Subject Listing

New Materials in the Religion Collection

A light to the nations : explorations in ecumenism, missions, and Pentecostalism

A line through the human heart : on sinning and being forgiven

Allegorical spectrum of the parables of Jesus

Altuigurische Texte der Kirche des Ostens aus Zentralasien : Old Uigur texts of the Church of the East from Central Asia

Arguments against the Christian religion in Amsterdam

Beams of light early Methodism in America : chiefly drawn from the diary, letters, manuscripts, documents and original tracts of the Rev. Ezekiel Cooper

Bowing toward Babylon : The nationalistic subversion of Christian worship in America

Catholic approaches in practical theology : international and interdisciplinary perspectives

Catholicism and citizenship : political cultures of the Church in the Twenty-first century

Christian fasting : a theological approach

Competing fundamentalisms : violent extremism in Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism

Crossing boundaries, redefining faith : interdisciplinary perspectives on the emerging church movement

Devotional fitness : an analysis of contemporary Christian dieting and fitness programs

Doubt, faith, and certainty

Elise Boulding : a pioneer in peace research, peacemaking, feminism, future studies and the family : from a Quaker perspective

Essential writings

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus

Ferdinand Christian Baur and the history of early Christianity

Fierce : women of the Bible and their stories of violence, mercy, bravery, wisdom, sex, and salvation

Fully human in Christ : the incarnation as the end of Christian ethics

Gathering disciples : essays in honor of Christopher J. Ellis

Getting into the text : New Testament essays in honor of David Alan Black

Hallelujah anyway : rediscovering mercy

Handbook of biblical social values

Hell and its rivals : death and retribution among Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the early Middle Ages

Holy wars & holy alliance : the return of religion to the global political stage

Human origins and the image of God : essays in honor of J. Wentzel van Huyssteen

In God's hands : the spiritual diaries, 1962-2003

Integrating work in theological education

Intercultural ministry : hope for a changing world

Intestine enemies : Catholics in Protestant America, 1605-1791, a documentary history

Introduction à l'histoire de l'exégèse

Inventing and reinventing the goddess : contemporary iterations of Hindu deities on the move

Islam, an American religion

James : an introduction and study guide : diaspora rhetoric of a friend of God

Jonathan Edwards on the atonement : understanding the legacy of America's greatest theologian

Judging Jesus : world religions' answers to "who do people say that i am?"

Just immigration : American policy in Christian perspective

Lived religion and the politics of (in)tolerance

Lucifer, Leviathan, Lilith, and other mysterious creatures of the Bible

Lucretia Mott speaks : the essential speeches and sermons

Neuroplasticity, performativity, and clergy wellness : neighbor love as self-care

On acquisition of the Holy Spirit

On earth as in heaven : the Lord's prayer from Jewish prayer to Christian ritual

On evil, providence, and freedom : a new reading of Molina

Pentecostalism as a Christian mystical tradition

Petitionary prayer : a philosophical investigation

Preaching like the prophets : the Hebrew prophets as examples for pastoral preaching

Privilege, risk, and solidarity : understanding undocumented immigration through feminist Christian ethics

Reading Jesus's Bible : how the New Testament helps us understand the Old Testament

Reading the Torah : beyond the fundamentalist and scientific approaches

Rearing of an American evangelical

Rebuilding the foundations : social relationships in ancient scripture and contemporary culture

Religion and European philosophy : key thinkers from Kant to Žižek

Reshaping the boundaries : the Christian intersection of China and the West in the modern era

Saint Augustine : man, pastor, mystic

Selected orations, homilies and writings

Spirituality for the sent : casting a new vision for the missional church

Spirituality matters in social work : connecting spirituality, religion, and practice

The Baptist denomination : its history, doctrines, and ordinances ; its polity, persecutions, and martyrs ; facts and statistics of its missionary institutions, schools of learning, etc. ; the indebtedness of the world to Baptists, and their duty to the world

The Christian pattern, or, The imitation of Jesus Christ : being an abridgement of the works of Thomas à Kempis

The Cross and the Third Reich : Catholic resistance in the Nazi era

The Decalogue : living as the people of God

The Jewish apocalyptic tradition and the shaping of New Testament thought

The Leviathan factor

The Rule of Benedict : an invitation to the Christian life

The Testament of Adam : an examination of the Syriac and Greek traditions

The Virgin Mary

The art of the book : its place in medieval worship

The beginning of politics : power in the biblical Book of Samuel

The chronicles of the kings of Judah : 2 Chronicles 10-36 : a new translation and commentary

The curious case of Benjamin Button = L'Étrange histoire de Benjamin Button

The face of water : a translator on beauty and meaning in the Bible

The family romance of martyrdom in Second Maccabees

The hidden and the manifest : essays in theology and metaphysics

The idea of the Muslim world : a global intellectual history

The legacy of Wilfred Cantwell Smith

The letter of James

The religious lives of older laywomen : the last active Anglican generation

The secular landscape : the decline of religion in America

The seven deadly virtues : temptations in our pursuit of goodness

The shadow of Christ in the book of Job

The source of all love : Catholicity and the Trinity

The true meaning of the Lord of heaven = T'ien-chu shih-i

The way of the hermit : interfaith encounters in silence and prayer

Theology of the liturgy : the sacramental foundation of Christian existence

Torah and tradition : papers read at the Sixteenth Joint Meeting of the Society for Old Testament Study and the Oudtestamentisch Werkgezelschap, Edinburgh 2015

Transcending mission : the eclipse of a modern tradition

Tribals, empire and God : a tribal reading of the birth of Jesus in Matthew's Gospel

Violent trauma, culture, and power : an interdisciplinary exploration in lived religion

Will Pope Francis pull it off? : the challenge of church reform

Wittenberg meets the world : reimagining the reformation at the margins

Yezidis in Syria : identity building among a double minority