Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Religion

J. Roswell Flower : a brief biography

Fighting the good fight : a life in defense of the faith

Feasting in a famine of the word : Lutheran preaching in the twenty-first century

Making good the claim : holiness and visible unity in the Church of God Reformation Movement

Bite your tongues : a story about Beverly Hills Baptist Church and its pastor Howard Conatser

Awakened by the Spirit : reclaiming the forgotten gift of God

Jacques Ellul on violence, resistance, and war

Jacques Ellul : essential spiritual writings

Protestant communalism in the trans-Atlantic world 1650-1850

Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker : the miracle of our continuance

A tale of two saints : the martyrdoms and miracles of Saints Theodore 'the Recruit' and 'the General'

Eastern Orthodox Christianity : the essential texts

Il sacrosanto mistero dell'altare = De sacro altaris mysterio

Women deacons? : essays with answers

The restoration of Christian culture

The essential writings of Bernard Cooke : a narrative theology of church, sacrament, and ministry

Vibrant paradoxes : the both/and of Catholicism

Thomas Aquinas's Summa contra gentiles : a guide and commentary

Beyond our lights and shadows : charism and institution in the church

A world church in our backyard : how the spirit moved church and society

From this day forward : rethinking the Christian wedding

Beauty's vineyard : a theological aesthetic of anguish and anticipation

The church : the Gospel made visible

Enkindling love : the legacy of Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross

Vanquishing the enemy : triumphant in the battles of life

SpiritFruit : the graces of the Spirit-filled life

Disability, faith, and the church : inclusion and accommodation in contemporary congregations

Making Jesus attractive : the ministry and message of Young Life

The best of Vance Havner.

Thank God, I'm free! : the James Robison story

On the road to Siangyang : Covenant mission in mainland China 1890-1949

Son of Hamas

Serving liturgical renewal : pastoral and theological questions : essays in honour of Patrick Jones

What Christians ought to believe : an introduction to Christian doctrine through the Apostles' Creed

Victory over the devil

The face of forgiveness : a pastoral theology of shame and redemption

The good work of non-Christians, empowerment, and the new creation : the efficacy of the holy spirit's empowering for ordinary work

Core Christianity : finding yourself in God's story

Advanced problems in systematic theology : courses at Union Theological Seminary, New York, 1936-1938

Thinking again about marriage : key theological questions

The Black Christ of Esquipulas : religion and identity in Guatemala

The impact of reason on faith, ethics, and belief

Sacrifice and atonement : psychological motives and biblical patterns

Facets of Pauline discourse in Christocentric and Christotelic perspective

Perspectives on spirit baptism : five views

Pilgrimage into Pentecost : the pneumatological legacy of Howard M. Ervin

Called to High Adventure : A Fresh Look at the Holy Spirit and the Spirit-Filled Life

SpiritLife : experience the power, excitement, and intimacy of God's shaping hand

God is no thing : coherent Christianity

Sceptical Christianity : exploring credible belief

I am put here for the defense of the Gospel : Dr. Norman L. Geisler: a festschrift in his honor

On God's existence : traditional and new arguments

God of love and God of reason : homilies, lectures, and essays on God and religion

Proofs of God : classical arguments from Tertullian to Barth

Septuaginta Deutsch : Erlauterungen und Kommentare zum griechischen Alten Testament

Making sense of motherhood : biblical and theological perspectives

Wrestling with God : Job defends his integrity

Ephesians : a commentary

A critical and exegetical commentary on Ephesians

Paul and the stories of Israel : grand thematic narratives in Galatians

Reading Romans as lament : Paul's use of Old Testament lament in his most famous letter

Paul's eschatological anthropology : the dynamics of human transformation

Q, the first writing about Jesus

Echoes of Scripture in the gospels

God's wisdom or the Devil's envy : death and creation deconstructing in the Wisdom of Solomon

Jeremiah and Lamentations

The pious sage in Job : Eliphaz in the context of wisdom theodicy

The Naomi story--the book of Ruth : from gender to politics


The life and works of Jacob of Serug

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus

The conversion and therapy of desire : Augustine's theology of desire in the Cassiciacum dialogues

A patristic treasury : early church wisdom for today

The production of American religious freedom

Protestantism after 500 years

The Greek Historia monachorum in Aegypto : monastic hagiography in the late fourth century

New ways of being pentecostal in Latin America

Azusa, Rome, and Zion : Pentecostal faith, Catholic reform, and Jewish roots

The future of Evangelicalism in America

The faith of Christopher Hitchens : the restless soul of the world's most notorious atheist

A splendid wickedness and other essays

Christ our advocate : studies in polemical theology, jurisprudence and canon law

Return to justice : six movements that reignited our contemporary evangelical conscience

Justice calls : sermons of welcome and affirmation

Brand Islam : the marketing and commodification of piety

Islamic charities and Islamic humanism in troubled times

Jesus Son of Mary in the Qurʼan and according to the teachings of Ibn ʻArabi

Literary Hasidism : the life and works of Michael Levi Rodkinson

Relihiia v Ukraini.

The order of the ages : the hidden laws of world history

Modern religion, modern race

The end of White Christian America

Contemporary philosophical theology

How religion evolved : explaining the living dead, talking idols, and mesmerizing monuments

Why study religion? : understanding humanity's pursuit of the divine

Light against darkness : dualism in ancient Mediterranean religion and the contemporary world

The Hindu traditions : a concise introduction