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Helpful Mail Tips

1. All incoming and campus mail is sorted by One Bear Place (OBP) box number.

2. All campus mail should include the recipient's first and last name and OBP box number. Including the department will also expedite mail service. Mail addressed to a physical address or residence hall will not be accepted at the Mail Center.

3. Campus mail should be placed in brown Campus Mail envelopes whenever possible. If white envelopes are used, please put CAMPUS MAIL in the upper right hand corner of the envelope.

4. To expidite processing of incoming mail, always use your OBP box number along with the zip code of 76798 plus the last four digits of your box number.

Student Mail Example:

Student first and last name
One Bear Place #XXXXX
Waco, TX 76798-XXXX

Staff/Faculty/Departmental Mail Example:

Employee first and last name
Department Name
One Bear Place #XXXXX
Waco, TX 76798-XXXX

5. Please separate campus mail from mail needing to be metered. Air Mail must be kept separate from other mail to ensure it is processed the same day.

6. All mail to be metered MUST include a departmental barcode, either in form of a wrap around sheet or barcode label. You can order departmental barcodes at The form is located under the Outgoing Mail link.

7. Regular daily mail is processed and picked up by the United States Postal Service or appropriate carrier the same day it is received in most cases.