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[Operation Desert Storm]
WACO, Texas (Feb. 27, 2015) — February 28 marks the 24th anniversary of the cease fire that ended the 1991 Gulf War, also known as Operation Desert Storm. But the end of the war signaled the beginning of a new struggle for thousands of service men and women—their personal battle with Gulf War illness (GWI).
[Chris Hansen1]
WACO, Texas (Feb. 19, 2015) - Christopher Hansen, M.F.A., independent filmmaker and director of the film and digital media program in Baylor University’s College of Arts & Sciences, discusses this year’s Oscar nominations and the role of gender in filmmaking.
WACO, Texas (Feb. 5, 2015) -- The explanation by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams that he "misremembered" being aboard a helicopter shot down in Iraq in 2003 is probably "spot on," says a Baylor University memory reconstruction expert.
[Angry Customers]
WACO, Texas (Jan. 12, 2015) – As long as there are servers in restaurants, there will be disagreeable customers who give them a hard time. Are those customers always right? And how should a server respond?
WACO, Texas (Dec. 18, 2014) – Baylor University faculty experts are available to work with media to take a look back at 2014 and discuss a number of key happenings, including the events in Ferguson, Missouri following the death of Michael Brown, the Ebola outbreak, ISIS attacks, legal cases, sports stories, consumer behavior, immigration and events in Ukraine.
WACO, Texas (Dec. 11, 2014) – Many Americans already have enough “stuff,” and the gift-giving season sometimes adds to that collection of things we really don’t need. Instead of always receiving, how can we resolve to be more generous in the New Year?
[Business Ethics]
WACO, Texas (Nov. 24, 2014) – Note to venture capitalists: Entrepreneurs are watching to see if you’re naughty or nice.
Baylor University experts are available to work with media to comment on a variety of holiday topics -- everything from Thanksgiving and Black Friday to gratitude and grief.
[Grief and Friendship]
WACO, Texas (Nov. 19, 2014) – For many, this Thanksgiving or this Christmas will be the first holiday without a special loved one. The loss of a family member or a friend brings obvious grief. And for those who have the opportunity to interact with a bereaved person, there are often questions: What do I do? What do I say?
[Vivian Gamblian sim lab]
DALLAS, Texas (Nov. 13, 2014) – In the hospital operating room, everyone has a job to do. The person in the room whose sole purpose is the well-being of the patient – no matter the situation, no matter the circumstance – is the perioperative nurse.
Forgiving — and being forgiven — are good for your emotional health, research has shown, and National Forgiveness Day on Oct. 25 may be a good time to let bygones be bygones and also to make amends.
[Kirk Wakefield, Ph.D.]
WACO, Texas (Oct. 21, 2014) – The last time the Kansas City Royals were in the World Series (1985), Ronald Reagan was President and a gallon of gas cost less than a buck. So why are baseball fans picking the team to win the 2014 Fall Classic?
WACO, Texas (Oct. 14, 2014) – October marks National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and Baylor University has joined a nationwide campaign to encourage vigilance when it comes to being safe online.
[ProSales Students]
WACO, Texas (Oct. 8, 2014) – Companies will lose 40 percent of senior talent by 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. For the sales industry, that translates to businesses scrambling to replace retiring Baby Boomers who have decades of experience in cultivating profitable client relationships.
[Pumpkin 11]
WACO, Texas (Oct. 7, 2014) — Pumpkin purveyors have reason for grins as wide as those of jack-o’-lanterns this time of year. Pumpkin products are proliferating for autumn — and not just for standard pies, breads and Halloween décor, but also for whimsical goodies that may not live up to the pumpkin’s healthy reputation.
WACO, Texas (Sept. 17, 2014)— While some iTunes users debated whether they appreciated finding the U2 freebie album on their computers and phones recently, a Baylor professor who is the author of a book about U2 says the gift — the Irish band’s 13th album, “Songs of Innocence” — is “full of great songs about the bigger things in life.”
WACO, Texas (Aug. 28, 2014) – The amount of data collected in today’s marketplace – about people, their habits, the products they purchase, how, when and where they purchase – is staggering.
[Diana Garland]
WACO, Texas (Aug. 20, 2014) – It’s less about money and more about mentoring. With students and teachers back in the classroom, it’s the time of year when many churches and congregations engage with local schools.
[Bar Code]
WACO, Texas (June 24, 2014) – Forty years ago this week, a bar code was used for the first time in a retail transaction. The purchase? A pack of gum.
[Richard Duhrkopf]
WACO, Texas (June 24, 2014) — Mosquito bites can trigger more than just irritated, itchy skin. They can signal the beginning of potentially harmful diseases such as West Nile Virus. This week for National Mosquito Control Awareness Week, Richard Duhrkopf, Ph.D., biology professor in Baylor’s College of Arts & Sciences, provides several tips on how to avoid being bitten and reduce the number of mosquitoes buzzing around.
WACO, Texas (June 17, 2014) — Secretary of State John Kerry’s “no hurry” approach to United States-Iranian cooperation to combat advancing Islamic militants in Iraq is a “sensible, diplomatic one” – and the wrong one, says a Baylor University expert on religious wars.
[Jim Ellor]
WACO, Texas (May 13, 2014) – “Use your nose.” That used to be standard advice given to people searching for prospective nursing homes for themselves or their loved ones.
[Nursing Student]
WACO, Texas (May 7, 2014) – “You can do anything for a year.” That’s the adage adopted by students enrolled in Baylor University’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing’s 12-month accelerated baccalaureate nursing program, known as FastBacc.
[heaven photo]
WACO, Texas (May 5, 2014) — “Heaven Is For Real” — or so contends the current movie by that name. But which heaven? Several versions of heaven are depicted in art, literature, music and pop culture — some of which don’t mesh with faith doctrines, says author/pop culture critic Greg Garrett, Ph.D., a professor of English in Baylor University's College of Arts and Sciences.
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