Virtual Tour of Carroll Library
The Carroll Library is nestled on the northeast corner of the Burleson Quadrangle on the beautiful Baylor University campus. Unassuming and charming, the library's neighbors are Hankamer Business School and is across the street from the Bobo Spiritual Life Center. The oldest library on campus, the exterior of the building has not changed since its construction in 1902. The interior has been renovated twice, once after a fire gutted it 1922 and again in 1993.

The Texas Collection Staff love to welcome new faces that come in through the aged doors. If you are unable to visit us right away, please click on the thumbnails below and view our exquisite building from the comfort of your home!

Carroll Exterior 1 ss
carroll exterior 10, ss
carroll exterior 16, ss
carroll exterior 19, ss
carroll exterior 2, ss
carroll exterior 27, ss
carroll exterior 33, ss
carroll exterior 34, ss
carroll exterior 5, ss
carroll exterior 56, ss

carroll exterior 18, ud
carroll exterior 40, ud
carroll exterior 44, ud
carroll exterior 60, ud
carroll exterior 61, ud

carroll interior 1, ss
carroll interior 2, ss
carroll interior 3, ss
Carroll Interior 10
Carroll Interior 11, ss
Carroll Interior 13, ss
Carroll Interior 4, ss
Carroll Interior 5, ss
Carroll Interior 7, ss
Carroll Interior 14
Carroll Interior 8
Carroll Interior 25
Carroll Interior 9
Carroll Interior 23
Carroll Interior 17
Carroll Interior 13
Carroll Interior 21
Carroll Interior 22
Carroll Interior 24
Carroll Interior 20

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