Subject Listing

New Materials in the Sociology Collection

Counterculture UK : a celebration

Courtship and marriage of Henry Tomlin.

Dystopia : a natural history. A study of modern despotism, its antecedents, and its literary diffractions

Essentials of human behavior : integrating person, environment, and the life course

Human trafficking, the Bible, and the church: an interdisciplinary study

Justice & charity

Out of the ashes : rebuilding American culture

P.E.O. in Texas : 1902-1994.

Qualitative inquiry & research design : choosing among five approaches

Social environments and human behavior : contexts for practice with groups, organizations, communities, and social movements

The changing place of Europe in global memory cultures : usable pasts and futures

The lost generation : the rustication of China's educated youth (1968-1980)

Women in twentieth-century Africa