Current Student Spotlights

"I have learned that medicine is much more than just curing someone's disease. As healers, we are called to look not only at the physical symptoms but also the spiritual and emotional pain as well." -- Trisha Kelley.

"Fast forward almost four years later and I've realized that medicine will change my life and not just the lives of my patients. I've realized that medicine has chosen me more than I have chosen medicine." -- Huong Nguyen.

"I learned of the Medical Humanities program while searching the Baylor website during my senior year of high school. I had no idea then how grateful I would be for the opportunity to participate in this program. Many schools can teach good science, but few challenge students to acknowledge the other, crucial facets of medicine." -- Jaden Schupp.

"Already, I have been forced to think about issues and controversies that probably would have never even crossed my mind until five years down the road when I face that situation in the real world. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to be immersed in these conversations from the beginning of my premed years." -- Ivy Stejskal.

"One of the programs that drew me to Baylor was the Medical Humanities Program. Medical Humanities was introduced to me at Freshman Orientation as a discipline that teaches future physicians about the human experience of illness so that they may better relate to their patients. However, I have learned that studying Medical Humanities at Baylor is so much more - bioethics, literature, and philosophy, for example, not to mention many shadowing and clinical opportunities." -- Hilliary Villarreal.