Subject Listing

New Materials in the Religion Collection

200 years at St. John's York Mills : the oldest church in Toronto

A brief introduction to John Calvin

A brief introduction to the Reformation

A climate for change : global warming facts for faith-based decisions

A diagram for fire : miracles and variation in an American charismatic movement

Abba's whisper : listening for the voice of God

Adam and the genome : reading scripture after genetic science

Adventism confronts modernity : an account of the Advent Christian controversy over the Bible's inspiration

Aelred the peacemaker : the public life of a Cistercian abbot

Alexandre MEN : a witness for contemporary Russia (a man for our times)

Amos : an introduction and study guide : justice and violence

An American conscience : the Reinhold Niebuhr story

Antifundamentalism in modern America

Arnold of Brescia : apostle of liberty in twelfth-century Europe

Authentic voices, discerning hearts : new resources for the church on marriage and family

Becoming a true disciple : the revolution of spirit-led disciples of Christ

Believing in order to see : on the rationality of revelation and the irrationality of some believers

Biblical theology : covenants and the Kingdom of God in redemptive history

Catholic theology

Charter of Christian freedom : a layperson's study guide to Paul's letter to the Galatians

Church and chapel in industrializing society : Anglican ministry and Methodism in Shropshire, 1760-1785

Cognitive science and the New Testament : a new approach to early Christian research

Contemporary mission theology : engaging the nations : essays in honor of Charles E. van Engen

Cor Jesu sacratissimum : from secularism & the New Age to Christendom renewed

Death and the afterlife in Byzantium : the fate of the soul in theology, liturgy, and art

Did I not bring Israel out of Egypt? : biblical, archaeological, and Egyptological perspectives on the Exodus narratives

Die bleibende Bedeutung des Alten Testaments Studien zur Relevanz des ersten Kanonteils für Theologie und Kirche

Die symbolische Macht der Apokalypse : Eine kritisch-materialistische Kulturgeschichte politischer Endzeit

Divine generosity and human creativity : theology through symbol, painting and architecture

Divine powers in late antiquity

Dust of the ground and breath of life (Gen 2:7) : the problem of a dualistic anthropology in early Judaism and Christianity

Earthly shadows, heavenly realities : temple/sanctuary cosmology in ancient Near Eastern, biblical, and early Jewish literature

Echoes of insight : past perspectives and the future of Christian higher education

Encyclopedia of the Bible and its reception

Eucharist and ecclesiology : essays in honor of Dr. Everett Ferguson

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus

Evangelical, sacramental & Pentecostal : why the church should be all three

Evolution and the fall

Ezekiel to Jesus : Son of Man to suffering servant

Fifteen sermons preached at the Rolls Chapel : and other writings on ethics

Four wise men : the lives and teachings of Confucius, the Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad

From Law to Logos : reading St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians

General principles of sacramental theology

God in captivity : the rise of faith-based prison ministries in the age of mass incarceration

God-curious : exploring eternal questions

Heaven on earth : God's call to community in the Book of Revelation

Holy fire fell : a history of worship, revivals, and feasts in the Church of the Nazarene

Humanism and the death of God : searching for the good after Darwin, Marx, and Nietzsche

Iconographic exegesis of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament : an introduction to its method and practice

Images of water in Isaiah

Inseparable love : a commentary on the order of celebrating matrimony in the Catholic Church

Interpreting Old Testament wisdom literature

Introducing Protestant social ethics : foundations in scripture, history, and practice

Isaiah old and new : exegesis, intertextuality, and hermeneutics

James Martin : essential writings

Justified in Christ : the doctrines of Peter Martyr Vermigli and John Henry Newman and their ecumenical implications

Knowledge by ritual : a biblical prolegomenon to sacramental theology

Knowledge, love, and ecstasy in the theology of Thomas Gallus

Latino Protestants in America : growing and diverse

Leadership, social memory, and Judean discourse in the fifth-second centuries BCE

Livingston's sermons

Mission drift : the unspoken crisis facing leaders, charities, and churches

Missionary monks : an introduction to the history and theology of missionary monasticism

Musings of a parson,

Negative theology as Jewish modernity

On the tree of the Cross : Georges Florovsky and the patristic doctrine of atonement

Pillars in the history of biblical interpretation

Practicing prayer for the dead : its theological meaning and spiritual value

Presbyterian philosopher : the authorized biography of Gordon H. Clark

Protestants : the faith that made the modern world

Psalms : books 2-3

Psychology, religion, and spirituality : concepts and applications

Reading Old Testament narrative as Christian scripture

Reallexikon für Antiké und Christentum; Sachwörterbuch zur Auseinandersetzung des Christentums mit der antiken Welt

Religion in museums : global and multidisciplinary perspectives

Religion within reason

Religion, NGOs, and the United Nations : visible and invisible actors in power

Remembering the Reformation : Martin Luther and Catholic theology

Sabbath as resistance : saying no to the culture of now

Samuel, Kings and Chronicles, I

Servant of all : status, ambition, and the way of Jesus

Seventy sevens are decreed : a canonical approach to Daniel 9:24-27

Shaped for service : ministerial formation and virtue ethics

Strangers in a strange land : living the Catholic faith in a post-Christian world

Surviving death : a journalist investigates evidence for an afterlife

The Bible and social justice : Old Testament and New Testament foundations for the church's urgent call

The Eerdmans encyclopedia of early Christian art and archaeology

The Norse myths : a guide to the gods and heroes

The Old Testament is dying : a diagnosis and recommended treatment

The challenge of pluralism : church and state in six democracies

The complete works of Andrew Fuller

The cross : history, art, and controversy

The crucible of Islam

The drama of preaching : participating with God in the history of redemption

The essentials of Christian thought : seeing reality through the biblical story

The extraordinary in the ordinary : seven types of everyday miracle

The gift of love : Augustine, Jean-Luc Marion, and the Trinity

The last Adam : a theology of the obedient life of Jesus in the Gospels

The making of Jewish universalism : from exile to Alexandria

The morality of self-defense and military action : the Judeo-Christian tradition

The new Judas : the case of Nestorius in ecclesiastical politics, 428-451 CE

The parables after Jesus : their imaginative receptions across two millennia

The quest for the Christ child in the later Middle Ages

The reception of Vatican II

The spiritual tradition in eastern Christianity : ascetic psychology, mystical experience, and physical practices

Theology as interdisciplinary inquiry : learning with and from the natural and human sciences

Through Christ's word : a festschrift for Dr. Philip E. Hughes

To follow the Lambe wheresoever He goeth : ecclesial polity of the English Calvinistic Baptists, 1640-1660

Trägerkreise in den Psalmen

Turning points in the history of American evangelicalism

Von Balthasar & the option for the poor : theodramatics in the light of liberation theology

Washing away sin : an analysis of the metaphor in the Hebrew Bible and its influence

Why tongues? : the initial evidence doctrine in North American Pentecostal churches

Will Campbell, preacher man : essays in the spirit of a divine provocateur

Work of love : a theological reconstruction of the communion of saints

Yes! well ... : exploring the past, present, and future of the church : essays in honor of John W. Coakley