Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Theatre Arts

Kudiyattam theatre and the actor's consciousness

Metamorphosis of Tianxian pei : local opera under the revolution (1949--1956)

Russian avant-garde theatre : war, revolution & design

Russian stage design, 1880-1930 (in two volumes)

Bryden & Clark : lives in the theatre

A dream and its legacies : the Samuel Beckett Theatre Project, Oxford c.1967-76

Sex on stage : gender and sexuality in post-war British theatre

Le thA(c)AC/tre quA(c)bA(c)cois en revue

Act II : creating partnerships and setting agendas for the future of the American theater

Souvenir of the Majestic Theatre.

The Dallas Negro Little Theatre presents Attorney for the defense : Friday evening, April 23, 1937, 8:15 o'clock : Booker T. Washington High School.

Coloring whiteness : acts of critique in Black performance

World scenography, 1990-2005

Scene design rendering & media

In performance : contemporary monologues for men and women late twenties to thirties

Breathe and speak : a scene book for actors

Best contemporary monologues for women 18-35

The moving body : teaching creative theatre

The active text : unlocking plays through physical theatre

Acting is believing

The process of dramaturgy : a handbook

Food and theatre on the world stage

Theatre sciences : a plea for a multidisciplinary approach to theatre studies

John Sayles, filmmaker : a critical study and filmography

Print the legend : politics, culture, and civic virtue in the films of John Ford

Political philosophy comes to Rick's : Casablanca and American civic culture

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Slumdog millionaire : the shooting script

Juno : the shooting script

Adaptation : the shooting script

Hollywood westerns and American myth : the importance of Howard Hawks and John Ford for political philosophy

Through a lens darkly : tracing redemption in film

From France with love : gender and identity in French romantic comedy

Billy the Kid on film, 1911-2012

Finding God in the movies : 33 films of reel faith

Texas production manual.


Early cinema

Broadcast hysteria : Orson Welles's War of the worlds and the art of fake news

The puppet and the modern : visual style of Czech family puppet theaters, theater clubs and art scenes in the early 20th century as a unique reflection of avant-garde and modernist currents by Czech artists

Glasgow's lost theatre : the story of the Britannia Music Hall

Comic agony : mixed impressions in the modern theatre

Serious comedy : the philosophical and theological significance of tragic and comic writing in the Western tradition

Fragile magic : a guidebook for theatre respondents

Playwriting in process : thinking and working theatrically

A more perfect ten : writing and producing the ten-minute play