Legg Cotton Gin Company Records, 1903-1937

The Legg Cotton Gin Company, owned by N. Ross Legg, was located in McGregor, Texas. The papers include gin records from 1903 to 1937. Much of the correspondence is from suppliers of ginning equipment. Collected bills and receipts are from the purchase of gin equipment and basic utilities required for daily operation. The printed materials include pamphlets, announcements, and business cards dealing with the ginning industry. Receipt books show carbon copies of the receipts given upon the purchase of cotton. Most of the carbons are clearly marked with the date, weight of cotton ginned, and the price paid. These books date from August-December 1916 and September-October 1917. A small ledger contains a list of expenses, wages paid, and ginning activity for 1903-1909. The collection also includes cancelled checks, deposit slips, and bank statements for the gin dated from 1910-1937. Not all years are represented and some years contain only a small amount of material, with 1916 and 1917 being the best represented. Many of the checks are marked with the amount of cotton purchased.

Financial Material (Bills)
Printed Material
Receipt Books
Day Book
Financial Records

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