Information & Research Desk

Info Desk
Photo by Ellen M. Hampton

Have you ever found yourself with a class assignment in hand and you have no idea how to begin? The Jones Information & Research Desk located on the first floor of the Jones Library should be the first place you should go for research assistance. The library staff receives and answers informational and research questions by phone, email, in person, and instant messaging (IM).

Sometimes working through the research process, with its wealth of information available electronically and in print, can be daunting. We can help you find information for a class assignment, a research paper, speech preparation, and other class projects. You may ask:

Librarians at the Jones Information & Research Desk answer these questions like these and many more. If you need to talk to a librarian who specializes in a certain subject or if you think your question may take more time, you can also make an appointment with any of the reference librarians.