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Undergraduate Research

During the 2013 – 2014 academic year, ten students working with seven professors completed undergraduate research projects.

Isai Chavarri, Orthogonality in Finite and Infinite Dimensional Hilbert Spaces, faculty mentor - John Davis

Thomas Gibson and Kevin Mendoza, Krylov methods for finding multiple eigenvalues of large nonsymmetric matrices, faculty mentor – Ron Morgan

Rachel Hess, Parallel computing and finite element methods, faculty mentor – Rob Kirby

Erika Xuewei Jiang, Differentiation with respect to parameters of solutions of nonlocal boundary value problems for difference equations, faculty mentor – Johnny Henderson

Matthew Mosley, Stochastic Control of an Inverted Pendulum, faculty mentor - John Davis

Vy Nguyen, Smoothness of solutions with respect to multi-strip integral boundary conditions for second order ordinary differential equations (publication to appear), faculty mentor – Johnny Henderson

Temitope Ode, Mutual estimates for the dyadic Reverse Holder and Muckenhoupt constants for the dyadically doubling weights, faculty mentor - Oleksandra Beznosova

Jeremy Smallwood, Solving the Diffusion and Wave Equations via Separation of Variables, faculty mentor – Tim Sheng

Tyler Underwood, Classifying sub shifts of Baire space that have an uncountable scrambled set (he will present his research at the Summer Topology Conference in New York this July), faculty mentor – Brian Raines