship at Baylor University with Generous Gift
WACO, Texas (Feb. 21, 2013) - During a special campus ceremony today, Baylor University accepted a $500,000 gift from the DeBakey Medical Foundation to expand the Michael E. DeBakey, Selma DeBakey and Lois DeBakey Endowed Scholarship in Medical Humanities. With this gift, the Foundation has invested $1 million in the DeBakey Scholarship fund, which was established in 2009.

The Virtuous Physician
The Role of Virtue in Medicine
Series: Philosophy and Medicine, Vol. 114
Marcum, James A.
2012, 2012, XIV, 244 p. 12 illus.
Hardcover, ISBN 978-94-007-2705-2

Discusses the philosophical issues surrounding the notion of virtue in the practice of clinical medicine. Addresses the crises of care and professionalism in modern medicine through the notion of virtuous physician.

Dr. Michael Attas-Guest Columnist-04-17-2012
Attempting to determine the value of one human life

Dr. Michael Attas - Guest Columnist - 01-25-2011
"Dr. Michael Attas: Example of the gift of life's tenuous grip"

Guest Columnist-Dr. Michael Attas-02-08-2011
"Path toward healing smoother with animal companions"

Guest Columnist-Dr. Attas-02-22-2011
Emergency shows hospital staff's judgement, focus

"The Fine Art of Healing"
Pre-med students at Baylor University are scrutinizing art by such greats as Rembrandt and Picasso in search of dilated pupils and jaundiced skin.

"Future health care workers learning through art"
Through a popular new undergraduate class, Baylor University is using art to influence future health care professionals to be more empathetic, observant and well-rounded.

Dr. Attas-Guest Columnist-03-24-2011
"Death and resurrection, thanks to technology"

Guest Columnist-Dr. Michael Attas-04-26-2011
"Love's power to help the ill heal"

Guest Columnist-Dr. Michael Attas-04-05-2011
"Contrasting one way of seeing and living with another"

YNN Your News Now - 04-29-2011
"New pre-med course focuses on the art of healing"

Guest Columnist-Dr. Michael Attas-05-17-2011
"Pangs of grief may serve as body A's warning signal"

Guest Columnist - Dr. Michael Attas - 06/14/2011
'Wisdom of the body' can confound even doctors

Health, Wellness and Society Conference - 12/09/2011
Announcing James A. Marcum as a Plenary Speaker for the 2012 Health, Wellness and Society Conference

Guest Columnist-Dr. Attas 01/29/2012
Hidden Stains of life affect our well-being

Guest Columnist-Dr. Attas-02-08-2012
Lessons learned from the loss of a special patient

Guest Columnist-Dr. Attas-02/21/2012
Trying to find some meaning in illness and Loss

Guest Columnist-Dr. Attas-03-07-2012
Lent season offers reminders of our shared mortality

Guest Columnist-Dr. Michael Attas 04-03-2012
Considering the Christian virtues of medicine

Q&A With Baylor Fulbright Recipient Huong Nguyen
WACO, Texas (May 11, 2012) - Baylor University senior Huong Nguyen of Houston is one of five Baylor students and recent graduates who have been selected to receive the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship.

Dr. MIchael Attas-Guest Columnist-05-01-2012
Loss of child can deeply affect parent's health

Baylor in Great Britain 2009
History, Medical Humanities, Philosophy

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