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Leonardo da Vinci Machines in Motion

Logo for Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit

Leonardo da Vinci's Machines in Motion exhibition features 40 life-sized and operational machines constructed from in-depth study's of his designs. This exhibition which will be on display May 23 through August 16 in the Thomas E. and Emilyne Weed Anding Traveling Exhibition Gallery is the world's largest interactive exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions. Join us on Opening Day as we Engage, Explore, and Enjoy the world of Leonardo da Vinci.

Click to see our fun opening day activities and our summer (almost)weekly activity days that we're calling "da Vinci Days."

Also, we will have a fun hands-on area called Leonardo's Workshop where you can try your hand at creating some of his inventions.

Exhibit Pricing:

Adult $10
Seniors (65+) $9
Children (18mo - 12 yr) $5
Baylor Students FREE
Members FREE

Leonardo da Vinci Self Portrait For most of his life, Leonardo kept notebooks. He recorded ideas and observations about life, work, people, and events and drawings of all kinds. Each page is a jumble of sketches, diagrams, and "mirror writing," Leonardo's strange, right to left, backwards script. He never got around to putting the pages in order.

Some 6,000 pages survive, only about a fifth of his total production. They have been arranged in volumes called codices ("codex" is a Latin term for "manuscript") and are housed in museums and collections around the world. The machines in this exhibition are based on designs Leonardo recorded in his notebooks.

See the exhibit's representative, Jason Stevens, explain some of the machines you'll see.

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