Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Religion

Divine rule maintained : Anthony Burgess, covenant theology, and the place of the law in reformed scholasticism

B.B. Warfield : essays on his life and thought

When the Saints came marching in : a history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Denton, Texas, 1958 to 2008

Evolution and holiness : sociobiology, altruism, and the quest for Wesleyan perfection

Vatican II notebook : a council journal, 1962-1963

One Mississippi, two Mississippi : Methodists, murder, and the struggle for racial justice in Neshoba County

Perfecting perfection : essays in honor of Henry D. Rack

The Friend.

Smith-Bogard debate : a discussion between Eugene S. Smith, Christian, Dallas, Texas and Ben M. Bogard, Baptist, Little Rock, Ark., held in Dallas Texas, May 12, 13, 14, 15, 1942

Race, religion, and the pulpit : Rev. Robert L. Bradby and the making of urban Detroit

The elusive quest of the spiritual malcontent : some early nineteenth-century ecclesiastical mavericks

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish : nuestra historia a traves de los anos, 1918-1990

Landscape, nature, and the sacred in Byzantium

The world of medieval monasticism : its history and forms of life

The new evangelization in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit, Michigan : a sociological report

Marriage and family : relics of the past or promise of the future?

Local church, global church : Catholic activism in Latin America from Rerum Novarum To Vatican II

A history of the Catholic Church in the Panhandle-Plains area of Texas from 1875 to 1916

The church : a guide for the perplexed

Way of love : recovering the heart of Christianity

Blasphemy in Britain and America, 1800-1930

Teaching and Christian imagination

In the midst of chaos : caring for children as spiritual practice

Psychology and spiritual transformation in a substance abuse program : the Lazarus Project

Youth ministry that transforms : a comprehensive analysis of the hopes, frustrations, and effectiveness of today's youth workers

Sticky faith service guide : moving students from mission trips to missional living

The grammar of Good Friday : macaronic sermons of late medieval England

Homiletical theology in action : the unfinished theological task of preaching

History of Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County

The Bible cause : a history of the American Bible Society

You are what you love : the spiritual power of habit

Creeds & confessions of faith in the Christian tradition

A history of the concept of God : a process approach

City of demons : violence, ritual, and Christian power in late antiquity

Apologetics after Lindbeck : faith, reason, and the cultural-linguistic turn

The four last things

Making all things new : inaugurated eschatology for the life of the church

A theology in outline : can these bones live?

The covenant of redemption : origins, development, and reception

The pursuit of the soul : psychoanalysis, soul-making, and the Christian tradition

God, Adam, and you : how original sin, the flesh, and holiness integrate in the Christian life

Neither complementarian nor egalitarian : a kingdom corrective to the evangelical gender debate

Resurrection : a guide for the perplexed

Jesus before the Gospels : how the earliest Christians remembered, changed, and invented their stories of the Savior

Philosophical approaches to atonement, incarnation, and the trinity

The messiahship of Christ : a discourse prepared by appointment and delivered before the Presbytery of Western Texas, October 24, 1857, and repeated at Oliver's Settlement, Bexar county, October 16, 1858

Commonwealth and covenant : economics, politics, and theologies of relationality

The symmetry of God

God? Very probably : five rational ways to think about the question of a god

Septuaginta Deutsch : das griechische Alte Testament in deutscher Ubersetzung

People to be loved : why homosexuality is not just an issue

The Apostle Paul and the Christian life : ethical and missional implications of the new perspective

Through her eyes : Bible studies on women in scripture

Women's divination in biblical literature : prophecy, necromancy, and other arts of knowledge

No one better : essays in honour of Dr. Norman H. Young

Exploring Philemon : freedom, brotherhood, and partnership in the new society

Der Begriff der Demut bei Paulus

Paul and the gentile problem

The gospel of John : worship for divine life eternal

The challenge of Lazarus-John : an esoteric interpretation

Apostle, or, Bones that shine like fire : travels among the tombs of the Twelve

The atoning dyad : the two goats of Yom Kippur in the Apocalypse of Abraham

Joel : scope, genre(s), and meaning

Die Grundschrift des Ezechielbuches und ihre Botschaft

Propheten der Epochen : Festschrift fur Istvan Karasszon zum 60. Geburtstag = Prophets during the epochs : studies in honour of Istvan Karasszon for his 60th birthday

The cultural life setting of the Proverbs

1 & 2 Chronicles

Reading Ruth in Asia

Reading Genesis : beginnings

"Too much to grasp" : Exodus 3:13-15 and the reality of God

The God of all flesh and other essays

Feminist theory and the Bible : interrogating the sources

Ps.-Justin (Markell von Ankyra?), Ad Graecos de vera religione (bisher "Cohortatio ad Graecos")

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus

Simple and bold : Ephrem's art of symbolic thought

The irresistible urge to preach : a collection of African American "call" stories

Black women's Christian activism : seeking social justice in a northern suburb

The third reconstruction : Moral Mondays, fusion politics, and the rise of a new justice movement

Treasure in heaven : the holy poor in early Christianity

Extraordinary women of Christian history : what we can learn from their struggles and triumphs

One true life : the Stoics and early Christians as rival traditions

Diaries of the Chinese martyrs : stories of heroic Catholics living in Mao's China

From topic to thesis : a guide to theological research

Unchanging witness : the consistent Christian teaching on homosexuality in scripture and tradition

The Christian wallet : spending, giving, and living with a conscience

Religion, truth, and social transformation : essays in reformational philosophy

Christ and reason : an introduction to ideas from Kant to Tyrrell

Acute melancholia and other essays : mysticism, history, and the study of religion

You are not your fault and other revelations : the collected wit and wisdom of Wes "Scoop" Nisker

Africana Islamic studies

Radical Islam why? : confronting jihad at home & abroad

Islam and the infidels : the politics of jihad, da'wah, and hijrah

Islamism : what it means for the Middle East and the world

The Qur'an and its readers worldwide : contemporary commentaries and translations

Interfaith activism : Abraham Joshua Heschel and religious diversity

A Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism reader

Choosing our religion : the spiritual lives of America's Nones

Living traditions and universal conviviality : prospects and challenges for peace in multireligious communities

Passwords to paradise : how languages have re-invented world religions

Integral meditation : mindfulness as a way to grow up, wake up, and show up in your life

Religion, migration and conflict

The only mind worth having : Thomas Merton and the child mind

Down in the valley : an introduction to African American religious history

The Goddess : myths of the Great Mother

Alternative concepts of God : essays on the metaphysics of the divine

A patterned life : faith, history, and David Bebbington

The superhero costume : identity and disguise in fact and fiction

Beyond the secular West

The not-so-intelligent designer : why evolution explains the human body and intelligent design does not

Religion in the kitchen : cooking, talking, and the making of Black Atlantic traditions

Asian American religious cultures

Stars beneath us : finding God in the evolving cosmos

The penultimate curiosity : how science swims in the slipstream of ultimate questions

Phoenician aniconism in its Mediterranean and ancient Near Eastern contexts