Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Political Science

NGOs : a new history of transnational civil society

The foreign policies of Middle East states

ADARReview : Foreign service officer test, complete guide to the written exam and oral assessment.

Research in global citizenship education

General instructions for the government of the consular and commercial agents of the Republic of Texas.


The sourcebook to public record information.

The Hizbullah phenomenon : politics and communication

The party politics of the EU and immigration

Report on the state of the European Union

After hope and change : the 2012 elections and American politics, post 2014 election update

The American presidency : origins and development, 1776 -2014

Untrodden ground : how Presidents interpret the Constitution

Memorial of Ed. T. Randle, R.F. Campbell, and others, citizens of Texas : protesting against the unjust and illegal manner in which the State of Texas is apportioned for the election of representatives in Congress.

Presiding officers of the Texas Legislature, 1846-2010

Debates of the Texas Convention

The manual to online public records : the researcher's tool to online resources of public records and public information

The PRRN membership directory.

Formative acts : American politics in the making

Controlling the message : new media in American political campaigns

Elections A to Z

Do facts matter? : information and misinformation in American politics

Congress A to Z

The Almanac of American politics.

Women representatives in Britain, France, and the United States

Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised

Comparative politics : integrating theories, methods, and cases

Corruption : a very short introduction

Liberty and equality : the American conversation

Inventing the individual : the origins of Western liberalism

Uncivil society : the perils of pluralism and the making of modern liberalism

The Right and the recession

Rebel governance in civil war

Fascisme et communisme

Civility, legality, and justice in America

Civil society and the state : new European perspectives

Raymond Aron, penseur de l'Europe et de la nation

Basic political writings