Medical Humanities Retreat

"The Least of These:  What In God's Name Can We Do?"

The 16th Annual Medical Humanities Retreat will be held February 13-14, 2015 at Truett Seminary.  This retreat is the heart and soul of the Medical Humanities program at Baylor University. It is an opportunity for students to connect outside of the classroom with like minded peers, current medical students and dedicated medical professionals. Here we are able to explore the practice of medicine as a sacred calling.

We are thrilled to have Dr. Lisa Baker, clinical professor in the Honors Program as this year's keynote speaker.  Dr. Baker will reflect on "The Least of These:  What In God's Name Can We Do?" taken from Jesus' parable about the workers in vineyard in Matthew 20:1-16.   Dr. Baker will be drawing on her experience as a pediatrician who is passionate about global health, having a long-term relationship through Straw to Bread that promotes public health programs in Kenya.

What does this story have to say to us at Baylor? Is it still relevant?  How does God’s definition of what is fair and just differ from ours? How can this scripture inform the work we are called to do and the ways in which we are called to serve, both locally and abroad—in ways that are practical, sustainable & meaningful?  

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Activites Include...

Outstanding talks & presentations about the intersection of faith and medicine
Breakout sessions & small group discussions
Conversation and community building among students, faculty & guests
Q&A with Baylor alumni now in medical school
Meals, music & worship together

And much more!

With medicine in mind and heath care at heart, we welcome students and faculty from all over the university at this event!  If you are interested in working in or around the healthcare professions, please plan to join us for this very special event.