Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Philosophy

The robust demands of the good : ethics with attachment, virtue, and respect

From field to fork : food ethics for everyone

Weighing and reasoning : themes from the philosophy of John Broome

Before virtue : assessing contemporary virtue ethics

Dispersing the clouds of temptation : turning away from weakness of will and turning towards the sun

The nature of moral responsibility : new essays

The falsification of the good : Soloviev and Orwell

A feminist perspective on virtue ethics

Debating procreation : is it wrong to reproduce?

Human nature & Jewish thought : Judaism's case for why persons matter

The origins of organized charity in rabbinic Judaism

An introduction to Catholic ethics since Vatican II

Objective becoming

The physicist & the philosopher : Einstein, Bergson, and the debate that changed our understanding of time

Sensorama : a phenomenalist analysis of spacetime and its contents

Potentiality : from dispositions to modality

Following the truth, wherever it leads : an investigation of what is reality (and how it affects our lives)

The double lives of objects : an essay in the metaphysics of the ordinary world

Towards a relational ontology : philosophy's other possibility

Sustainable knowledge : a theory of interdisciplinarity

Orientation and judgment in hermeneutics

Internalism and epistemology : the architecture of reason

Researching values with qualitative methods : empathy, moral boundaries and the politics of research

Judgment and agency

Retrieving realism

Logica, or Summa Lamberti

The philosophy of argument and audience reception

The boundary stones of thought : an essay in the philosophy of logic

Foundations of logical consequence


Propositional content

Reasons, rights, and values

The beauty of the triune God : the theological aesthetics of Jonathan Edwards

Die Vergangenheit des Geistes : eine ArchA$?ologie der Philosophiegeschichte

Naturalism, normativity & explanation

Deleuze and Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus : a reader's guide

Alfarabi, the political writings

Ibn Sina's Remarks and Admonitions: physics and metaphysics : an analysis and annotated translation

On geography : an Arabic critical edition and English translation of Epistle 4

Reorientations of western thought from antiquity to the Renaissance

Universal salvation in late antiquity : Porphyry of Tyre and the pagan-Christian debate

Plotinus on the soul

The Consolation of Boethius as poetic liturgy

Atudes de patristique et d'histoire des concepts

Greek Buddha : Pyrrho's encounter with early Buddhism in Central Asia

Aenesidemus of Cnossus : testimonia

Ubuntu : curating the archive

A report on Ubuntu

China's transition to modernity : the new classical vision of Dai Zhen


The highest good in Aristotle and Kant

Aristotle's Categories in the early Roman Empire.

'Anonymus Aurelianensis III' in Aristotelis analytica priora : critical edition, introduction, notes, and indexes

Narrative, identity and the Kierkegaardian self

Kierkegaard, Eve, and metaphors of birth

Kierkegaard and political theory : religion, aesthetics, politics and the intervention of the single individual

Kierkegaard : great thinkers on modern life

Vladimir Soloviev : Russian mystic

Divine Sophia : the wisdom writings of Vladimir Solovyov

Platonic conversations

Clitophon's challenge : dialectic in Plato's Meno, Phaedo, and Republic

Plato's anti-hedonism and the Protagoras

RA(c)duction et donation : recherches sur Husserl, Heidegger et la phA(c)nomA(c)nologie

Reason, value, and respect : Kantian themes from the philosophy of Thomas E. Hill, Jr.

Appels de Jacques Derrida

L'A(c)nergie spirituelle

Madhyamaka and Yogacara : allies or rivals?

Enlightenment and utility : Bentham in French, Bentham in France

Scottish philosophy in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

The virtue ethics of Hume and Nietzsche

Reflecting subjects : passion, sympathy, and society in Hume's philosophy

Ideas, evidence, and method : Hume's skepticism and naturalism concerning knowledge and causation

Artful virtue : the interplay of the beautiful and the good in the Scottish Enlightenment

On the school of names in ancient China

British philosophy in the seventeenth century