Subject Listing

New Materials in the Religion Collection

1 Esdras

1 Samuel as Christian scripture : a theological commentary

A Harvey Cox reader

A body broken for a broken people : divorce, remarriage, and the Eucharist

A manifesto for theological interpretation

A new heaven, a new earth : the Bible and catholicity

A relevant way to read : a new approach to exegesis and communication

A spirituality of fundraising

A theology of biblical counseling : the doctrinal foundations of counseling ministry

A theology of grace in six controversies

A.J. Tomlinson : plainfolk modernist

Abraham Joshua Heschel and the sources of wonder

Adam, God's beloved

Advocating for justice : an evangelical vision for transforming systems and structures

African Pentecostals in Catholic Europe : the politics of presence in the twenty-first century

After one-hundred-and-twenty : reflecting on death, mourning, and the afterlife in the Jewish tradition

American Jesuits and the world : how an embattled religious order made modern Catholicism global

Anatomy of a Schism : how clergywomen's narratives reinterpret the fracturing of the Southern Baptist Convention

Ancient Mesopotamian religion and mythology : selected essays

Animals in religion : devotion, symbol and ritual

Apocalyptic anxiety : religion, science, and America's obsession with the end of the world

Apostolicity : the ecumenical question in world Christian perspective

Arians and vandals of the 4th-6th centuries : annotated translations of the historical works by Bishops Victor of Vita (Historia persecutionis Africanae provinciae) and Victor of Tonnena (Chronicon), and of the religious works by Bishop Victor of Cartenna (De paenitentia) and Saints Ambrose (De fide orthodoxa contra Arianos), and Athanasius (Expositio fidei)

Augustine's Cyprian : authority in Roman Africa

Baruch and the Letter of Jeremiah

Bearing false witness : debunking centuries of anti-Catholic history

Between faith and belief : toward a contemporary phenomenology of religious life

Bible matters

Biblical interpretation beyond historicity

Black lives and sacred humanity : toward an African American religious naturalism

Bull in a china shop

Cast down : abjection in America 1700-1850

Catholic theology : an introduction

Christ's descent into hell : John Paul II, Joseph Ratzinger, and Hans Urs von Balthasar on the theology of Holy Saturday

Christian dogmatics : reformed theology for the church Catholic

Christian practical wisdom : what it is, why it matters

Church at the crossroads : a history of First United Methodist Church Dallas.

Church in the making : an apophatic ecclesiology of consubstantiality

Communication and the global landscape of faith

Crossing the Rubicon : the borderlands of philosophy and theology

Delivered from the elements of the world : atonement, justification, mission

Devout laywomen in the early modern world

Doing diaspora missiology toward "diaspora mission church" : the rediscovery of diaspora for the renewal of church and mission in a secular era

Early Latin commentaries on the Apocalypse

Ecce Homo : on the divine unity of Christ

Ecotheology in the humanities : an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the divine and nature

Embodied liturgy : lessons in Christian ritual

Enarrationes in Psalmos

Engaging Bonhoeffer : the impact and influence of Bonhoeffer's life and thought

Enkindling love : the legacy of Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus

Exploring second Corinthians : death and life, hardship, and rivalry

Faith & practice in conflict resolution : toward a multidimensional approach

Faith in the voting booth

Finding myth and history in the Bible : scholarship, scholars and errors : essays in honor og Giovanni Grabini

Firmly i believe and truly : the spiritual tradition of Catholic England, 1483-1999

Fundamentalism, fundraising, and the transformation of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1919-1925

Glorious in persecution : Joseph Smith, American prophet, 1839-1844

Go into the streets! : the welcoming church of Pope Francis

God being nothing : toward a theogony

God of sense and traditions of non-sense

God, belief, and perplexity

God, the moon and the astronaut : space conquest and theology

Grace and friendship : theological essays in honor of Fred Lawrence, from his grateful students

History, archaeology and the Bible forty years after "historicity"

Holy men of Mount Athos

Hope for common ground : mediating the personal and the political in a divided church

Horse-and-buggy genius : listening to Mennonites contest the modern world

How I changed my mind about evolution : Evangelicals reflect on faith and science

How to survive the Apocalypse : zombies, cylons, faith, and politics at the end of the world

In Defense of Conciliar Christology : a Philosophical Essay

Inspired sustainability : planting seeds for action

Interpreting scriptures in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam : overlapping inquiries

Intersectionality in intentional communities : the struggle for inclusivity in multicultural U.S. Protestant congregations

Invest your humanity : celebrating Marvin Meyer

Isis and Osiris : exploring the goddess myth

Jacques Ellul : essential spiritual writings

Jesus as healer : a gospel for the body

Jesus before Pentecost

Jesus the God-man : the unity and diversity of the Gospel portrayals

Jesus' Abba : the God who has not failed

Jewish radical ultra-orthodoxy confronts modernity, Zionism and women's equality

John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian religion : a biography

Juvencus' Four books of the Gospels : Evangeliorum libri quattuor

Ken Sumrall and Church Foundational Network : a modern-day apostolic movement

Latin American theology : roots and branches

Learning love from a tiger : religious experiences with nature

Learning to walk in the dark

Leonard Arrington and the writing of Mormon history

Lex crucis : soteriology and the stages of meaning

Like a mighty river

Losing Susan : brain disease, the priest's wife, and the God who gives and takes away

Martin Luther and the called life

Mary in early Christian faith and devotion

Methodist morals : social principles in the public church's witness

New patterns for comparative religion : passages to an evolutionary perspective

Not talking union : an oral history of North American Mennonites and labour

Old English psalms

On Augustine

On earth as it is in heaven : cultivating a contemporary theology of creation

Passion and compassion in early Christianity

Patristic theories of biblical interpretation : the Latin fathers

Paul as a problem in history and culture : the apostle and his critics through the centuries

Pictures at a theological exhibition : scenes of the church's worship, witness, and wisdom

Priestly celibacy : theological foundations

Prophetic obedience : ecclesiology for a dialogical church

Queer virtue : what LGBTQ people know about life and love and how it can revitalize Christianity

Questions on love and charity : Summa theologiae, Secunda Secundae, Questions 23-46

Reading responsibly : a basic guide to biblical interpretation

Reading the Bible with Richard Hooker

Reason and doctrine : time for Christians to rethink what they believe


Religion on the battlefield

Renewing the world : a concise global history of the Stone-Campbell Movement

Representing Christ : a vision for the priesthood of all believers

Rescuing the Gospel : the story and significance of the Reformation

Ritual and Christian beginnings : a socio-cognitive analysis

Ritualized faith : essays on the philosophy of liturgy

Rooted and grounded : essays on land and Christian discipleship

Sacramental preaching : sermons on the hidden presence of Christ

Sacred tradition in the New Testament : tracing Old Testament themes in the Gospels and Epistles

Sacred violence in early America

Sarah Coakley and the future of systematic theology

Sensible ecstasy : mysticism, sexual difference, and the demands of history

Setting the world on fire : the brief, astonishing life of St. Catherine of Siena

Song of exile : the enduring mystery of Psalm 137

Soundings in the history of a hope : new studies on Thomas Aquinas

Spirit of Jesus unleashed on the church : acts of the early Christians in a changing culture

SpiritWorks : contemporary views on the gifts of the Spirit and the Bible

St. Dominic : the story of a preaching friar

Studies on Baruch : composition, literary relations, and reception

Taking Pascal's wager : faith, evidence and the abundant life

The Berrigan letters : personal correspondence between Daniel and Philip Berrigan

The Cambridge companion to Reformed theology

The Cambridge companion to the Summa theologiae

The Eastern Christian Churches : a brief survey

The Hebrew Bible : a critical companion

The Jesuits and globalization : historical legacies and contemporary challenges

The Mormon Jesus : a biography

The Oxford encyclopedia of the Bible and the arts

The church : a theological and historical account

The crosses of Pompeii : Jesus-devotion in a Vesuvian town

The fourfold gospel : a theological reading of the New Testament portraits of Jesus

The future of Evangelicalism in America

The genesis of liberation : biblical interpretation in the antebellum narratives of the enslaved

The good book of human nature : an evolutionary reading of the Bible

The image of God in an image driven age : explorations in theological anthropology

The mind of the spirit : Paul's approach to transformed thinking

The miracles in the Gospels : what do they teach us about Jesus?

The money cult : capitalism, Christianity, and the unmaking of the American dream

The new apostolic reformation : history of a modern charismatic movement

The other Catholics : remaking America's largest religion

The pentecostal fire : rekindling the flame

The quest for Mary Magdalene

The sculptor and his stone : selected readings on Hellenistic and Christian learning and thought in the early Greek Fathers

The social equality of religion or belief : a new view of religion's place in society

The spirituality of wine

The strength of her witness : Jesus Christ in the global voices of women

The tragedy of almightiness : revaluing ethical life

The trinity hurdle : engaging Christadelphians, Arians, and Unitarians with the gospel of the triune God

This silence must now speak : letters of Thomas J. J. Altizer, 1995-2015

Tried by fire : the story of Christianity's first thousand years

Turning to the Heavens and the Earth : theological reflections on a cosmological conversion : essays in honor of Elizabeth A. Johnson

Union with Christ : Adolf Schlatter's relational Christology

Varieties of gifts : multiplicity and the well-lived pastoral life

Virtue ecclesiology : an exploration in the good church

Vital issues in the inerrancy debate

Wesley and the Anglicans : political division in early evangelicalism

When the son of man didn't come : a constructive proposal on the delay of the parousia

Where the gods are : spatial dimensions of anthropomorphism in the Biblical world

Why on earth did anyone become a Christian in the first three centuries?

Women of war, women of woe : Joshua and Judges through the eyes of nineteenth-century female biblical interpreters

World Christianity : perspectives and insights : essays in honor of Peter C. Phan

Wrestling with the mind of the Fathers