What Our Students Are Saying

"I came to this retreat and received more than I could have imagined, says an attendee of a previous retreat. I heard about their experiences from a Christian Perspective. I learned how to apply my Christian values to my prospective medical practice. This weekend was amazing."

“It was so refreshing to listen to all the speakers. I really enjoyed the topics and was so graciously reminded of my purpose... This retreat made me excited to get into my career and serve through that process.”

“I am taking away wonderful memories, lots of new meaningful relationships and valuable advice from our wise speakers.“

"It brought me out of my senior year slump, and made me excited to go to medical school again.  It reminded me of the fire that burns inside of me for what I am doing, and told me to get back to tending it"

"It helped me to realize that there is much more to medicine than making competitive grades.  As aspiring doctors, we owe it to our future patients to care about more than just fixing or diagnosing the symptoms of a patient.  We should be caring for them as if we were taking care of our loved ones.  Medicine is a hard-earned skill where compassion, conviction, discipline, faith and love need to be paramount when helping those who are sick and underserved."