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BULib New Materials Religion

The study of Shi'i Islam : history, theology and law / edited by Farhad Daftary and Gurdofarid Miskinzoda.with the Institute of Ismaili Studies, 2014.

The minutes and papers of the Westminster Assembly, 1643-1652 / editor, Chad Van Dixhoorn ; consulting editor, David F. Wright ; assistant editors, MarkA. Garcia, Joel A. Halcomb, Inga Jones.

A theory of character in New Testament narrative / Cornelis Bennema.

Presbyterian faith that lives today / Donald K. McKim.

Biblical & theological foundations of the family : the domestic church /Joseph C. Atkinson.

Sermon on the mount / Scot McKnight ; Tremper Longman III & Scot McKnight, general editors.

The Y-B-H handbook of church planting : a practical guide to church planting / by Roger N. McNamara and Ken Davis.

Spirituality seeking theology / Roger Haight, S.J.

The Beliefnet guide to evangelical Christianity / Wendy Murray Zoba ; introduction by Philip Yancey.

Reflections on the Christian life : how our story is God's story / Anthony Esolen.

What is religion? / Jeppe Sinding Jensen.

To end all suffering : a Christian analysis of the Buddha's teaching / by Michael Collender.

The scandal of sacramentality : the Eucharist in literary and theological perspectives / Brannon Hancock ; forewords by Ann Loades and David Jasper.

Judaism in transition : how economic choices shape religious tradition /Carmel U. Chiswick.

Faith in the family : a lived religious history of English Catholicism, 1945-82 / Alana Harris.the United States exclusively by Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.

The vine and the son of man : eschatological interpretation of Psalm 80 in early Judaism / Andrew Streett.

The figure of Adam in Romans 5 and 1 Corinthians 15 : the new creation and its ethical and social reconfiguration / Felipe de Jesus Legarreta-Castillo.

Executing God : rethinking everything you've been taught about salvationand the cross / Sharon L. Baker.

Without metaphor, no saving God : theology after cognitive linguistics /by Robert Masson.

50 great myths about religions / John Morreall and Tamara Sonn.

God, mind and knowledge / edited by Andrew Moore.

Tastes of the divine : Hindu and Christian theologies of emotion / Michelle Voss Roberts.

Rebbe : The life and teachings of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, the mostinfluential Rabbi in modern history / Joseph Telushkin.

Looking forward, looking backward : forty years of women's ordination / edited by Fredrica Harris Thompsett.

Christian faith, justice, and a politics of mercy : the benevolent community / James E. Gilman.

Augustine's Virgilian retreat : reading the auctores at Cassiciacum / Joseph Pucci.

Tradition and the formation of the Talmud / Moulie Vidas.

Heaven opens : the Trinitarian mysticism of Adrienne von Speyr / MatthewLewis Sutton.

Researching practice in ministry and mission : a companion / Helen Cameron and Catherine Duce.

Partners in spirit : women, men, and religious life in Germany, 1100-1500 / edited by Fiona J. Griffiths and Julie Hotchin.

The Torah in 1Maccabees : a literary critical approach to the text / Francis Borchardt.

John's gospel and intimations of apocalyptic / edited by Catrin H. Williams and Christopher Rowland.

John Wesley in America : restoring primitive Christianity / by Geordan Hammond.

The Psalms as Christian lament : a historical commentary / Bruce K. Waltke, James M. Houston, and Erika Moore.[2014].

The garments of salvation : Orthodox Christian liturgical vesture / Krista M. West.

The downfall of Abba Hillel Silver and the foundation of Israel / Ofer Shiff.

Atheists : the origin of the species / Nick Spencer.

The age of evangelicalism : America's born-again years / Steven P. Miller.

Waiting on the spirit of promise : the life and theology of suffering ofAbraham Cheare / Brian L. Hanson with Michael A. G. Haykin.

From theology to theological thinking / Jean-Yves Lacoste ; translated by W. Chris Hackett ; with an introduction by Jeffrey Bloechl.

Preaching in an age of distraction / J. Ellsworth Kalas.

The Westminster dictionary of theological terms / Donald K. McKim.

Demystifying Islam : tackling the tough questions / Harris Zafar.

A practical Christianity : working on transforming our lives / Jane Shaw; forword by Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE.

The story of the Philadelphia Eleven / Darlene O'Dell ; foreword by Carter Heyward.

The Birth of popular heresy / [compiled by] R. I. Moore.

Bernese Anabaptists and their American descendants / by Delbert L. Gratz.Elverson, Penn. : Old Springfield Shoppe, 1994, c1981.

King of the Jews : temple theology in John's Gospel / Margaret Barker.

The faces of women in the Sermons of Jacques de Vitry / [commentary, editions & translations] by Carolyn Muessig.

Reading 1 Corinthians with philosophically educated women / Nathan J. Barnes.

Seeing the Lord's glory : Kyriocentric visions and the dilemma of early Christology / Christopher Barina Kaiser.

Narrating karma and rebirth : Buddhist and Jain multi-life stories / Naomi Appleton.

Misunderstood stories : theological commentary on Genesis 1-11 / Robert Gnuse.

Lying and Christian ethics / Christopher O. Tollefsen, University of South Carolina.

How (not) to be secular : reading Charles Taylor / James K.A. Smith.2014.

The Westminster handbook to Karl Barth / edited by Richard E. Burnett.

Honey from the lion : Christianity and the ethics of nationalism / Doug Gay.

Citizen of the world : suffering and solidarity in the 21st century / byDonald H. Dunson and James A. Dunson III.

The end of our exploring : a book about questioning and the confidence of faith / Matthew Lee Anderson.

Reading the liturgy : an exploration of texts in Christian worship / Juliette J. Day.Plc, 2014.

Compassionate love and ebony grace : Christian altruism and people of color / Kortright Davis.

Playing with dragons : living with suffering and God / Andy Angel ; witha foreword by N.T. Wright.

Multicultural theology and new evangelization / Van Nam Kim.

Religious diversity : philosophical and political dimensions / Roger Trigg, University of Oxford.

Methodist evangelism, American salvation : the home missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1860-1920 / Mark R. Teasdale ; foreword by Ted A. Campbell.

Henry of Ghent Summa of Ordinary Questions : article 35 on the potency of God in general, article 36 on the intellective potency of God, article 42 on the perfection of God, article 45 on the will of God / translated with an introduction and notes by Roland J. Teske.

Divine covenants and moral order : a biblical theology of natural law / David VanDrunen.2014.

David, King of Israel, and Caleb in biblical memory / Jacob L. Wright, Emory University.

Walking in a widening world : understanding religious diversity / Hendrik M. Vroom.

John Owen on the Christian life / by Sinclair B. Ferguson.

Abraham Heschel and the phenomenon of piety / by Joseph Harp Britton.

Justification : understanding the classic Reformed doctrine / J.V. Fesko.

New generations of Catholic sisters : the challenge of diversity / Mary Johnson, S.N.D. de N., Patricia Wittberg, S.C., Mary L. Gautier.

Joseph's temples : the dynamic relationship between Freemasonry and Mormonism / Michael W. Homer.

Liberating Black church history : making it plain / Juan M. Floyd-Thomas.

Christian faith and the Earth : current paths and emerging horizons in ecotheology / edited by Ernst M. Conradie, Sigurd Bergmann, Celia Deane-Drummondand Denis Edwards.

Being on fire : the top ten essentials of Catholic faith / by Richard G.Malloy, S. J..

The aura of Torah : a Kabbalistic-Hasidic commentary to the weekly readings / Rabbi Larry Tabick.Publication Society, [2014].

La verdad : a witness to the Salvadoran martyrs / Lucia Cerna, Mary Jo Ignoffo.University, [2014].

Calvin on the Christian life : glorifying and enjoying God forever / Michael Horton.

The Beguines of medieval Paris : gender, patronage, and spiritual authority / Tanya Stabler Miller.

Meditations before mass / Romano Guardini.

Russkoe pravoslavie mezhdu Kievom i Moskvoi : ocherk istorii russkoi pravoslavnoi traditsii mezhdu XV i XX vekami /V.M. Lur'e.

Christopraxis : a practical theology of the cross / Andrew Root.

Persons in relation : an essay on the Trinity and ontology / Najib George Awad.

Patristics and Catholic social thought : hermeneutical models for a dialogue / Brian Matz.

Papist devils : Catholics in British America, 1574-1783 / Robert Emmett Curran.

Lorenzo Milani's culture of peace : essays on religion, education, and democratic life : / edited by Carmel Borg and Michael Grech.

The nature and future of Christianity : a study of alternative approaches / Edward LeRoy Long Jr.

Can a renewal movement be renewed? : questions for the future of ecumenism / Michael Kinnamon.2014.

Acts 2:32, Of this we are all witnesses : an illustrated history of the Diocese of Lubbock : including brief histories of the parishes, diocesan organizations, and Catholic institutions / the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lubbock,Silver Jubilee Committee of Twenty Five, Lubbock, Texas.

The ethical foundations of early Daoism : Zhuangzi's unique moral vision/ Jung H. Lee.

For such a time as this : young adults on the future of the church / Kathryn Mary Lohre, editor ; foreword by Brian D. McLaren.

At freedom's limit : Islam and the postcolonial predicament / Sadia Abbas.

A contemporary theology for ecumenical peace / James E. Will.

Text message : the centrality of scripture in preaching / edited by Ian Stackhouse and Oliver D. Crisp.

A system of life : Mawdudi and the ideologisation of Islam /Jan-Peter Hartung.

Ritual practices in congregational identity formation / Timothy D. Son.

Reconstructing theology : the contribution of Francis Schussler Fiorenza / Terence Bateman.

On being rich and poor : Christianity in a time of economic globalization / Jacques Ellul ; compiled, edited, and translated by Willem H. Vanderburg.

Myth in the modern world : essays on intersections with ideology and culture / edited by David Whitt and John Perlich.[2014].

Prayer and thought in monastic tradition : essays in honour of BenedictaWard SLG / edited by Santha Bhattacharji, Rowan Williams, Dominic Mattos.

Give me children or I shall die : children and communal survival in biblical literature / Laurel W. Koepf Taylor.

Embedded grace : Christ, history, and the reign of God in Schleiermacher's dogmatics / Kevin M. Vander Schel.

Cosmic purpose / Kagawa Toyohiko.

Disciples' call : theologies of vocation from scripture to the present day / edited by Fr Christopher Jamison, O.S.B.

Catholic England : faith, religion, and observance before the Reformation / selected sources translated and annotated by R.N. Swanson.

Suffering and the nature of healing / Daniel B. Hinshaw.

Queering religion, religious queers / edited by Yvette Taylor and Ria Snowdon.

Love, drugs, art, religion : the pains and consolations of existence / by Brian R. Clack, University of San Diego, USA.

Islamic finance and economic development : risk, regulation, and corporate governance / by Amr Mohamed El Tiby Ahmed, Wafik Grais.

The headscarf debates : conflicts of national belonging / Anna C. Korteweg and Gokce Yurdakul.

Following St. Francis : John Paul II's call for ecological action / written and compiled by Marybeth Lorbiecki ; foreword by Bill McKibben.

Faith and the founders of the American republic / edited by Daniel L. Dreisbach and Mark David Hall.

Emerging adults' religiousness and spirituality : meaning-making in an age of transition / edited by Carolyn McNamara Barry, Mona M. Abo-Zena.

Divine Providence and human agency : trinity, creation and freedom / Alexander S. Jensen, Murdoch University, Australia.

Daoism : a guide for the perplexed / Louis Komjathy.

The Babylon complex : theopolitical fantasies of war, sex, and sovereignty / Erin Runions.

Atheist persona : causes and consequences / John J. Pasquini.

Anticipating Heaven below : optimism of grace from Wesley to the Pentecostals / Henry H. Knight III.

American gurus : from American transcendentalism to New Age religion / Arthur Versluis.

Teresa of Avila : doctor of the soul / by Peter Tyler.

Practical predestinarians in England, c. 1590-1640 / Leif Dixon, University of Oxford, UK.

The future of the African American church : an invitation to dialogue / Ralph Basui Watkins, Justin G. West ; foreword by Leslie D. Callahan, afterword by Maisha Handy, epilogue by Marvin A. McMickle.

The dialectics of creation : creation and the creator in Edward Schillebeeckx and David Burrell / Martin G. Poulsom.

28 hymns to sing before you die / John M. Mulder and F. Morgan Roberts ;with a foreword by Eugene H. Peterson.

Scriptural polemics : the Qur'an and other religions / Mun'im Sirry.

Girl at the end of the world : my escape from fundamentalism in search of faith with a future / Elizabeth Esther.

Foundation and restoration in Hugh of St. Victor's De sacramentis / Peter S. Dillard.

Loss and hope : global, interreligious, and interdisciplinary perspectives / [edited by] Peter Admirand.

Black theology as mass movement / Charles Lattimore Howard.

Beyond the cutting edge? : Yoder, technology, and the practices of the church / Paul C. Heidebrecht.

Pannenberg on evil, love, and God : the realisation of divine love / Mark Hocknull, University of Lincoln, UK.

Friendship as sacred knowing : overcoming isolation / Samuel Kimbriel.

Never wholly other: a Muslima theology of religious pluralism / Jerusha Tanner Lamptey.

From Job to the Shoah : a story of dust and ashes / Reuven Travis.

1 Timothy : a new covenant commentary / Aida Besancon Spencer.

Young Catholic America : emerging adults in, out of, and gone from the church / Christian Smith, Kyle Longest, Jonathan Hill, and Kari Christoffersen.

Truth, testimony, and transformation : a new reading of the "I am" sayings of Jesus in the fourth gospel / Yung Suk Kim.

Losing the Temple and recovering the future : an analysis of 4 Ezra / Hindy Najman, Yale University.

Let's not forget God : freedom of faith, culture, and politics / Cardinal Angelo Scola ; translated by Matthew Sherry ; foreword by John L. Allen,Jr.

Leaving Christendom for good : church-world dialogue in a secular age / James Gerard McEvoy.[2014].

Islam's Jesus / Zeki Saritoprak.

The gospel of John and Christian origins / John Ashton.

Generous spaciousness : responding to gay Christians in the church / Wendy VanderWal-Gritter.

The family of Abraham : Jewish, Christian, and Muslim interpretations / Carol Bakhos.

Ezra and the law in history and tradition / Lisbeth S. Fried.[2014].

Esther and her elusive God : how a secular story functions as scripture / John Anthony Dunne ; with a foreword by Ronald W. Pierce.

Deuteronomy and the Judaean diaspora / Ernest Nicholson.

Not "who is on the Lord's side?" but "whose side is the Lord on?" : contesting claims and divine inscrutability in 2 Samuel 16 / Timothy F. Simpson.

The Huguenots of Paris and the coming of religious freedom, 1685-1789 / David Garrioch, Monash University.

How to read the Bible without losing your mind : a truth-seeker's guide to making sense of Scripture / Kent Blevins.

The ethical vision of the Bible : learning good from knowing God / PeterW. Gosnell.Press, [2014].

The first Islamic reviver : Abu Hamid al-Ghazali and his Revival of the religious sciences / Kenneth Garden.

Sacred space in early modern Europe / edited by Will Coster and Andrew Spicer.

Women of faith : the Chicago Sisters of Mercy and the evolution of a religious community / Mary Beth Fraser Connolly.

Christianity in Chinese public life : religion, society, and the rule oflaw / edited by Joel Carpenter and Kevin den Dulk.

The justification of religious violence / Steve Clarke.

The Great Awakening and Southern backcountry revolutionaries / Richard J. Chacon, Michael Charles Scoggins.

The serpent's promise : the Bible interpreted through modern science / Steve Jones.

A million and one gods : the persistence of polytheism / Page duBois.

Denominationalism : illustrated and explained / Russell E. Richey.

The Spanish Inquisition : A historical revision / Henry Kamen.

Taking stock of Bonhoeffer : studies in biblical interpretation and ethics / Stephen J. Plant, Trinity Hall, Cambridge, UK.

Eugene B. Borowitz : rethinking God and ethics / edited by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and Aaron W. Hughes.

Mother Zion in Deutero-Isaiah : a metaphor for Zion theology / Maggie Low.

The New Testament : a beginner's guide / W.R. Telford.

The Akedah Servant complex : the soteriological linkage of Genesis 22 and Isaiah 53 in ancient Jewish and early Christian writings / Paba Nidhani de Andrado.

Jesus consumer : reframing the debate between faith and consumption / Michael L. Klassen.

Mantik im Alten Testament / Rudiger Schmitt.

Raising a moral child : how faith shapes behavior / Jeanne Hunt.

Rekindling the Christic imagination : theological meditations for the new evangelization / Robert P. Imbelli.

Christ and reconciliation / Veli-Matti Karkkainen.2013.

Opening Paul's letters : a reader's guide to genre and interpretation / Patrick Gray.

Fortress introduction to the history of Christianity in the United States / Nancy Koester.

C.S. Lewis--on the Christ of a religious economy : II. knowing salvation/ P.H. Brazier, foreword by Brendan N. Wolfe.

1 & 2 Kings / Lissa M. Wray Beal.Apollos, [2014].

Deuteronomy / Deanna A. Thompson.

A textual study of Family 1 in the Gospel of John / Alison Welsby.

Perspectives of Jesus in the writings of Paul : a historical examinationof shared core commitments with a view to determining the extent of Paul's dependence on Jesus / Gerry Schoberg.

Basil of Caesarea / Stephen M. Hildebrand.

Hebrews : a commentary in the Wesleyan tradition / Kevin L. Anderson.

Invasion of the dead : preaching resurrection / Brian K. Blount.

Crucified people : the suffering of the tortured in today's world / JohnNeafsey.

Forgotten songs : reclaiming the Psalms for Christian worship / C. Richard Wells & Ray Van Neste, editors.

Thea Ronning : young woman on a mission / Gracia Grindal.

Notes on the Gospel of John / Paul Marshall Allen.

Discovering Matthew : content, interpretation, reception / Ian Boxall.

The way of humility : Corruption and sin ; On self-accusation / Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio ; translated by Helena Scott.

Global religions and international relations : a diplomatic perspective / Pasquale Ferrara, Secretary General, European University Institute, Florence, Diplomat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome.

D.L. Moody : Moody without Sankey / John Pollock.

Shepherding a child's heart / Tedd Tripp.

The story of the WMU : we've a story to tell to the nations / Rosalie H.Hunt.

What we have done, what we have failed to do : assessing the liturgical reforms of Vatican II / Kevin W. Irwin.

Mircea Eliade : myth, religion, and history / edited by Nicolae Babuts.[2014].

Bible and interpretation : the collected essays of James Barr / edited by John Barton.07-24-14. CDATE = 07-24-14. CDATE = 07-24-14.

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus / translation, introduction, and commentary by Robert E. Sinkewicz.