Frazier (Thomas Jr.) Letters

Thomas Frazier graduated from Rusk High School on May 27, 1932. In the fall of 1932, Frazier began studying at the University of Texas-Austin. He had to withdraw from the university in 1933 because of financial reasons, but did resume his studies later that year. The papers contain no indication of a graduation date.

This collection consists of letters written to Frazier while he was attending school and working in Austin. While the letters are from a variety of sources, the bulk comes from his younger brother D. V. (Doncy) Frazier and his parents who lived in Rusk, Texas at the time. These letters often refer to the difficulty the family had in raising funds to send Frazier to school. Tom Frazier, Sr. was a farmer and Doncy worked for the city of Rusk while attending high school. Other letters and cards are from friends and other relatives of Frazier's. There are a few letters from Austin businesses and Frazier's landlord.


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