Collection List
The greatest strength of The Texas Collection Library is the extensive and comprehensive collection of published books and periodicals in which Texas and Texans are represented. The following list represents the major holdings or most frequently requested materials.
  1. Agriculture and Texas
  2. Arts and Architecture in Texas
  3. Biographies of Texans
  4. Dissertations and Theses
  5. Education and Texas
  6. Ethnic Groups of Texas
  7. Genealogy of Texans
  8. History of Texas and Texans
  9. Law and Law Enforcement of Texas
  10. Literature of Texas and by Texans
  11. Medicine in Texas
  12. Politics in Texas
  13. Regional Culinary Arts in Texas
  14. Religion and Texas
  15. The Sciences in Texas
  16. Sports in Texas

Formats for materials in the Library are:

  • Books
  • Foldered printed sheet materials
  • Self-published books
  • Microfiche and microfilm
  • Periodicals
  • Audiotapes
  • Newsletters
  • Newspapers
  • Yearbooks
  • Record books

Religion and Texas

  • Baptist publications, sermons on audiotape, sermons in print, biographies of clergy, biographies of nuns, histories of individual churches, histories of denominations, histories of orders, church yearbooks, denomination newsletters

Genealogy of Texans

  • Published family histories, publications of Texas genealogical associations, Regional Historical Resource Depository (RHRD) records

History of Texas and Texans

  • Texas annexation, Republic of Texas, Mexican-American War, historical sites, statehood, Texas and the Confederacy, military unit histories, regional historical association journals and newsletters, hometown newspapers, Southwest Historical review

Biographies of Texans

  • Published biographies of Texans, self-published biographies, biographical dictionaries, autobiographies

Politics in Texas

  • Texas government, federal government affecting Texas government, political parties, Republic of Texas, elections, referendums

Ethnic Groups of Texas

  • Texas ethnic groups, immigrants, black newspapers from early 1900s, Native American tribes, Polish, Czech, Germans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Spanish, Mexicans, Latinos, ethnic organizations

Sports in Texas

  • Coaches, players from Texas, teams, Texas sports venues, halls of fame

Law and Law Enforcement of Texas

  • Texas Rangers, outlaws, gangsters, Bonnie and Clyde, lawsuits, law schools, famous lawyers, Texas jurisprudence

Education and Texas

  • Texas colleges, Baylor Bulletin (since 1880s), Baylor Lariat campus newspaper (all issues), college presidents, biographies of professors, Texas educational system, university yearbooks, college alumni publications

The Arts and Architecture in Texas

  • Texas artists, museums, artist autobiographies, early Texas music audiotapes, oral histories of Texas musicians, schools of art, schools of architecture, Texas architectural styles, sod houses, limestone, split rail fences, Hill Country architecture, back-alley architecture

Literature of Texas and by Texans

  • Dime novels, dissertations and theses by Baylor students, dissertations and theses from any scholar world-wide written on a Texas subject, popular literature, urban monthlies, prize winners from Texas, poetry, poets of Texas, fiction on Texas subjects, romance novels set in Texas, Texas literary organizations, poetry annuals, poetry festivals, literature teaching

The Sciences in Texas

  • Oil, oil exploration, gas, refining, geology of Texas, vanished towns of Texas, hydrogeology, meteorology, tornados, hurricanes, Texas soils

Medicine in Texas

  • Hospitals, biographies of doctors, biographies of nurses, biographies of researchers, schools of nursing, healthcare in Texas, state health records, county health records

Agriculture and Texas

  • Cattle, cotton, soybeans, trade, beef industry, cowboys, ranch histories, transportation, farm life, agricultural organizations

Regional Culinary Arts in Texas

  • Cookbooks from the 1800s to today, church cookbooks, civic group cookbooks, Texanized foods, chili cook-offs

Dissertations and Theses

  • Archival copies of Baylor student master's theses on any subject, archival copies of Baylor student doctoral dissertations on any subject, microfiche copies of dissertations and theses from any scholar world-wide written on a Texas-related subject

The Texas Collection