Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Sociology

100 questions (and answers) about tests and measurement / Bruce B. Frey,The University of Kansas.

The death class : a true story about life / Erika Hayasaki.

Abortion in the American imagination : before life and choice, 1880-1940/ Karen Weingarten.

Mix it up : popular culture, mass media, and society / David Grazian.

Making a global immigrant neighborhood : Brooklyn's Sunset Park / Tarry Hum.

The bigot : why prejudice persists / Stephen Eric Bronner.

The formation of a persecuting society : authority and deviance in Western Europe, 950-1250 / R.I. Moore.

The unexpected legacy of divorce : a 25 year landmark study / Judith Wallerstein, Julia Lewis and Sandra Blakeslee.

Negotiating multiple identities : shame and pride among Japanese returnees / Kiyoko Sueda.

The Oxford handbook of crime and criminal justice / [edited by] Michael Tonry.

In the shadow of Saint Death : the Gulf Cartel and the price of America's drug war in Mexico / Michael Deibert.[2014].

Recasting caste : from the sacred to the profane / Hira Singh.

Rise of the warrior cop : the militarization of America's police forces / Radley Balko.

In faith and in doubt : how religious believers and nonbelievers can create strong marriages and loving families / Dale McGowan.

One nation : what we can all do to save America's future / Ben Carson, MD, with Candy Carson.

Social media design for dummies / by Janine Warner and David LaFontaine.

1001 beds : performances, essays, and travels / Tim Miller ; edited by Glen Johnson.

Sociologists in action on inequalities : race, class, gender, and sexuality / [edited by] Shelley K. White, Worcester State University, Jonathan M. White, Bentley University, Kathleen Odell Korgen, William Paterson University.

I thought it was just me (but it isn't) : making the journey from "what will people think?" to "I am enough" / Brene Brown.

Vygotsky for educators / Yuriy V. Karpov, Touro College.

The social roots of risk : producing disasters, promoting resilience / Kathleen Tierney.Stanford University Press, [2014].

The Oxford handbook of multicultural identity / edited by VeronicaBenet-Martinez and Ying-yi Hong.

Using software in qualitative research : a step-by-step guide / Christina Silver & Ann Lewins.

The new urban question / Andy Merrifield.

Urban theory : a critical introduction to power, cities and urbanism in the 21st century / Alan Harding & Talja Blokland.

On the run : fugitive life in an American city / Alice Goffman.

Blue urbanism : exploring connections between cities and oceans / Timothy Beatley.