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Family Fun Thursdays

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Family Fun Thursdays ChildrenFamily Fun Thursday programs offer the entire family the opportunity to experience one of our exhibits at a more in-depth level. We encourage everyone to participate in these interactive programs and provide lots of hands-on activities. Each week features a brand new topic for families to explore. The program starts at 6:00 pm and wraps up at 7:00 pm. Admission is $4 for children 18 months and older and $6 for adults. As always, admission is free for members. For more information, please call Katie Smith at 254-710-1194. Remember to bring your camera and make memories of this fun time with your child!

Grinding Stone with Boy January 4 NO THURSDAY ACTIVITIES

January 11 Spelunking: Exploring Caves - Spe-what? Join us inside the cave in the Natural History wing to find out just what spelunking is and you'll learn all about the mystery of caves.

January 18 Don't Burst My Bubble! - We'll explore the amazing science of bubbles in the Water and Bubbles Room in the Discovery Center.

DiggingJanuary 25 Can You Dig It? - Come and get your hands dirty as we dig into the past and learn about the exciting field of paleontology!

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February 1 Trains, Planes and Automobiles - Come learn about transportation and how it has changed our world.

February 8 Weird Science - We'll experiment and explore the wacky side of science.

February 15 Litterbugs - Help save the world one aluminum can at a time. By learning the principals of recycling we can make a difference together.

February 22 Mammoth Mammoths - Meet these hairy beasts that once roamed around Waco.

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March 1 Rock n' Roll Rocks - Learn what rocks tell us about the world and then make percussion instruments.

March 8 Bug Bonanza!

girl with bug Discover the fascinating world of bugs! A member of our collections staff will showcase a variety of bugs from the Mayborn's permanent collection. We will also visit the Invertebrates Room to explore creepy crawlies like the Madagascar hissing cockroaches, mealworms, millipedes and a scorpion so you can get close...but not too close!! You can also touch sea creatures such as anemones, urchins and starfish in the touch pools.


March 22 Wacky & Wildflowers - Discover the famous wildflowers of Texas and make crazy fake flowers.

March 29 Trip, Skip and Dance Around the World - Learn about different cultures of the world through their dances and ritual movements.

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April 12 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Explore the different people and places in Mrs. Moen's Neighborhood.


April 26 Healthy Lifestyles - Learn some simple ways to keep a healthy body and feel good.

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May 3 Hair, Hair Everywhere - We'll talk about mammals and what makes them distinctive, like their hair.

May 10 Stormy Weather & Sunny Days - The weather changes frequently so know how to prepare! Come learn how to read weather indicators like clouds to help you know what to expect.




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June 7 Chihuly Cylinder Art - We'll visit the Chihuly "Wrapped in Tradition" traveling exhibit featuring beautiful Native American trade blankets and glass cylinders inspired by the blankets. Create your very own painted cylinder!

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Members free.
Activities included with price of admission:
Adults: $6
Seniors: $5
Children over 18 months to 12 years: $4

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