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Waco Mammoth Site Exhibit

The Waco Mammoth Site Exhibit at the Mayborn Museum offers visitors an additional way to experience the internationally known Waco Mammoth National Monument.

Approximately 68,000 years ago, the mammoth herd was trapped in a sudden flash flood along the banks of the Bosque River. The adult mammoths tried to save the juveniles by lifting them above the surging water with their tusks, but all were killed when the mud river banks caved in. The bones were preserved until the first fossil was discovered in 1978.

Since then, researchers from around the world have uncovered twenty-five mammoths and made many new discoveries regarding the physical characteristics and behavior of the species.

Click here for more information on the Waco Mammoth National Monument.

Museum visitors can experience the Central Texas wonder at the Mayborn Museum. The Waco Mammoth Site Exhibit displays original casts of the fossils beneath a glass floor, allowing visitors a unique, up-close view of exactly how excited excavators found the mammoth bones at the site. A large-screen film and interactive stations tell visitors the story of the mammoth's lives in Texas and the remarkable scientific discoveries at the site.

With something for everyone, this exhibit is a must see for anyone interested mammoths, paleontology, or just the unique history of Central Texas.

Visit us soon to see the Waco Mammoth Site Exhibit and visit the Mayborn Museum's other fun and family-friendly exhibits!

Entrance to the exhibit is included with price of admission!

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