Subject Listing

New Materials in the Religion Collection

1 Peter

1 and 2 Thessalonians : encountering the Christ group at Thessalonike

Adopted : the sacrament of belonging in a fractured world

Among the ruins : the decline and fall of the Roman Catholic Church

Ancient African Christianity : an introduction to a unique context and tradition

And your daughters shall prophesy : stories from the byways of American women and religion

Apocalyptic ecology : the book of Revelation, the Earth, and the future

Approaching philosophy of religion : an introduction to key thinkers, concepts, methods and debates

Augustine and the mystery of the church

Between two worlds : the challenge of preaching today

Black and slave : the origins and history of the curse of Ham

Bloodless atonement? : a theological and exegetical study of the Last Supper sayings

Bonhoeffer's Christocentric theology and fundamental debates in environmental ethics

Chaplaincy in hospice and palliative care

Child sacrifice in ancient Israel

Christian martyrdom and political violence : a comparative theology with Judaism and Islam

Christianity: the biography : two thousand years of global history

Comunicação e cultura : a antropologia aplicada ao desenvolvimento de ideias e ações missionárias no contexto transcultural

Constructing constructive theology : an introductory sketch

Consuming religion

Corporate Islam : sharia and the modern workplace

Crossroads in psychoanalysis, Buddhism, and mindfulness : the word and the breath

De-fragmenting modernity : reintegrating knowledge with wisdom, belief with truth, and reality with being

Dr Ashley's pleasure yacht : John Ashley, the Bristol Channel mission and all that followed

Ecumenical, academic, and pastoral work, 1931-1932

Ecumenism : a guide for the perplexed

Empire and religion : religious change in Greek cities under Roman rule

Engaging the doctrine of creation : cosmos, creatures, and the wise and good creator

Essays in anthropology : variations on a theme


Eucharistic body

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus

Ever-moving repose : a contemporary reading of Maximus the Confessor's theory of time

Evolving brains, emerging gods : early humans and the origins of religion

Explorations in interdisciplinary reading : theological, exegetical, and reception-historical perspectives

Fabricating difference

Faith and reason : the possibility of a Christian philosophy

Family involvement in faith-based schools

Fiction from Tegel Prison

Forbearance : a theological ethic for a disagreeable church

From Christendom to Americanism and beyond : the long, jagged trail to a postmodern world

God and the transgender debate : what does the Bible actually say about gender identity

Growing God's family : the global orphan care movement and the limits of evangelical activism

Guía iconográfica de los héroes y dioses de la antigüedad

How to become a multicultural church

I, Daniel Blake

Into all the world : emergent Christianity in its Jewish and Greco-Roman context

Jerome and the Jews : innovative supersessionism

Jesus in Q : the Sabbath and theology of the Bible and extracanonical texts

Jesus the eternal son : answering adoptionist Christology

John : An Earth Bible Commentary : Supposing Him to Be the Gardener

John, Jesus, and history. Volume 1, Critical appraisal of critical views

Karl Barth in plain English

Leaping : revelations & epiphanies

Listen, understand, obey : essays in honor of Gareth Lee Cockerill

Making sense of the divine name in the Book of Exodus : from etymology to literary onomastics

Marginal(ized) prospects through biblical ritual and law : lections from the threshold

Maria in Hymnus und Sequenz interdisziplinäre mediävistische Perspektiven

Meeting Jesus the Christ again : toward a conservative progressive faith

Mind the gap : how the Jewish writings between the Old and New Testament help us understand Jesus

New Testament Greek manuscripts : variant readings arranged in horizontal lines against Codex Vaticanus

New atheism : critical perspectives and contemporary debates

Ordo et sanctitas : the Franciscan spiritual journey in theology and hagiography : essays in honor of J.A. Wayne Hellmann, O.F.M. Conv.

PTL : the rise and fall of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's evangelical empire

Pharaohs on both sides of the blood-red waters : prophetic critique of empire ; resistance, justice, and the power of the hopeful sizwe -- a transatlantic conversation

Philosophy of religion and the African American experience : conversations with my Christian friends

Possessions and family in the writings of Luke : questioning the unity of Luke's ethics

Prayer and spirituality in the early church

Psalms old and new : exegesis, intertextuality, and hermeneutics

Reach and teach : educational short-term missions as a ministry of the local church

Reading Paul with the reformers : reconciling old and new perspectives

Reading for faith and learning : essays on scripture, community, & libraries in honor of M. Patrick Graham

Reason and mystery in the Pentateuch

Reformed sacramentality

Religion : what it is, how it works, and why it matters

Religion, education and human rights : theoretical and empirical perspectives

Religious genius : appreciating inspiring individuals across traditions

Renewal of mystical theology : essays in memory of John N. Jones (1964-2012)

Representations of the Blessed Virgin Mary in world literature and art

Rewriting holiness : reconfiguring Vitae, re-signifying cults

Right here, right now : the practice of Christian mindfulness

Robert Schuman : neo scholastic humanism and the reunification of Europe.

Russia and Its Islamic world : from the Mongol conquest to the Syrian military intervention

Salomo als Nachfolger Davids : die Dynastieverheissung in 2 Sam 7,11b-16 und ihre Rezeption in 1 Kön 1-11

Salvation in the world : the crossroads of public theology

Santa Casilda

Saved by faith and hospitality

Secular Buddhism : imagining the Dharma in an uncertain world

Sin bravely : a memoir of spiritual disobedience

Singleness and the church : a new theology of the single life

Spirituality and religion in organizing : beyond secular leadership

Stumbling toward faith : my longing to heal from the evil that God allowed

Text and canon : essays in honor of John H. Sailhamer

The Avignon papacy contested : an intellectual history from Dante to Catherine of Siena

The Cambridge companion to religion and terrorism

The Cambridge encyclopedia of the Jesuits

The Dominican sisters in Texas, golden jubilee of Sacred Heart Convent, 1882-1932.

The Letter to the Hebrews : a commentary for preaching, teaching, and Bible study

The Magdeburg confession : 13th of April 1550 AD

The Nature of the will in the writings of Calvin and Arminius : a comparative study

The Protestant Reformation and world Christianity : global perspectives

The Spirit driven church : signs of God's graceful presence

The Sufi and the friar : a mystical encounter of two men of God in the abode of Islam

The Ten Commandments in evolution : a spiritual-scientific study

The Wardā : an East Syriac hymnological collection : study and critical edition

The absence of God in biblical rape narratives

The al-Ghazali engima and why shariʻa is not Islamic law

The big idea of biblical worship : the development & leadership of expository services

The case for Christ : solving the biggest mystery of all time

The chance of salvation : a history of conversion in America

The concept of self in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity and its implication for interfaith relations

The divine economy; a study in stewardship.

The ecclesiology of Donald Robinson and D. Broughton Knox : exposition, analysis, and theological evaluation

The eschatological judgment of Christ : the hope of universal salvation and the fear of eternal perdition in the theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar

The future of Hindu-Christian studies : a theological inquiry

The gospel of Matthew : a hypertextual commentary

The great Athanasius : an introduction to his life and work

The history of the 'Slave of Christ' : from Jewish child to Christian martyr

The light of Christ : an introduction to Catholicism

The lonely man of faith

The mystical city of god : the divine history and life of the Virgin Mother of God, Our Queen and Our Lady, Most Holy Mary, expiatrix of the fault of Eve and mediatrix of grace ; the miracle of His omnipotence and the abyss of His grace

The peril and promise of Christian liberty : Richard Hooker, the Puritans, and Protestant political theology

The theater of God's glory : Calvin, creation, and the liturgical arts

The womanist preacher : proclaiming womanist rhetoric from the pulpit

The young Bonhoeffer, 1918-1927

Un/familiar theology : reconceiving sex, reproduction and generativity

Vida de Santa Casilda

Windows on a women's world : the Dominican Sisters of Aotearoa New Zealand

Winsome persuasion : Christian influence in a post-Christian world

Women's voices and the practice of preaching