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BearCat Classic?
Why is BearCat now known as "BearCat Classic"? In August of 2010, we launched a new interface for the BearCat catalog called "BearCat Plus." Please see the next page for more information about this great new search tool!

About BearCat

(Now known as BearCat Classic!)

The collection found in BearCat, Baylor's online catalogCatalog: a comprehensive list of the books, periodicals, maps, and other materials in a given collection, arranged in systematic order to facilitate retrieval (usually alphabetically by author, title and/or subject). system, includes over five million items - books (both print and electronic), microforms Microform: a generic term for a highly reduced photographic copy of text and/or images stored on a translucent medium. Microforms can be original editions or reproductions. Reader-printer machines are required to view and make hard copies., government documents, audiovisual materials, and periodicalsPeriodical: a publication issued more than once, generally at regular stated intervals of less than a year. This category includes magazines, journals and newsletters.. Your search will bring up multiple items, including books on your topic, which will be instrumental to the research process.

The fastest and broadest way to find a book on your topic in BearCat is to do a quick search, or keyword search. From the main search box on the BearCat homepage, just search for your topic. The quick search will bring up all results that contain your search terms in any part of the BearCat record. Sometimes, the results from the quick search can be overwhelming as it is the most exhaustive search option available in BearCat. To limit your results, you may want to try a title, author, or subject search.

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The main search page of BearCat