Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Sociology

Black silent majority : the Rockefeller drug laws and the politics of punishment

Eternity at the end of a rope : executions, lynchings and vigilante justice in Texas, 1819-1923

Official souvenir program, Prison Rodeo.

HPD, what went wrong and why : Houston Police Department problems in the 70s and 80s

The Ferguson report : Department of Justice investigation of the Ferguson Police Department

Essential skills of social work practice : assessment, intervention, and evaluation

Safeguarding and child protection for nurses, midwives and health visitors : a practical guide

Abuse and violence towards young children : perspectives on research and policy

The midnight assassin : panic, scandal, and the hunt for America's first serial killer

Emmett Till : the murder that shocked the world and propelled the civil rights movement

Lynched : the victims of Southern mob violence

Wanted : the outlaw lives of Billy the Kid & Ned Kelly

Understanding ISIS and the new global war on terror : a primer

Hollowed out : why the economy doesn't work without a strong middle class

Challenges of mobility : research, debates and practices

Understanding class

Cities, sagebrush, and solitude : urbanization and cultural conflict in the Great Basin

Sequel to suburbia : glimpses of America's post-suburban future

The racial order

Humanitarian imperialism : the politics of anti-slavery activism, 1880-1940

Bill for carrying into effect the treaty between Her Majesty and the Republic of Texas for the suppression of the African slave trade.

Youth and empire : trans-colonial childhoods in British and French Asia

Raising mixed race : multiracial Asian children in a post-racial world

Lesbian lives in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia : post/socialism and gendered sexualities

Bisexuality : identities, politics, and theories

The Palgrave handbook of the psychology of sexuality and gender

Policing prostitution, 1856-1886 : deviance, surveillance and morality

The personal of the political : transgenerational dialogues in contemporary European feminisms

Texas women : their histories, their lives

La invencion de lo cotidiano. I, Artes de hacer

Radicals in America : the U.S. Left since the Second World War

Young lives on the Left : sixties activism and the liberation of the self

Worktown : the astonishing story of the birth of Mass-Observation

Contentious politics

Understanding social movements : theories from the Classical Era to the present

Injustice : why social inequality still persists

Bird on an ethics wire : battles about values in the culture wars

Getting culture

The weight of violence : religion, language, politics

Understanding human behavior and the social environment

Quantum mind and social science : unifying physical and social ontology

Data mining for the social sciences : an introduction

Best-worst scaling : theory, methods and applications

Making the moral case for social sciences : stemming the tide

Regression analysis for the social sciences

Digital methods for social science : an interdisciplinary guide to research innovation

Social sequence analysis : methods and applications

Big ideas in social science