Subject Listing

New Materials in the Religion Collection

"Souvenez-vous!": la mémoire sélective de l'épitre de Jude

1 & 2 Kings : an introduction and study guide : history and story in ancient Israel

Acts : a new vision of the people of God

African American Christian worship

An introduction to biblical law

Art, education, and cultural renewal : essays in reformational philosophy

Balthasar Hubmaier and the sword : from his life and from his writings

Baptists in early North America : Newport, Rhode Island, Seventh Day Baptists

Berkeley Street Theatre : how improvisation and street theater emerged as a Christian outreach to the culture of the time

Beyond the modern age : an archaeology of contemporary culture

Billy Graham : American pilgrim

Bold faith : a closer look at the five key ideas of charismatic Christianity and what they can teach the rest of us

By the waters of Babylon : worship in a post-Christian culture

Challenge and continuity : a study of Rabbinic responses to modernity, science and tragedy

Christian doctrine and the Old Testament : theology in the service of biblical exegesis

Christian dogmatics : an introduction

Christian engagement with Islam : ecumenical journeys since 1910

Christus in euch : von der Freiheit der Kinder Gottes : eine Auslegung des Galaterbriefs


Comparative characterization in the Sermon on the Mount : characterization of the ideal disciple

Creation and covenant : the significance of sexual difference in the moral theology of marriage

Der Judasbrief, der 2. Petrusbrief

Der Mondgott in den Religionen Syrien-Palästinas : unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von KTU 1.24

Divine presence : elements of biblical theophanies

Divine will and human choice : freedom, contingency, and necessity in early modern Reformed thought


Dreams of power : Tibetan Buddhism and the western imagination

Ecclesiology and the Scriptural Narrative of 1 Peter

Emmeline B. Wells : an intimate history

Erasmus and Calvin on the foolishness of God : reason and emotion in the Christian philosophy

Essayes in divinity : being several disquisitions interwoven with meditations and prayers

Essays on Moses from Buenos Aires : Moses in three traditions and in literature

Ethnic church meets megachurch : Indian American Christianity in motion

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus

Father of liberty : Jonathan Mayhew and the principles of the American Revolution

For God so loved the world : the biblical doctrine of grace

Frontiers in Catholic feminist theology : shoulder to shoulder

Fundamentalism : ethnographies on minorities, discrimination and transnationalism

Holy Rus' : the rebirth of Orthodoxy in the New Russia

Impacts of faith-based decision making on the individual-level legislative process : emerging research and opportunities

Insights into editing in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East : what does documented evidence tell us about the transmission of authoritative texts?

Irenaeus of Lyons and the mosaic of Christ : preaching scripture in the era of martyrdom

Kenotic ecclesiology : select writings of Donald M. MacKinnon

Letters from the pillar apostles : the formation of the Catholic Epistles as a canonical collection

Many roads lead eastward : overtures to catholic biblical theology

Natural born seer : Joseph Smith, American prophet, 1805-1830

Neue Texte und Studien zu den antiken und frühmittelalterlichen Glaubensbekenntnissen

Paranoid science : the Christian right's war on reality

Protestant exiles from France in the reign of Louis XIV, or The Huguenot refugees and their descendants in Great Britain and Ireland. Volume 3

Reading the Gospels with Karl Barth

Reconstructing wonder : chemistry informing a natural theology

Religion and progressive activism : new stories about faith and politics

Religion for reluctant believers

Retrieving history : memory and identity formation in the early church

Science and religion : an impossible dialogue

Social science and the Christian scriptures : sociological introductions and new translation

Sodomscapes : hospitality in the flesh

Song of Songs

Spirituality and religion within the culture of medicine : from evidence to practice

Stranger in a strange land : searching for Gershom Scholem and Jerusalem

Suffer the children : how we can improve the lives of the world's impoverished children

Suspicious moderate : the life and writings of Francis à Sancta Clara (1598-1680)

Tertullian and the unborn child : Christian and pagan attitudes in historical perspective

The Anabaptists

The Annunciation: A new evangelization and apologetic for mainline Protestants and progressive Catholics in postmodern North America

The Bible and Catholic theological ethics

The Buddha within ourselves : blossoms of the Lotus Sutra

The Church : Presbyterian perspectives

The Hebrew Bible

The givenness of desire : concrete subjectivity and the natural desire to see God

The growth and development of the Young Women's Christian Association

The interfaith imperative : religion, dialogue, and reality

The littlest suffering souls : children whose short lives point us to Christ

The myth of equality : uncovering the roots of injustice and privilege

The path of Christianity : the first thousand years

The power of silence : against the dictatorship of noise

The strata of the priestly writings : contemporary debate and future directions

The tech-wise family : everyday steps for putting technology in its proper place

The text of a Coptic monastic discourse, On love and self-control : its story from the fourth century to the twenty-first

The theology of Louis Massignon : Islam, Christ, and the church

The treasure of God's word : celebrating 400 years of the King James Bible

Toward nationalism's end : an intellectual biography of Hans Kohn

Understanding Christian doctrine

Unity in Christ and country : American Presbyterians in the Revolutionary era, 1758-1801

Violence and the world's religious traditions : an introduction

Wager : beauty, suffering, and being in the world

Wealth, wages, and the wealthy : New Testament insight for preachers and teachers

When the roll is called : trauma and the soul of American evangelicalism

Worshipping politics : problems and practices for a public faith