Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Religion

Abraham Kuyper, conservatism, and church and state

Theology and the mirror of Scripture : a mere evangelical account

Defending the Trinity in the Reformed Palatinate : the Elohistae

Second sermons : intimations of the eternal

A faded legacy : Amy Brown Lyman and Mormon women's activism, 1872-1959

The Mormon Church and Blacks : a documentary history

An unfinished council : Vatican II, Pope Francis, and the renewal of Catholicism

Vatican II : the complete history

From suffering to solidarity : the historical seeds of Mennonite interreligious, interethnic, and international peacebuilding

Where there is vision : a history of the Lamar Avenue Church of Christ, Paris, Texas, 1869-1980

The papers of Howard Washington Thurman

Between fetters and freedom : African American Baptists since emancipation

Baptists and war : essays on Baptists and military conflict, 1640s-1990s

Letters from Samaria : the prose & poetry of Louie Crew Clay 1974-2014

The life and spirituality of John Newton

Paul Tillich and pentecostal theology : spiritual presence and spiritual power

Taking hold of the real : Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the profound worldliness of Christianity

Citizenship in heaven and on earth : Karl Barth's ethics

Confessing Christ for church and world : studies in modern theology

A grammar of justice : the legacy of Ignacio Ellacuria

Joan Chittister : her journey from certainty to faith

Learning to love : 75 years of growth in the Trinity : Holy Trinity Church, 1907-1982.

The Jesuit suppression in global context : causes, events, and consequences

A church of passion and hope : the formation of an ecclesial disposition from Ignatius Loyola to Pope Francis and the new evangelization

Palladius of Aspuna : the Lausiac history

Christ's new homeland - Africa : contribution to the Synod on the Family by African pastors

Whose Mass is it? : why people care so much about the Catholic liturgy

The sacraments : historical foundation and liturgical theology

An introduction to the devout life

Missale Traiectense co[m]pletissimu[m] : cu[m] multis missis votiuis nu[n]cq[ue] a[n]tea i[m]p[re]ssis ...

Signs of the holy one : liturgy, ritual, and expression of the sacred

God and eros : the ethos of the nuptial mystery

The cosmic common good : religious grounds for ecological ethics

Catholic renewal and Protestant resistance in Marian England

Catholic Europe, 1592-1648 : centre and peripheries

Deeper vision : the Catholic intellectual tradition in the twentieth century

Francis of Rome & Francis of Assisi : a new spring in the church?

Spreading the feast : instruction and meditations for ministry at the Lord's table

Here I am : faith stories of Korean American clergywomen

Colored television : American religion gone global

The electronic church in the digital age : cultural impacts of evangelical mass media

Desiring God's will : aligning our hearts with the heart of God

Prayer shawl ministries and women's theological imagination

Crossing cultures with Jesus : sharing good news with sensitivity and grace

Radical spirituality : repentance, resistance, revolution

Roots of transformation : negotiating the dynamics of growth

Selected spiritual writings of Anne Dutton : eighteenth-century, British-Baptist, woman theologian

Dawnlight breaks : the hymn texts and translations of F. Samuel Janzow

Transforming wisdom : pastoral psychotherapy in theological perspective

Harmonious disagreement : Matteo Ricci and his closest Chinese friends

Poem embodying the Lord's prayer.

Great Commission, great compassion : following Jesus and loving the world

Mission for diversity : exploring Christian mission in the contemporary world

Remembering the future : the experience of time in Jewish and Christian liturgy

Butman Methodist Camp in Mulberry Canyon : a history

Educating for redemptive community : essays in honor of Jack Seymour and Margaret Ann Crain

Common goods : economy, ecology, and political theology

Liberation through reconciliation : Jon Sobrino's Christological spirituality

Election and free will : God's gracious choice and our responsibility

Readings in the history of Christian theology

The uncertain center : essays of Arthur C. McGill

The gift of theology : the contribution of Kathryn Tanner

Crucified and resurrected : restructuring the grammar of Christology

What we believe : understanding and confessing the Apostles' Creed

'Justification by grace alone' facing Confucian self-cultivation : the Christian doctrine of justification contextualized to new Confucianism

Salvation in fresh perspective : covenant, cross, and kingdom

Can war be just in the 21st century? : ethicists engage the tradition

Confronting religious denial of gay marriage : Christian humanism and the moral imagination

Christian anthropology : an introduction to the human person

The philosophy of human nature in Christian perspective

The humanity of Christ and the healing of the dysfunction of the human spirit

Sacred mountains : a Christian ethical approach to mountaintop removal

Theological philosophy : rethinking the rationality of Christian faith

Practicing to aim at truth : theological engagements in honor of Nancey Murphy

The meaning of Jesus : two visions

Divine simplicity : a dogmatic account

Does God have a strategy? : a dialogue

Our fate : essays on God and free will

The Trinity among the nations : the doctrine of God in the majority world

Henry of Ghent's Summa, Articles 53-55, on the divine persons

Biblia, ad vetustissima exemplaria castigata. : Quid in horum Bibliorum castigatione praestitum sit, subsequens praefatio latius indicabit.

Reading scripture as a political act : essays on the theopolitical interpretation of the Bible

Trajectories of justice : what the Bible says about slaves, women, and homosexuality

A consuming passion : essays on hell and immortality in honor of Edward Fudge

The invention of God

Bibliorum sacrorum Graecorum Codex Vaticanus B : Bibliothecae Apostolicae Vaticanae Codex Vaticanus Graecus 1209.

Worship, women, and war : essays in honor of Susan Niditch

The genre of biblical commentary : essays in honor of John E. Hartley on the occasion of his 75th birthday

Jewish hermeneutical theology

Introducing Biblical hermeneutics : a comprehensive framework for hearing God in Scripture

Exploring the unexplained : a practical guide to the peculiar people, places, and things in the Bible

Jesus' twin : a dialogue with the Gospel of Thomas

Jude and 2 Peter : a new covenant commentary


Fruit of the spirit : Pauline mysticism for the church today


Reading Romans : a literary and theological commentary

Christ is king : Paul's royal ideology

A window into the spirituality of Paul

Ancient perspectives on Paul


The origins of John's Gospel

Luke : a commentary

Conversion in Luke-Acts : divine action, human cognition, and the people of God


The theological intentions of Mark's literary devices : Markan intercalations, frames, allusionary repetitions, narrative surprises, and three types of mirroring

Reading Mark : a literary and theological commentary on the second Gospel


Reading Matthew as the climactic fulfillment of the Hebrew story

Synopsis of the four gospels

The Book of Kells : ... fine art facsimile volume.

Bodies, borders, believers : ancient texts and present conversations ; essays in honor of Turid Karlsen Seim on her 70th birthday

The healing tradition of the New Testament

Judas : the most hated name in history

Restorative Christ : Jesus, justice, and discipleship

The New Testament in the Graeco-Roman world : articles in honour of Abe Malherbe

Tobit and Judith

Haggai and Malachi


Jeremiah for everyone

Behold! my servant : an exegetical and theological study of the identity and role of the servant in Isaiah 42:1-9

Time in the book of Ecclesiastes / Mette Bundvad.


Remember, O Yahweh : the poetry and context of Psalms 135-137

The message of Joshua : promise and people

The Pentateuch : a social-science commentary

Wrestling with the violence of God : soundings in the Old Testament

Impurity and gender in the Hebrew Bible

Making men : the male coming-of-age theme in the Hebrew Bible

The economy of ancient Judah in its historical context

A biblical history of Israel

Thinking the faith with passion : selected essays

Evagrius, Kephalaia gnostika : a new translation of the unreformed text from the Syriac

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus

The manuscript traditions of the works of St Augustine

Hymnen de fide,

Family values and the rise of the Christian right

The hidden God : Luther, philosophy, and political theology

Martin Luther : visionary reformer

Agnes Sanford and her companions : the assault on cessationism and the coming of the charismatic renewal

Silent witnesses : lessons on theology, life, and the church from Christians of the past

Pentecostals and charismatics in Latin America and Latino communities

Evangelicals and Catholics together at twenty : vital statements on contested topics

Neither Jew nor Greek? : constructing early Christianity

Jesus and Buddha : friends in conversation

No proof at all : a cure for Christianity

Global gospel : an introduction to Christianity on five continents

An invitation to analytic Christian theology

Theology without borders : an introduction to global conversations

The reality of God and historical method : apocalyptic theology in conversation with N.T. Wright

Religious experience and new materialism : movement matters

American exceptionalism and civil religion : reassessing the history of an idea

The Cambridge companion to Christian political theology

To the table : a spirituality of food, farming, and community

Liberal learning and the great Christian traditions

For God and globe : Christian internationalism in the United States between the Great War and the Cold War

Enlightening enthusiasm : prophecy and religious experience in early eighteenth-century England

A history of western philosophy and theology

Muhammad in the digital age

The Baha'is of America : the growth of a religious movement

The Shi'i world : pathways in tradition and modernity

Shi'i Islam : a beginner's guide

ISIS : the state of terror

Woman's identity and rethinking the Hadith

Islam and Judeo-Christianity : a critique of their commonality

What is Islam? : the importance of being Islamic

Yearnings of the soul : psychological thought in modern Kabbalah

"It's better to hear the rebuke of the wise than the song of fools" (Qoh 7:5) : proceedings of the Midrash Section, Society of Biblical Literature, volume 6

Popular religion in Russia : 'double belief' and the making of an academic myth

"Perplext in faith" : essays on Victorian beliefs and doubts

Rituals, performatives, and political order in Northern Europe, c. 650-1350

Storming Zion : government raids on religious communities

Taking rites seriously : law, politics, and the reasonableness of faith

Religion and innovation : antagonists or partners?

Religion, secularism, & constitutional democracy

Ritual theory, ritual practice

On purpose : how we create the meaning of life

Digital methodologies in the sociology of religion

The new frontier of religion and science : religious experience, neuroscience and the transcendent

Theory of religious cycles : tradition, modernity, and the Baha'i faith

Purpose in the universe : the moral and metaphysical case for ananthropocentric purposivism

The triumph of faith : why the world is more religious than ever

The flight from God

Shadow of Oz : theistic evolution and the absent God

Outsiders in a promised land : religious activists in Pacific Northwest history

America's four gods : what we say about God & what that says about us

Faith in the new millennium : the future of religion and American politics

Elements of African Traditional Religion : a textbook for students of comparative religion

Mission & Science : missiology revised / missiologie revisitee, 1850-1940

Dimensions of faith : understanding faith through the lens of science and religion