Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Religion

The Protestant church in the Netherlands : church unity in the 21st century : stories and reflections

A sketch of the Christian's catechism

Baptism in the Reformed tradition : a historical and practical theology

The inner sanctum of Puritan piety : John Flavel's doctrine of mystical union with Christ

"Trading and thriving in godliness" : the piety of George Swinnock

Warfield on the Christian life : living in light of the Gospel

The Westminster Assembly : reading its theology in historical context

The essential guide to Catholic terms

The council notes of Edward Schillebeeckx 1962-1963 : critically annotated bilingual edition

Chroniques conciliaires : Vatican II tel que je l'ai expliquA(c) aux lecteurs et lectrices du journal Le droit 1962-1965

Stations of the heart : parting with a son

The church in act : Lutheran liturgical theology in ecumenical conversation

Divine plan unfolding : the story of Ethiopian Evangelical Church Bethel

Pastrix : the cranky, beautiful faith of a sinner & saint

Engaging with Martyn Lloyd-Jones : the life and legacy of 'the doctor'

I remember : an autobiography of Joseph Bailey Barnett.

All in a lifetime

Religion of democracy : an intellectual biography of Gerald Birney Smith, 1868-1929

'At the pure fountain of thy word' : Andrew Fuller as an apologist

Baptists in America : a history

God, creation, and providence in the thought of Jacob Arminius : sources and directions of scholastic Protestantism in the era of early orthodoxy

Archpriest Avvakum, the life written by himself : with the study of V.V. Vinogradov

A heavenly directory : trinitarian piety, public worship and a reassessment of John Owen's theology

The works of John Newton.

The difference Christ makes : celebrating the life, work, and friendship of Stanley Hauerwas

Lived experience from the inside out : social and political philosophy in Edith Stein

In the school of prophets : the formation of Thomas Merton's prophetic spirituality

All holy men and women : a Paulist litany of saints

Make peace before the sun goes down : the long encounter of Thomas Merton and his abbot, James Fox

Living wisdom : the mission and transmission of monasticism

Defending Christian faith : the fifth part of the Christian apology of Gerasimus

The Carthusians in the Low Countries : studies in monastic history and heritage

Living in the house of God : monastic essays

Entre stabilitA(c) et itinA(c)rance : livres et culture des ordres mendiants, XIIIe-XVe siA"cle

MonastA"res et espace social : genA"se et transformation d'un systA"me de lieux dans l'Occident mA(c)diA(c)val

Mente abierta, corazA3n creyente

Sacraments and justice

Seek that which is above : meditations through the year

At the heart of the liturgy : conversations with Nathan D. Mitchell's "Amen Corners," 1991-2012

Illuminating unity : four perspectives on Dei Verbum's "one table of the word of God and the body of Christ"

Unnatural Frenchmen : the politics of priestly celibacy and marriage, 1720-1815

Walking God's earth : the environment and Catholic faith

Connected toward Communion : the church and social communication in the digital age

Holy eros : a liturgical theology of the body

The Catholic Church : nature, reality and mission

Abounding in kindness : writings for the people of God

Whose A la carte menu? : exploring Catholic themes in context

Durandi de Sancto Porciano Scriptum super IV libros Sententiarum.

The culture of inquisition in medieval England

Pope Francis' revolution of tenderness and love : theological and pastoral perspectives

The letters of Gelasius I (492-496) : pastor and micro-manager of the Church of Rome

Welcome to the feast : the story of the eucharist in scripture

CCDA theological journal

Jesus was a migrant

Spiritual defiance : building a beloved community of resistance

Das Leben der Maria von Oignies

A place for weakness : preparing yourself for suffering

In the land of the willing : litanies, prayers, poems, and benedictions

God's battle plan for the mind : the Puritan practice of biblical meditation

"A habitual sight of Him" : the Christ-centered piety of Thomas Goodwin

Humility : wellspring of virtue

Caritas : the illustrated history of Christian charity

Solomon's song of love : let the Song of Songs inspire your own romantic story

The love dare

Passing through : pilgrim life in the wilderness

"The King in His beauty" : the piety of Samuel Rutherford

Jesus in the mirror : [live a life that truly reflects him]

All the places to go . . . how will you know? : God has placed before you an open door. What will you do?

Spirit, soul, body : toward an integral Christian spirituality

The pure flame of devotion : the history of Christian spirituality : essays in honour of Michael A.G. Haykin

The Cape Town commitment : a confession of faith and a call to action

Rock of ages, cleft for me : a sung prayer of the Christian tradition

Praise God from whom all blessings flow : a sung prayer of the Christian tradition

Onward, Christian soldiers : a sung prayer of the Christian tradition

The music and poetry of The Church's One Foundation (1866) : a sung prayer of the Christian tradition

From la Florida to la California : Franciscan evangelization in the Spanish borderlands: essays from a conference hosted by Flagler College, St. Augustine, Florida

The contemporaries meet the classics on prayer

Foundations for mission

Hear my voice, O God : functional dimensions of Christian worship

An exposition of the Apostles' Creed, or, The articles of the faith, in which the main points of the gracious eternal covenant between God and believers are briefly and clearly treated

Debates over the resurrection of the dead : constructing early Christian identity

What are election and predestination?

Jesus and salvation : soundings in the Christian tradition and contemporary theology

Born bad : original sin and the making of the Western world

Overcoming sin and temptation

Scribbling in the sand : Christ and creativity

Conventional and ultimate truth : a key for fundamental theology

Atonement : God's means of effecting man's reconciliation

Telling the story of Jesus : Word-communion-mission

Christo-fiction : the ruins of Athens and Jerusalem

The incarnate Lord : a Thomistic study in Christology

Recovering a covenantal heritage : essays in Baptist covenant theology

Eternal God/saving time

Medieval heresies : Christianity, Judaism, and Islam

Pneumatology : a guide for the perplexed

The Trinity : how not to be a heretic

Letters to a diminished church : passionate arguments for the relevance of Christian doctrine

Who designed the designer? : a rediscovered path to God's existence

Biblical and other Christian Sogdian texts from the Turfan collection

Christian Interpretations of Genesis 1

Understanding the big picture of the Bible : a guide to reading the Bible well

From the margins 2 : women of the New Testament and their afterlives

Rethinking biblical literacy

How to read the Bible and still be a Christian : struggling with divine violence from Genesis through Revelation

How to read the Bible

The inspiration and truth of Sacred Scripture : the word that comes from God and speaks of God for the salvation of the world

Can I trust the Bible?

Australian biblical review.

1-3 John : Worship by loving God and one another to live eternally

First and Second Corinthians

Becoming the gospel : Paul, participation, and mission

Commentary on the Gospel of Saint John

Life abounding : a reading of John's gospel

Anselmi Laudunensis Glosae super Iohannem

The gospel according to Luke

The kingdom according to Luke and Acts : a social, literary, and theological introduction


Humor in the Gospels : a sourcebook for the study of humor in the New Testament, 1863-2014

Reading the New Testament in the church : a primer for pastors, religious educators, and believers

Jesus and Mary reimagined in early Christian literature

Die Thessalonicher-Briefe

New International dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis

Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi

Salvation through judgment and mercy : the Gospel according to Jonah

LXX Isaiah 24:1-26:6 as interpretation and translation : a methodological discussion

2 Samuel

Leviticus : a book of ritual and ethics : a continental commentary

The days of creation : a history of Christian interpretation of Genesis 1:1-2:3

The commentators' Bible : the JPS Miqra'ot gedolot = Mia,3raE1/4ot gedolot

What kind of God? : collected essays of Terence E. Fretheim

A farewell to the Yahwist? : the composition of the Pentateuch in recent European interpretation

Ancient Near Eastern texts relating to the Old Testament

Zer rimonim : studies in biblical literature and Jewish exegesis presented to Professor Rimon Kasher

Walking with Jesus through his word : discovering Christ in all the scriptures

The Russian idea

Charlotte von Kirschbaum und Elisabeth Freiling : Briefwechsel von 1934-1939

Insular Christianity : alternative models of the Church in Britain and Ireland, c.1570-c.1700

Signs of devotion : the cult of St. Athelthryth in medieval England, 695-1615

"Venture all for God" : piety in the writings of John Bunyan

Rediscovering the church fathers : who they were and how they shaped the church

L'A(c)criture de la controverse chez GrA(c)goire de Nysse : polA(c)mique littA(c)raire et exA(c)gA"se dans le Contre Eunome

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus

The luminous eye : the spiritual world vision of Saint Ephrem

A companion to Augustine

De civitate dei. Book X

A reader's companion to Augustine's Confessions

Das koptisch hagiographische Dossier des Heiligen Kolluthos, Arzt, MA$?rtyrer und Wunderheiler

Saint Basil of Caesarea and Armenian cosmology : a study of the Armenian version of Saint Basil's Hexaemeron and its influence on medieval Armenian views about the cosmos

Aphrahat's demonstrations : a conversation with the Jews of Mesopotamia

Interregnum : introduction to a study on the formation of Armenian identity (ca 600-750)

Dionigi areopagita nomi divini, teologia mistica, epistole : la versione siriaca di Sergio di RAA!E>>aynA (VI secolo)

The Syriac version of John Chrysostom's commentary on John

Die Briefe 42-58 des ostsyrischen Patriarchen Timotheos I.

The Syriac vita tradition of Ephrem the Syrian

The homily of ZA$?rE1/4a YaE>>I3eqob's MA$?a1PSa,Y=afA$? BI3erhan on the rite of baptism and religious instruction

A collection of letters of Severus of Antioch; from numerous Syriac manuscripts,

Guaranteed pure : the Moody Bible Institute, business, and the making of modern evangelicalism

Emptiness : feeling Christian in America

Aspects of reforming : theology and practice in sixteenth century Europe

Tertullien et la conversion de la culture antique

Jerome, Vita malchi : introduction, text, translation, and commentary

What has Wittenberg to do with Azusa? : Luther's theology of the cross and Pentecostal triumphalism

The Christian way - reality or illusion?

Hostile environment : understanding and responding to anti-Christian bias

Eusebius, Christianity, and Judaism

The history of the church through 100 masterpieces

Nations under God : how churches use moral authority to influence policy

A piercing light : beauty, faith, and human transcendence :

Visual faith : art, theology, and worship in dialogue

The fear of Islam : an introduction to Islamophobia in the West

The middle path of moderation in Islam : the QurE1/4Anic principle of wasaa1iyyah

Reconciling Islam, Christianity and Judaism : Islam's special role in restoring Convivencia

Who is Allah?

When Christians first met Muslims : a sourcebook of the earliest Syriac writings on Islam

The composition of the Qur'an : rhetorical analysis

Scripture, poetry, and the making of a community : reading the QurE1/4an as a literary text

Leo Strauss on the borders of Judaism, philosophy, and history

Maimonides and the book that changed Judaism : secrets of The guide for the perplexed

Ein Yaakov : the ethical and inspirational teachings of the Talmud

Dissent on core beliefs : religious and secular perspectives

Le collA"ge pontifical, 3A"me s.a. C.-4A"me s.p. C. : contribution A l'A(c)tude de la religion publique romaine

Pietas : selected studies in Roman religion

Lethal violence and religion : institutional and denominational effects on homicide and suicides in U.S. counties

Political secularism, religion, and the state : a time series analysis of worldwide data

Spiritual and prophetic writings

Small victories : spotting improbable moments of grace

The myth of an afterlife : the case against life after death

Oxford studies in philosophy of religion.

Ten philosophical essays in the Christian tradition

Why religions matter

Coexistence & reconciliation in Israel : voices for interreligious dialogue

Death, dying, and mysticism : the ecstasy of the end

AbkA1/4rzungen Theologie und Religionswissenschaften nach RGG4

Darwin in the twenty-first century : nature, humanity, and God

Zhuangzi and the happy fish

Excellent beauty : the naturalness of religion and the unnaturalness of the world