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Tutorial Credits

The Introduction to Library Research Tutorial was written by Ellen Hampton Filgo, E-Learning Librarian, and Eileen Bentsen, Reference Librarian, with contributions by Sinai Wood, Government Documents Librarian and Mandie McKenzie, Reference Assistant, and developed, designed and coded by Ellen M. Hampton in the fall 2008-spring 2009 semesters.

The photos used in this tutorial were either taken by Ellen Filgo, or by the Flickr members noted underneath each photo. All Flickr photos used in this tutorial were licensed under the Attribution, Attribution Share Alike, Attribution Non-commercial or Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike Creative Commons licenses. Read more about what each of those mean here.

The definitions found throughout the tutorial were taken from the Dictionary for Library and Information Science by Joan M. Reitz

If you have any technical questions regarding this tutorial, please direct them to Ellen.