Subject Listing

New Materials in the Religion Collection

1-2 Thessalonians : a new covenant commentary

20 compelling evidences that God exists : discover why believing in God makes so much sense

A Bible reader's history of the ancient world

A history and critique of methodological naturalism : the philosophical case for God's design of nature

A man attested by God : the human Jesus of the synoptic gospels

A place at the altar : priestesses in Republican Rome

A shared spiritual journey : Lutherans and Catholics traveling toward unity

Albert Cleage Jr. and the black Madonna and child

All things made new : the Reformation and its legacy

America at the crossroads : explosive trends shaping America's future and what you can do about it

An integral ecology and the Catholic vision

Ancient Mediterranean religions : myth, ritual and religious experience

Apophatic anthropology

At home in exile : finding Jesus among my ancestors and refugee neighbors

Augustine and the environment

Biblical authority after Babel : retrieving the solas in the spirit of mere Protestant Christianity

Born of water and the spirit : essays on the sacraments and Christian formation

Bounds of their habitation : race and religion in American history

Calling in today's world : voices from eight faith perspectives

Calvin's Commentaries.

Caring for joy : narrative, theology, and practice

Catholic women confront their church : stories of hurt and hope

Catholics confronting Hitler : the Catholic Church and the Nazis

Christianity and the culture machine : media and theology in the age of late secularism

Claiming her dignity : female resistance in the Old Testament

Compassionate fire : the letters of Thomas Merton & Catherine de Hueck Doherty

Conundrums in practical theology

Converts to Judaism : stories from biblical times to today

Crossing cultures in scripture : biblical principles for mission practice

David's successors : kingship in the Old Testament

Desiring divinity : self-deification in early Jewish and Christian mythmaking

Divine wrath and salvation in Matthew : the narrative world of the first Gospel

Doctoris irrefragabilis Alexandri de Hales Ordinis Minorum Summa theologica

Doctrine and experience : caught in the crossfire of evangelical spiritualities

Dreams and visions : how religious ideas emerge in sleep and dreams

Empire baptized : how the church embraced what Jesus rejected (second-fifth centuries)

Essays on religious and political experience.

Essential figures in Jewish scholarship

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus

Finding your way in seminary : what to expect, how to thrive

Genesis 1 and the creationism debate : being honest to the text, its author, and his beliefs

Genghis Khan and the quest for God : how the world's greatest conqueror gave us religious freedom

Getting to know the church fathers : an evangelical introduction

God and the green divide : religious environmentalism in black and white

God on our side : religion in international affairs

Golem : modern wars and their monsters

Grace in Auschwitz : a Holocaust christology

Great awakenings : historical perspectives for today

Gregory of Nazianzus

Humanity in God's image : an interdisciplinary exploration

Imagine no religion : how modern abstractions hide ancient realities

Improbable planet : how earth became humanity's home

In praise of Saint Paul

Jacob of Sarug's Homilies on the six days of creation. the third day

Jacob of Sarug's homilies on praise at table

John Senior and the restoration of realism

Joseph Bernardin : seeking common ground

Just capitalism : a Christian ethic of economic globalization

Juvencus' Four books of the Gospels : Evangeliorum libri quattuor

Landscapes of the secular : law, religion, and American sacred space

Last testament : in his own words

Le quatrième évangile : recueil d'études

Lived theology : new perspectives on method, style, and pedagogy

Longing for home : forced displacement and postures of hospitality

More first person singular : reflections on worship, litrugy, church music, and children in worship

Pastoral care and counseling in large/mega congregations : Black Caribbeans' perception of care in cultural diversity

Paul's new perspective : charting a soteriological journey

Philippians and Philemon

Pier Giorgio Frassati : a hero for our times

Pitfalls of trained incapacity : the unintended effects of integral missionary training in the Basel Mission on its early work in Ghana (1828-1840)

Plowshares : protest, performance, and religious identity in the nuclear age

Popular religion in Southeast Asia

Praying the language of enmity in the Psalter : a study of Psalms 110, 119, 129, 137, 139, and 149

Prosecuting Jesus : finding Christ by putting him on trial

Psalm 19 : hymn of unification

Public Zen, personal Zen : a Buddhist introduction

Religious education in a global-local world

Remembering the Reformation : an inquiry into the meanings of Protestantism

Revelation : towards a Christian interpretation of God's self-revelation in Jesus Christ

Sacred bliss : a spiritual history of cannabis

Sancti Ephraem Syri In Genesim et in Exodum commentarii

Scattered and gathered : a global compendium of diaspora missiology

Science and Christianity : an introduction to the issues

Seminary formation : recent history, current circumstances, new directions

Sexuality in the Babylonian Talmud : Christian and Sasanian contexts in late antiquity

Singing Moses's song : a performance-critical analysis of Deuteronomy's song of Moses

Some questions and answers about God's covenant and the sacrament that is a seal of God's covenant : with related texts

Spirit hermeneutics : reading scripture in light of Pentecost

St. Seraphim, wonderworker of Sarov and his spiritual inheritance

Standing on the shoulders of giants : Genesis and human origins

Surge of piety : Norman Vincent Peale and the remaking of American religious life

Take another scroll and write : studies in the interpretive afterlife of prophets and prophecy in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

The (im)polite Jesus : an analysis of Jesus' verbal rudeness in Matthew's gospel

The Bible for unbelievers : the beginning : Genesis

The Chinese Christology of T.C. Chao

The Routledge guidebook to Augustine's Confessions

The ascension of Isaiah

The challenge of evil : grace and the problem of suffering

The day the revolution began : reconsidering the meaning of Jesus's crucifixion

The end of Protestantism : pursuing unity in a fragmented Church

The end of theology : shaping theology for the sake of mission

The gospel of Mark : a liturgical reading

The great good thing : a secular Jew comes to faith in Christ

The house of the mother : the social roles of maternal kin in Biblical Hebrew narrative and poetry

The invisible bestseller : searching for the Bible in America

The king and the land : a geography of royal power in the biblical world

The life and struggles of our mother Walatta Petros : a seventeenth-century African biography of an Ethiopian woman

The mestizo Augustine : a theologian between two cultures

The new encyclopedia of Islam

The present state of Old Testament studies in the Low Countries : a collection of Old Testament studies published on the occasion of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Oudtestamentisch Werkgezelschap

The prince of this world

The root of war is fear : Thomas Merton's advice to peacemakers

The state of missiology today : global innovations in Christian witness

The transparency of things : contemplating the nature of experience

The ways of childhood

Thirteenth apostle : the diaries of Amasa M. Lyman, 1832-1877

This was from God : a contemporary theology of Torah and history

Time and the Word : figural reading of the Christian scriptures

Tomorrow's church today : the way forward

Towards better disagreement : religion and atheism in dialogue

Twenty-first century theologies of religions : retrospection and future prospects

Understandings of the church

Uródivoi, holy fools

Village atheists : how America's unbelievers made their way in a Godly nation

Welcoming other religions : a new dimension of the Christian faith

When momma speaks : the Bible and motherhood from a womanist perspective

Witness to life worth living : reflections on Miroslav Volf's ethics of embrace : with comments and interviews with Miroslav Volf / Aleksandar S. Santrac, foreword by Miroslav Volf.