Armstrong Browning Library

Special Libraries on Campus

There are a few other special libraries on the Baylor campus each with a particular collection focus. Remember that it is important to know each special library's policies when wanting to access or borrow their materials.

Armstrong Browning Library

The Armstrong Browning Library is a research library devoted to the study of the lives and works of the Victorian poets, Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. It houses the world's largest collection of books, letters, manuscripts, and memorabilia pertaining to the Brownings, as well as a substantial collection of primary and secondary materials related to 19th-century literature and culture.

Carroll Library
The Texas Collection is
housed in the Carroll Library

Texas Collection (Carroll Library)

The Texas Collection is a distinguished, major Texana library/archivalArchives: an organized collection of the noncurrent records of the activities of a business, government, organization, institution, or other corporate body, or the personal papers of one or more individuals, families, or groups, retained permanently... for their permanent historical, information, evidential, legal, administrative or monetary value. research center and is Baylor University's oldest special collections library. Its manuscript and published holdings document the development of the Texas region from the earliest North American explorations to the present day.

Collections of Political Materials (Poage Library)

The Baylor Collections of Political Materials is part of Baylor University Libraries, functioning as a research facility which collects congressional records and personal papers related to the political history of Central Texas.

Legal Research and Technology Center (Law School)

The Legal Research and Technology Center primarily serves the Baylor Law School, as well as the wider Baylor University community, with its collection of legal research materials.