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BULib New Materials Religion

A history of the First United Methodist Church of Lake Jackson, Texas, 1943-1993 / History and Records Committee, Gerry Snyder, chairman, Gene Franklin,Sue Greer, Ruth Johnson, Irene Jones, Jean Hudgins ; update, Georgia Walley, Emily Everett.

Maps and meaning : levitical models for contemporary care / Nancy H. Wiener and Jo Hirschmann.

The shared parish : Latinos, Anglos, and the future of U.S. Catholicism / Brett C. Hoover.

Faith as an option : possible futures for Christianity / Hans Joas ; translated by Alex Skinner.

Confucianism : a very short introduction / Daniel K. Gardner.

Christianity : the basics / Bruce Chilton.

Second Temple songs of Zion : a literary and generic analysis of the Apostrophe to Zion (11QPsa xxii 1-15); Tobit 13:9-18 and 1 Baruch 4:30-5:9 / Ruth Margaret Henderson.

The love that made Mother Teresa : how her secret visions and dark nights can help you conquer the slums of your heart / David Scott.

Die Kultreform Josias : Studien zur Religionsgeschichte Israels in der spaten Konigszeit / Michael Pietsch.

Imprints, voiceprints, and footprints of memory : collected essays of Werner H. Kelber / by Werner H. Kelber.

Ecce homo! : an eighteenth century life of Jesus : critical edition and revision of George Houston's translation from the French / Baron Paul Tiry d'Holbach ; Andrew Hunwick, editor.

No famine in the land : studies in honor of John L. McKenzie / edited byJames W. Flanagan, Anita Weisbrod Robinson.Antiquity and Christianity--Claremont, c1975.

T&T Clark companion to nonconformity / edited by Robert Pope.

By bread alone : the bible through the eyes of the hungry / Sheila E. McGinn, Lai Ling Elizabeth Ngan, and Ahida Calderon Pilarski, editors.

To share in the body / Craig Hovey.

In the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes : studies in the Biblical text in honour of Anneli Aejmelaeus / Kristin De Troyer, T. Michael Law, and Marketta Liljestrom (eds).

Ibn al-'Arabi and the Sufis / Binyamin Abrahamov.

Why evolution matters : a Jewish approach / Joel Yehudah Rutman.

Transforming the struggles of Tamars : single women and baptistic communities / Lina Andronoviene ; with a foreword by Parush R. Parushev.

If you are the Son of God : the suffering and temptations of Jesus / Jacques Ellul ; translated by Anne-Marie Andreasson-Hogg ; foreword by David W. Gill.

Deep church rising : the third schism and the recovery of Christian orthodoxy / Andrew G. Walker and Robin A. Parry.

Too heavy a yoke : Black women and the burden of strength / Chanequa Walker-Barnes.

Pure worship : the early English Baptist distinctive / Matthew Ward ; with a foreword by Malcolm B. Yarnell III.

Saving beauty : a theological aesthetics of nature / Kathryn B. Alexander.

Textbook gods : genre, text and teaching religious studies / edited by Bengt-Ove Andreassen and James R. Lewis.

Echoes of a voice : we are not alone / James W. Sire.

Roses among thorns : simple advice for renewing your spiritual journey /St. Francis de Sales ; edited and translated by Christopher O. Blum.

Slow church : cultivating community in the patient way of Jesus / C. Christopher Smith and John Pattison ; foreword by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.

More than discourse : symbolic expressions of naturalistic faith / Donald A. Crosby.

An introduction to early Christianity / Pau Figueras.

What are they saying about Q? / Benedict Viviano, OP.

Struggles for shalom : peace and violence across the Testaments / editedby Laura L. Brenneman and Brad D. Schantz ; foreword by Ben C. Ollenburger.

"When you were gentiles" : specters of ethnicity in Roman Corinth and Paul's Corinthian correspondence / Cavan W. Concannon.

Ritual, women, and Philippi : reimagining the early Philippian community/ Jason T. Lamoreaux.

Atonement, law, and justice : the cross in historical and cultural contexts / Adonis Vidu.Publishing Group, [2014].

Augustinus Afer : saint Augustin, africanite et universalite: actes du colloque international, Alger-Annaba, 1-7 avril 2001 / textes reunis par Pierre-Yves Fux, Jean-Michel Roessli, Otto Wermelinger ; colloque organise par le Haut Conseil Islamique Algerie et l'Universite de Fribourg Suisse.

Diodore the theologian : pronoia in his commentary on Psalms 1-50 / Benjamin D. Wayman.

The holy one of Israel : studies in the Book of Isaiah / John N. Oswalt.

Revelation : the past and future of John's Apocalypse / Gerald L. Stevens.

Apostles today : making sense of contemporary Charismatic apostolates : a historical and theological appraisal / Benjamin G. McNair Scott.

Covenant-making : the fabric of relationship / edited by Charles J. Conniry Jr., Laura K. Simmons ; with an afterword by Leonard Sweet.

Questioning the human : toward a theological anthropology for the twenty-first century / edited by Lieven Boeve, Yves de Maeseneer, and Ellen Van Stichel.

Ellen Harmon White : American prophet / edited by Terrie Dopp Aamodt, Gary Land, and Ronald L. Numbers.

Worship in the network culture : liturgical ritual studies : fields and methods, concepts and metaphors / Marcel Barnard, Johan Cilliers, Cas Wepener.

Religion, tradition and the popular : transcultural views from Asia and Europe / Judith Schlehe, Evamaria Sandkuhler (eds.).

Immigrant faith : patterns of immigrant religion in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe / Phillip Connor.

Christian theology : the classics / Shawn J. Bawulski and Stephen R. Holmes.

What are they saying about Augustine? / Joseph T. Kelley.

The Book of Isaiah : enduring questions answered anew : essays honoring Joseph Blenkinsopp and his contribution to the study of Isaiah / edited by Richard J. Bautch and J. Todd Hibbard.2014.

Found : a story of questions, grace & everyday prayer / Micha Boyett.

Interview with an exorcist : an insider's look at the devil, demonic possession, and the path to deliverance / Jose Antonio Fortea.

Research and writing in the seminary : practical strategies and tools / Diane Capitani and Melanie Baffes.[2014].

Messianic thought outside theology / edited by Anna Glazova and Paul North.

Religion and inequality in America : research and theory on religion's role in stratification / edited by Lisa A. Keister, Duke University, Darren E. Sherkat, Southern Illinois University.

The God of Jesus--our God? / Alexander J.M. Wedderburn.

A dynamic reading of the Holy Spirit in Revelation : a theological reflection on the functional role of the Holy Spirit in the narrative / Hee YoulLee.

Drought, death, and sun in Ugarit and ancient Israel : a philological and comparative study / Ola Wikander.

Interreligious encounter on cura animarum : ECPCC and ICPCC documents and reports from 1972-1998 / Ulrike Elsdorfer.

Traces of the Trinity : signs, sacraments and sharing God's life / Andrew Robinson.

Rough country : how Texas became America's most powerful Bible-belt state / Robert Wuthnow.

Pandora's box opened : an examination and defense of historical-criticalmethod and its master practitioners / Roy A. Harrisville.2014.

A bridge across the ocean : the United States and the Holy See between the two World Wars / Luca Castagna ; foreword by Gerald P. Fogarty, SJ ; afterword by Luigi Rossi.

As the bandit will I confess you : Luke 23, 39-43 in early Christian interpretation / Mark Glen Bilby.

Apologetics beyond reason : why seeing really is believing / James W. Sire.

The struggle for Jerusalem and the Holy Land : a new inquiry into the Qur'an and classic Islamic sources on the people of Israel, their Torah, and their links to the Holy Land / Nissim Dana ; translation by A.M. Goldstein.

Hope : promise, possibility, and fulfillment / edited by Richard Lennan and Nancy Pineda-Madrid.

Conversion and identity in the Viking Age / edited by Ildar Garipzanov ;with the assistance of Rosalind Bonte.

The early Luther : stages in a Reformation reorientation / Berndt Hamm ;translated by Martin J. Lohrmann.2014.

The devil and philosophy : the nature of his game / edited by Robert Arp.

Going clear : Scientology, Hollywood, and the prison of belief / Lawrence Wright.

Nuestra fe : a Latin American church history sourcebook / Ondina E. Gonzalez, Justo L. Gonzalez.

Mary Magdalene in Medieval culture : conflicted roles / edited by Peter V. Loewen and Robin Waugh.

Muslim active citizenship in the West / Mario Peucker and Shahram Akbarzadeh.

Richard Baxter's reformed liturgy : a Puritan alternative to the Book ofcommon prayer / by Glen J. Segger.

Myth and scripture : contemporary perspectives on religion, language, and imagination / edited by Dexter E. Callender Jr.

The Oxford handbook of African American theology / edited by Katie G. Cannon and Anthony B. Pinn.

From saddlebags to motorcycles : the darndest things happen to preachers/ by E.L. Edgar ; illustrations by Dollie Vogt.

Earthing the cosmic queen : relevance theory and the Song of Songs / Yael Klangwisan ; with a foreword by Tim Meadowcroft.

The future of the word : an eschatology of reading / Tiffany Eberle Kriner.

The fiddler changed his tune : [the colorful testimony of a ballroom fiddler who became a gospel preacher] / Carl Stewart.

Beyond the vapor trails / by J. D. Stewart ; compiled and edited by Mozelle Stewart, Ernestine Edmiston.

The beauty of God's house : essays in honor of Stratford Caldecott / edited by Francesca Aran Murphy.

Together in the work of the Lord : a history of the Conservative Mennonite Conference / Nathan E. Yoder.

Thomas Aquinas's Summa theologiae : a guide and commentary / Brian Davies.

Secular government, religious people / Ira C. Lupu & Robert W. Tuttle.2014.

A prophet like Moses : prophecy, law, and Israelite religion / Jeffrey Stackert.

The invisible hand in the wilderness : economics, ecology, and God / Malcolm Clemens Young.

Introducing Christian mission today : scripture, history, and issues / Michael W. Goheen.Press, [2014].

Grace for grace : the debates after Augustine and Pelagius / edited by Alexander Y. Hwang, Brian J. Matz, and Augustine Casiday.

A heart for the city : the growth of the mission and ministry of First Presbyterian Church of Dallas and its Foundation, 1912-2012 / Carol J. Adams.c2013.

Augustine's confessions : philosophy in autobiography / edited by William E. Mann.

Evolution, religion, and cognitive science : critical and constructive essays / edited by Fraser Watts and Leon Turner.

Nature and grace : a new approach to Thomistic ressourcement / Andrew Dean Swafford ; foreword by Edward T. Oakes, SJ.

The empty church : theater, theology, and bodily hope / Shannon Craigo-Snell.

Divine healing : the years of expansion, 1906-1930 : theological variation in the transatlantic world / James Robinson.

The Sidney Psalter : the psalms of Sir Philip and Mary Sidney / edited with an introduction and notes by Hannibal Hamlin [and others].

The touch of the sacred : the practice, theology, and tradition of Christian worship / F. Gerrit Immink ; translated by Reinder Bruinsma.2014.

Idols of nations : biblical myth at the origins of capitalism / Roland Boer and Christina Petterson.

Faith and wisdom in science / Tom McLeish.

Christ crucified : understanding the atonement / Donald Macleod.

The appeal of Exodus : the characters God, Moses and Israel in the rhetoric of the book of Exodus / Stefan Kurle.

Insiders versus outsiders : exploring the dynamic relationship between mission and ethos in the New Testament / edited by Jacobus (Kobus) Kok, John Anthony Dunne.

Psalmen oder Psalter? : Materielle Rekonstruktion und inhaltliche Untersuchung der Psalmenhandschriften aus der Wuste Juda / von Eva Jain.

From nothing : a theology of creation / Ian A. McFarland.

Why church history matters : an invitation to love and learn from our past / Robert F. Rea.

Suffering and the search for meaning : contemporary responses to the problem of pain / Richard Rice.Press, [2014].

The nay science : a history of German Indology / Vishwa Adluri and Joydeep Bagchee.

Storm of words : science, religion, and evolution in the Civil War era /Monte Harrell Hampton.

Faith and reason : three views / edited by Steve Wilkens ; with contributions by Craig A. Boyd, Alan G. Padgett and Carl A. Raschke.[2014].

Four gospels, one Jesus? : a symbolic reading / Richard A. Burridge.2014.

Beyond Bultmann : reckoning a New Testament theology / Bruce W. Longenecker, Mikeal C. Parsons, editors.

In defense of the Bible : a comprehensive apologetic for the authority of scripture / edited by Stephen B. Cowan and Terry L. Wilder.

A basic dictionary of Islam / Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood.

A taste of God : on spirituality and reframing foundational theology / edited by Toine van den Hoogen.

The day begins at sunset : perceptions of time in the Islamic world / Barbara Stowasser.

The death ritual at Cluny in the central Middle Ages = Le rituel de la mort a Cluny au Moyen Age central / Frederic S. Paxton ; with the collaboration of/avec la collaboration de Isabelle Cochelin.

From earth to heaven : a literary study of Elijah stories in the Book ofKings / by Moshe Garsiel.

Bread of life : reflections on the Eucharist / Cahal B. Daly ; edited byGemma Loughran.

The evangelicals and the synoptic problem / Michael Strickland.

Gnostic trends in the local church : the bull in Christ's china shop / Michael W. Philliber.

Multiculturalism : a shalom motif for the Christian community / Chinaka Samuel DomNwachukwu and Heekap Lee.

Qur'ans of the Umayyads : a first overview / by Francois Deroche.

Barth's interpretation of the Virgin Birth : a sign of mystery / Dustin Resch.

Minutes, Wise County Baptist Association.

The Stowe Missal : Ms. D. II. 3 in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin / edited by George F. Warner.Press, [2009], c1906.

The body in biblical, Christian and Jewish texts / edited by Joan E. Taylor.

Enriching ministry : pastoral supervision in practice / edited by Michael Paterson and Jessica Rose.

The Shakers : from Mount Lebanon to the World / edited by Michael K. Komanecky ; contributions by Leonard L. Brooks [and 8 others].

Samson : hero or fool? : the many faces of Samson / edited by Erik Eynikel, Tobias Nicklas.

Questions of the brothers / Basil of Caesarea ; Syriac text and English translation by Anna M. Silvas.

Eschatology of the Thessalonian correspondence : a comparative study of 1 Thess 4, 13-5, 11 and 2 Thess 2, 1-12 to the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Old Testament pseudepigrapha / Janusz Kucicki.

Not as the world gives : the way of creative justice / Stratford Caldecott ; foreword by Adrian Walker.

From faith to faith : John Wesley's covenant theology and the way of salvation / Stanley J. Rodes.

Narrative obtrusion in the Hebrew Bible / Christopher T. Paris.

Surprised by scripture : engaging contemporary issues / N. T. Wright.

The Gospel and Israel : the Edersheim lectures / edited by Paul Morris.

God is here to stay : science, evolution, and belief in God / Thomas R. McFaul and Al Brunsting.

Thinking Orthodox in modern Russia : culture, history, context / edited by Patrick Lally Michelson and Judith Deutsch Kornblatt.

The road to Assisi : the essential biography of St. Francis / Paul Sabatier ; edited with introduction and annotations by Jon M. Sweeney.

The transformation of Tamar (Genesis 38) in the history of Jewish interpretation / Esther Blachman.

The practice of homefulness / Walter Brueggemann ; edited by K.C. Hanson.

Evangelization in China : challenges and prospects / Kin Sheung Chiaretto Yan.

Toughest people to love : how to understand, lead, and love the difficult people in your life, including yourself / Chuck DeGroat.2014.

The seven big myths about marriage : what science, faith, and philosophyteach us about love and happiness / by Christopher Kaczor with Jennifer Kaczor.

Rupturing eschatology : divine glory and the silence of the cross / EricJ. Trozzo.

Rumors of resistance : status reversals and hidden transcripts in the Gospel of Luke / Amanda C. Miller.

The rise of the Nones : understanding and reaching the religiously unaffiliated / James Emery White.

How to read the Bible for all its worth / Gordon D. Fee, Douglas Stuart.

Family and household religion : toward a synthesis of Old Testament studies, archaeology, epigraphy, and cultural studies / edited by Rainer Albertz,Beth Alpert Nakhai, Saul M. Olyan, and Rudiger Schmitt.

Explaining the cosmos : creation and cultural interaction in late-antique Gaza / Michael W. Champion.

Practices of power : revisiting the principalities and powers in the Pauline letters / Robert Ewusie Moses.

Theology and the end of doctrine / Christine Helmer.

Worship and the risen Jesus in the Pauline letters / Tony Costa.

Mark / David Schnasa Jacobsen.

Performance, popular culture, and piety in Muslim Southeast Asia / edited by Timothy P. Daniels.

Women in scripture : a dictionary of named and unnamed women in the Hebrew Bible, the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books, and the New Testament / Carol Meyers, general editor ; Toni Craven and Ross S. Kraemer, associate editors.

The mystery of Christ : life in death / John Behr.

American gospel : God, the founding fathers, and the making of a nation / Jon Meacham.

Evagrius of Pontus : the Greek ascetic corpus / translation, introduction, and commentary by Robert E. Sinkewicz.