Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Physics

The quantum world / Michel Le Bellac, University of Nice, France ; foreword by Alain Aspect.

Scientific essays in honor of H Pierre Noyes on the occasion of his 90thbirthday / edited by John C Amson, University of St. Andrews, UK, Louis H Kauffman, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.

Past and present variability of the solar-terrestrial system : measurement, data analysis, and theoretical models : Varenna on Lake Como, VillaMonastero, 25 June-5 July 1996 / edited by G. Cini Castagnoli and A. Provenzale.

Hidden worlds in quantum physics / Gerard Gouesbet ; introduction by Jean Bricmont.

Quantum mechanics / Leonard Susskind and Art Friedman.

Clusters in nuclei / Christian Beck, editor.

Color-terms in social and cultural context in ancient Rome / Rachael B. Goldman.

A history of the electron : J.J. and G.P. Thomson / Jaume Navarro, Ikerbasque research professor, Universidad del Pais Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea.

Hans Christian Orsted : reading nature's mind / Dan Charly Christensen.

The secret language of color : science, nature, history, culture, beautyof red, orange, yellow, green, blue & violet / Joann Eckstut and Arielle Eckstut.Pub., c2013.