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Undergraduate Research

During the 2014 – 2015 academic year, 14 students working with seven professors completed undergraduate research projects.

Kyle Busse, Extended states conjecture and graphene, faculty mentor, faculty mentor - Conni Liaw (Jointly with Lorin Matthews, Physics)

Brenna Cole , Original research generalizing a known result and partially resolving a published conjecture in Diffsequences, faculty mentor – Dave Arnold

Thomas Gibson, Krylov methods for finding multiple eigenvalues of large nonsymmetric matrices, faculty mentor – Ron Morgan

Akshay Gollapoli, Techniques from topological dynamics; symbolic dynamics, faculty mentor – Brian Raines

Ethan Gwaltney, Approximation in Hilbert space, faculty mentor - John Davis

Megan Hollister and Emily Joslin, Techniques from topological dynamics; structure of invariant Cantor set repellors, faculty mentor – Brian Raines

Rachel Hess, Parallel computing and finite element methods, faculty mentor - Rob Kirby

Ryan Malthaner, The method of characteristics for nonlinear hyperbolic PDEs, faculty mentor – John Davis

Matthew Mosley, Stochastic Control of an Inverted Pendulum, faculty mentor – John Davis (joint with Ian Gravagne from Engineering)

Jia Qi, Geometric Ramsey Theory, faculty mentor - Paul Hagelstein

Katie Russell, Polynomial preconditioning for non-restarted Krylov iterative methods, faculty mentor - Ron Morgan

Mike Stanley, A rigorous mathematical development of algorithms for finding the prime form of a chord in music theory, which does not seem to be in the literature, and a detailed analysis of the use of the prime form by a variety of composers, faculty mentor - Dave Arnold (Co-supervised by Dr. Ed Taylor, School of Music)

Tyler Underwood, Existence of uncountable scrambled sets in Baire space, this led to a publication in Proc. AMS, faculty mentor - Brian Raines