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Presidential Retreat Installation Guide

Each photo is mounted on durable foam Gator board, to prevent warping and bending. The Gator board is light-weight and resilient, however, the board will bend and crumple on impact if it does happen to fall.

We can provide templates for use in hanging the photos.

Installation of Bush Exhibit

For hanging systems:

For host venues with hanging systems similar to ours, we suggest using monofilament attached to corresponding and adjustable Velcro strips. Using this method, large hangers with bulky wires can be avoided.

Hanging by a Wire1

Photograph hanging system - note the longer strips of Velcro that allow for adjustment and the smaller dots which help anchor the photo to the wall:

Photograph Backing System

As for the large photo panels, the larger gauge wire will need to be used to ensure photo safety.

Large panel hanging:

Large Panel Backing

For non-hanging systems:

For host venues without hanging systems, we suggest using a large amount of Velcro on the back of the photo. Judgment must be used in regard to both the size of the photo and the type of surface used for attaching the photo. In our experience we have noticed that the Velcro has difficulty adhering to painted surfaces. Those attached to the Mila wall with Velcro had no trouble.

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