Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Theatre Arts

Great monologues in dialect for young actors (ages 17-25). Volume II / edited and with a foreward by Kimberly Mohne Hill.

The cultural set up of comedy : affective politics in the United States post 9/11 / Julie Webber.

Doctor Who, the eleventh hour : a critical celebration of the Matt Smithand Steven Moffat era / edited by Andrew O'Day.

Death and the moving image : ideology, iconography and I / Michele Aaron.

Darkness in the bliss-out : a reconsideration of the films of Steven Spielberg / James Kendrick.

Indie 2.0 : change and continuity in contemporary American indie film / Geoff King.

Directing postmodern theater : shaping signification in performance / Jon Whitmore.

The Oxford handbook of Japanese cinema / edited by Daisuke Miyao.

Still : American silent motion picture photography / David S. Shields.

Mise-en-scene : film style and interpretation / John Gibbs.