Subject Listing

New Materials in the Religion Collection

1 Esdras

1 and 2 Thessalonians

A deeper Christian faith

A guide to Pentecostal movements for Lutherans

A little history of religion

A nation is born : the Jacob story

Ancestors, territoriality, and gods : a natural history of religion

At the crossroads of science and mysticism : on the cultural-historical place and premise of the Christian world-understanding

Awake to the moment : an introduction to theology

Black Prometheus : race and radicalism in the age of Atlantic slavery

Chasing immortality in world religions

China's urban Christians : a light that cannot be hidden

Christliche Philosophie : die Entdeckung der Subjektivität

Comparing faithfully : insights for systematic theological reflection

Confronting religious denial of science : Christian humanism and the moral imagination

Covenant theology : a reformed Baptist perspective

Cultures in comparison : religion and politics in ancient Mediterranean regions

Dead sea scrolls fragments in the Museum collection

Election, Barth, and the French connection : how Pierre Maury gave a "decisive impetus" to Karl Barth's doctrine of election

Eternal God, eternal life : theological investigations into the concept of immortality

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus

Exploring ecological hermeneutics

Faith, freedom, and the future : challenges for the 21st century

Fire, water, and wind : God's transformational narrative ; learning from narrative psychology, neuroscience, and storytelling about identity formation

For the life of the world : sacraments and orthodoxy

Four views on Christianity and philosophy

Freedom of belief and Christian mission

From slave to priest : the inspirational story of Father Augustine Tolton (1854-1897)

God beyond words : Christian theology and the spiritual experience of people with profound intellectual disabilities

Habitat, human, and holy : an eco-rhetorical reading of the Gospel of Matthew

Hands of faith : a historical and theological study of the two kinds of righteousness in Lutheran thought

Hermeneutics as apprenticeship : how the Bible shapes our interpretive habits and practices

Hopeful realism in urban ministry : critical explorations and constructive affirmations of hoping justice prayerfully

Jacob of Sarug's Homilies on the solitaries

Jacob of Sarug's Homily on the Lord's Prayer

Jesus, the prophets, and the end of the world : an introduction to biblical eschatology

Judaism : practice and belief, 63 BCE-66 CE

Khristianstvo i kulʹtura

L'espérance messianique Davidique et la structuration du Psautier

Living in truth, beauty, and goodness : values and virtues

Lutherans and the longest war : adrift on a sea of doubt about the Cold and Vietnam Wars, 1964-1975

Maimonides' Guide of the perplexed : a philosophical guide

Manley Beasley : man of faith - instrument of revival

Messiah in weakness : a portrait of Jesus from the perspective of the dispossessed

Methexiology : philosophical theology and theological philosophy for the deification of humanity

Migration and diaspora : exegetical voices from northeast Asian women

Money and possessions

Networked theology : negotiating faith in digital culture

Not by nature but by grace : forming families through adoption

Old Testament theology and the rest of God

Partakers of the life divine : participation in the divine nature in the writings of Charles Wesley

Political trauma and healing : biblical ethics for a postcolonial world

Praying and campaigning with environmental Christians : green religion and the climate movement

Principles of the law of evidence and rationality applied in the Johannine Christology : an argument for the legal evidential apologetics

Questions preachers ask : essays in honor of Thomas G. Long

Radical theology : a vision for change

Reading Ezra 9-10 Tu'a-Wise : rethinking biblical interpretation in Oceania

Redeeming gender

Reformation riches for the contemporary church : liberation for both skeptics and burned-out evangelicals

Religious language and Asian American hybridity

Romans : the righteousness of God

Sacro-egoism : the rise of religious individualism in the West.

Scribal culture and intertextuality : literary and historical relationships between Job and Deutero-Isaiah

Seed falling on good soil : rooting our lives in the parables of Jesus

Sensing sacred : exploring the human senses in practical theology and pastoral care

Spirit freedom and power : changes in pentecostal spirituality

Stories of uncommon character : ordinary men and women who did the extraordinary

Storm signals : contemporary essays on mission and discipleship

Struggling for the soul of our country : essays

Studies in the Jewish background of Christianity

Tertullianus Afer : Tertullien et la littérature chrétienne d'Afrique

Texts and contexts of Jeremiah : the exegesis of Jeremiah 1 and 10 in light of text and reception history

The Christian doctrine of the divine attributes

The Fall reconsidered : a literary synthesis of the primeval sin narratives against the backdrop of the history of exegesis

The Jewish encounter with Hinduism : wisdom, spirituality, identity

The McCabe reader

The books of Samuel : stories -- history -- reception history

The evangelical age of ingenuity in industrial Britain

The future of religious leadership : world religions in conversation

The good news about conflict : transforming religious struggle over sexuality

The grace of incorruption : the selected essays of Donald Sheehan on Orthodox faith and poetics

The joy of love : on love in the family

The many captivities of Esther Wheelwright

The philosophy of religion

The power of surrender : breaking through to revival

The roots of Pope Francis's social and political thought : from Argentina to the Vatican

The submerged reality : Sophiology and the turn to a poetic metaphysics

The thousand - petaled lotus : a discussion between Buddhists and Christians

The truth about tongues and the charismatic movement

The unfinished Reformation : why Catholics and Protestants are still divided 500 years later

The word enfleshed : exploring the person and work of Christ

Theology at the crossroads of university, church and society : dialogue, difference and Catholic identity

Thinking about the Torah : a philosopher reads the Bible

Tracking the master scribe : revision through introduction in biblical and Mesopotamian literature

Transfiguring Luther : the planetary promise of Luther's theology

Was America founded as a Christian nation? : a historical introduction

We are Catholic : Catholic, Catholicity, and Catholicization

Welcome as a way of life : a practical theology of Jean Vanier

Women at work in the Deuteronomistic history

Word became flesh : a rapprochement of Christian natural law and radical Christological ethics

Written for our learning : the single meaning of scripture in Christian theology

Zechariah 9-14