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Mathematics Placement Exam

General Information

Note:  The information below only applies to incoming transfer students for  Fall 2017.  If you are an incoming freshman seeking to enroll in MTH 1320 Pre-Calculus or MTH 1321 Calculus 1, then you need to take the ALEKS placement exam.  Please click HERE to access information regarding that exam.

How do I know if I am required to take a placement test?

ONLINE Math Placement exam requirements are based on the student's choice of major and or program and ACT and SAT scores. Placement exam results do not bear credit. The score determines the level of the course for which the student may register.

ONLINE Mathematics Placement Examination - MPE (for transfer students for Fall 2017 registration into MTH 1320 Precalculus or MTH 1321 Calculus I)

CLICK HERE to access the instructions and/or the Mathematics Placement Test *MPE*

If you choose a major or program which requires calculus (for example, biology, chemistry, engineering, computer science, prehealthcare), you may be required to take the Online Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE) to determine whether you may register for Calculus I (MTH 1321) or its prerequisite, Precalculus (MTH 1320). No credit will be given for this placement exam. The placement exam may, in some instances, suggest that a student is not ready for either MTH 1320 or MTH 1321. Indeed, some students may need to take a College Algebra course elsewhere before taking our MTH 1320 course (Baylor University does not offer College Algebra). Alternatively, beginning in the fall of 2014, the Department of Mathematics will begin offering a "drop back" course MTH 1220 which is a two-hour credit review of college algebra.
This course will not count towards any mathematics requirement at Baylor and is solely intended for students whose background, or foundation, in algebra is not as strong as it should be. The purpose of this course is to help Baylor students better prepare themselves for MTH 1320. MATH 1220 will start each semester, at the beginning of the sixth week. Students who are already in a section of MTH 1320 but realize during the first five weeks of this class that they are ill-prepared are encouraged to drop back into MTH 1220. We feel that if these students work hard in MTH 1220, they will be better prepared to handle the rigors and difficulties of MTH 1320. In addition, such students are also highly encouraged (depending upon your class schedule) to register for EDP 1101 ("Mind Over Math"), a one-credit pass/fail course. If you score less than 13 on the MPE, we strongly recommend that you sign up for MTH 1220 the semester before you intends to take MTH 1320 or take a college algebra course at another university in order for you to be better prepared for MTH 1320.

The following chart gives specific information, based on either SAT or ACT scores, on MPE requirements and exemptions:

If your SAT if less than 550 or ACT is less than 24 Student is required to take the MPE to see if you qualify for MTH 1320 precalculus
If your score is between 550-600 on the SAT or 24-28 on the ACT Student may enroll in MTH 1320 Precalculus without taking the MPE or may take the MPE to see if she/he qualifies to skip MTH 1320 and begin with MTH 1321 Calculus I
If your SAT is between 600-640 or ACT 28-30 Student may enroll in MTH 1320 Precalculus without taking the MPE but is strongly advised to take the MPE to see if she/he qualifies to skip MTH 1320 and begin with MTH 1321 Calculus I
If your SAT is 650 or higher or ACT 31 or higher Student need not take the MPE and is strongly advised to enroll in MATH 1321, Calculus I instead of MTH 1320 Precalculus.
If your SAT is 690 or higher or 33 or higher on the ACT Student may enroll in MATH 1321-H1 (Honors Calculus 1)

Students planning to take Precalculus for Business (MTH 1308) or Calculus for Business (MTH 1309) do not have to take this placement examination.

For further information please call 710-3562 or email, after you have signed onto CANVAS or GoBaylor ( Link also is above) and read the instructions under My Courses for the Online Math Placement test .

Preparing for the MPE

We strongly suggest that students review their math skills at least one month prior to taking Baylor's mathematics placement exam. This examination, which is one hour in length, is over basic college algebra, geometry, and trigonometry skills. There are 31 questions on our placement examination. Students are allowed to take our MPE only one time.

We advise that students search the web for various internet math placement exam sites and to practice online mathematics exams that involve college algebra, geometry, and trigonometry problems. Since internet content is constantly changing, we encourage students to enlist a search engine (for example, Google or Yahoo) to find other practice placement examinations on the topics of college algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.


Honor Code Information

We have a zero tolerance policy in place against cheating on the MPE. Baylor has an Honor Code in place and any students caught cheating will be immediately excused from the exam and their names will be given to Baylor's Office of Academic Integrity. No calculator should be used.