Subject Listing

New Materials in the Religion Collection

"Defender of the most holy matriarchs" : Martin Luther's interpretation of the women of Genesis in the Enarrationes in Genesin, 1535-45

A Pentecostal political theology for American renewal : spirit of the kingdoms, citizens of the cities

A dual reception : Eusebius and the Gospel of Mark

A history of Orthodox, Islamic, and Western christian political values

A relevant way to read : a new approach to exegesis and communication

A well of wonder : essays on C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Inklings

After conversion : Iberia and the emergence of modernity

An explorer's guide to Karl Barth

Angelology : recovering higher-order beings as emblems of transcendence, immanence, and imagination

Anyone can be saved : a defense of "traditional" Southern Baptist soteriology

Apocalyptic literature in the New Testament

Archbishop Oscar Romero : the making of a martyr

Archbishop Romero : memories and reflections

Are we not men? : unstable masculinity in the Hebrew prophets

Ascent into heaven in Luke-Acts : new explorations of Luke's narrative hinge

Assassination of a Saint : the plot to murder Óscar Romero and the quest to bring his killers to justice

Auslegung und Hermeneutik der Bibel in der Reformationszeit

Becoming a Christian in Christendom : radical discipleship and the way of the cross in America's "Christian" culture

Behold, your house is left to you : the theological and narrative place of Jerusalem Temple in Luke's Gospel

Biblical pseudepigrapha in Slavonic traditions

Biblical terror : why law and restoration in the Bible depend upon fear

Book of harmony : spirit and service in the Lutheran confessions

C. S. Lewis : anti-Darwinist : a careful examination of the development of his views on Darwinism / Jerry Bergman ; foreword by Ellen Myers ; preface by Karl Priest.

Canadian Baptist women

Canonical theology : the biblical canon, sola scriptura, and theological method

Care for creation : a call for ecological conversion

Catholics and millennialism : a theo-linguistic guide

Catholics in America : religious identity and cultural assimilation from John Carroll to Flannery O'Connor

Children of God in the world : an introduction to theological anthropology

Chinese theology : text and context

Christian monks on Chinese soil : a history of monastic missions to China

Christianity and social work : readings on the integration of Christian faith and social work practice

Christianity, democracy, and the shadow of Constantine

Chronicles through the centuries

Clare of Assisi and the thirteenth-century Church : religious women, rules and resistance

Coming home to Earth

Commentaries, Catenae and biblical tradition : papers from the Ninth Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament, in conjunction with the COMPAUL Project

Communion of saints : the unity of divine love in the mystical body of Christ

Confessing the faith today : a fresh look at the Belgic Confession

Created & creating : a biblical theology of culture

Creatures of possibility : the theological basis of human freedom

Critical conversations about religion : promises and pitfalls of a social justice approach to interfaith dialogue

Daniel's Son of Man in Mark : a redefinition of the Jerusalem temple and the formation of a new covenant community

David's politics : servant, rebel, king

Denying her voice : the figure of Miriam in ancient Jewish literature

Development of an icon : Solomon before and after King David

Dictionary of daily life in biblical and post-biblical antiquity

Discovering Romans : content, interpretation, reception

Does religious education matter?

Early Christianity in Pompeian light : people, texts, situations

Early modern English Catholicism : identity, memory and counter-Reformation

Early pentecostals on nonviolence and social justice : a reader

Ecotheology and nonhuman ethics in society : a community of compassion

Encountering reality : T. F. Torrance on truth and human understanding

Encyclopedia of the Bible and its reception

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus

Faithful presence : seven disciplines that shape the church for mission

Friendship in the Hebrew Bible

Glory and honor : Orthodox Christian resources on marriage

God is green : an eco-spirituality of incarnate compassion

God over all : divine aseity and the challenge of Platonism

God the Son incarnate : the doctrine of Christ

God who saves : a dogmatic sketch

Goddess and God in the world : conversations in embodied theology

Holy places in biblical and extrabiblical traditions : proceedings of the Bonn-Leiden-Oxford Colloquium on Biblical Studies

In the fullness of time : essays on Christology, creation, and eschatology in honor of Richard Bauckham

Infant baptism and the covenant of grace : an appraisal of the argument that as infants were once circumcised, so they should now be baptized

Job's journey : stations of suffering

Julian and the Buddha : common points along the way

Kierkegaard and the life of faith : the aesthetic, the ethical, and the religious in Fear and trembling

Kingship and memory in ancient Judah

Knowing God by name : a conversation between Elizabeth A. Johnson and Karl Barth

Leading congregations and nonprofits in a connected world : platforms, people, and purpose

Learning from all the faithful : a contemporary theology of the sensus fidei

Learning to read Talmud : what it looks like and how it happens

Light from light : cosmology and the theology of the logos

Looking back, moving forward : tranformation and ethical practice in the Ghanaian Church of Pentecost

Love and Christian ethics : tradition, theory, and society

Markion und der biblische Kanon

Martin Luther and the enduring Word of God : the Wittenberg School and its Scripture-centered proclamation

Melchizedek passages in the Bible : a case study for inner-biblical and inter-biblical interpretation

Mimesis and atonement : René Girard and the doctrine of salvation

Mission in the American outdoors : concerns of the church in leisure-recreation

Moses : a human life

New directions for Catholic social and political research : humanity vs. hyper-modernity

New world a-coming : Black religion and racial identity during the great migration

Oral-scribal dimensions of scripture, piety, and practice : Judaism, Christianity, Islam

Philosophy of religion in the classical American tradition

Pilgrimage : my search for the real Pope Francis

Politics, gender, and belief : the long-term impact of the reformation : essays in memory of Robert M. Kingdon

Post-traumatic public theology

Preaching the luminous word : biblical sermons and homiletical essays

Puritanism and natural theology

Recognition and religion : a historical and systematic study

Redeeming flesh : the way of the cross with Zombie Jesus

Religion and contemporary management : Moses as a model for effective leadership

Religion and illness

Religion, philosophy and knowledge

Saint Luke

Science and Christianity : foundations and frameworks for moving forward in faith

Scripting Pentecost : a study of pentecostals, worship, and liturgy

Seeing through the eyes of faith : new approaches to the mystagogy of the Church Fathers

Sexuality in the New Testament : understanding the key texts

Solidarity with the world : Charles Taylor and Hans Urs von Balthasar on faith, modernity, and Catholic mission

Something seems strange : critical essays on Christianity, public policy, and contemporary culture

Steps to a new edition of the Hebrew Bible

Tapestry of grace : untangling the cultural complexities in Asian American life and ministry

The Acts of the Apostles through the centuries

The Apostolic Fathers and Paul

The Bible as revelatory word

The Catholic Luther : his early writings

The Hebrew Bible

The Jonathan effect : helping kids and schools win the battle against poverty

The New Cambridge history of the Bible.

The Spirit over the earth : pneumatology in the majority world

The afterlife in early Christian Carthage : near-death experience, ancestor cult, and the archaeology of paradise

The altars where we worship : the religious significance of popular culture

The anatomy of myth : the art of interpretation from the presocratics to the church fathers

The believing scientist : essays on science and religion

The context of Scripture

The ends of the world

The fiction of our lives : creating our stories over a lifetime

The formation of the "Book" of Psalms : reconsidering the transmission and canonization of Psalmody in light of material culture and the poetics of anthologies

The formation of the biblical canon

The genius of Judaism

The ground has shifted : the future of the Black church in post-racial America

The hero's quest and the cycles of nature : an ecological interpretation of world mythology

The honeycomb scroll : Philipp Melanchthon at the dawn of the Reformation

The human being, the world and God : studies at the interface of philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind and neuroscience

The journey of modern theology : from reconstruction to deconstruction

The legacy of Demetrius of Alexandria (189-232 CE) : the form and function of hagiography in late antique and Islamic Egypt

The message of spiritual warfare : the Lord is a warrior, the Lord is his name

The murderous history of Bible translations : power, conflict and the quest for meaning

The power of unearned suffering : the roots and implications of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s theodicy

The so-called Jew in Paul's letter to the Romans

The structure of Romans : the argument of Paul's letter

The text of the Hebrew Bible and its editions : studies in celebration of the fifth centennial of the complutensian polyglot

The unfinished Reformation : what unites and divides Catholics and Protestants after 500 years

The voices of the New Testament : invitation to a biblical roundtable

Theology and the university in nineteenth-century Germany

Thomas Merton and the Celts : a new world opening up

Transmission and interpretation of the Book of Isaiah in the context of intra- and interreligious debates

Transsexualität in Theologie und Neurowissenschaften : Ergebnisse, Kontroversen, Perspektiven

Two guides for the journey : Thomas Aquinas and William Langland on the Virtues

Two views on homosexuality, the Bible, and the church

Understanding prayer for the dead : its foundation in history and logic

Vatican Council notebooks

Warrior churchmen of Medieval England, 1000-1250 : theory and reality

We have found the Messiah : how the disciples help us answer the Davidic Messianic question

When in Romans : an invitation to linger with the gospel according to Paul

Why are there differences in the gospels? : what we can learn from ancient biography

Wisdom and the renewal of Catholic theology : essays in honor of Matthew L. Lamb

Wisdom from Africa : theological reflections on the Confessions of St. Augustine

Women, religion, and the gift : an abundance of riches

You shall not kill

Zwischen Ereignis und Erzählung : Konversion als Medium der Selbstbeschreibung in Mittelalter und früher Neuzeit

Zwischen Zion und Zaphon : Studien im Gedenken an den Theologen Oswald Loretz (14.01.1928-12.04.2014)

Óscar Romero : mística y lucha por la justicia

Óscar Romero, obispo de los pobres