Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Philosophy

Varieties of logic / Stewart Shapiro.

Surrounding free will : philosophy, psychology, neuroscience / edited byAlfred R. Mele.

Moral failure : on the impossible demands of morality / Lisa Tessman.

Ancient and medieval concepts of friendship / edited by Suzanne Stern-Gillet and Gary M. Gurtler, S.J.

Robust ethics : the metaphysics and epistemology of Godless normative realism / Erik J. Wielenberg.

Al-Ghazali on intention, sincerity and truthfulness = Kitab al-niyya wal'l-ikhlas wa'l sidq : Book XXXVII of the Revival of the Religious Studies = Inya' 'ulum al-din / Abu Hamid al-Ghazali ; translated with introduction and notes by Anthony F. Shaker.

The priority of the other : thinking and living beyond the self / Mark Freeman.

Preservation of learning : with an introduction on his life and thought / Yen Yuan ; translated by Mansfield Freeman.

Modality and explanatory reasoning / Boris Kment.

Razi : master of Qur'anic interpretation and theological reasoning / Tariq Jaffer.

Morality truly Christian, truly African : foundational, methodological, and theological considerations / Paulinus Ikechukwu Odozor, C.S. Sp.

John Dewey's earlier logical theory / James Scott Johnston.

Rrrevolutionnaire / edited by Gregg Lambert and Aaron Levy ; [in conversation with Jean-Michel Rabate] ; afterword by Catherine Liu.

From empiricism to expressivism : Brandom reads Sellars / Robert B. Brandom.

Agricultural and food controversies : what everyone needs to know / F. Bailey Norwood, Pascal A. Oltenacu, Michelle S. Calvo-Lorenzo, and Sarah Lancaster.

Ontology made easy / Amie L. Thomasson.

Maimonides and the shaping of the Jewish canon / James A. Diamond, University of Waterloo, Ontario.

The anti-romantic : Hegel against ironic romanticism / Jeffrey Reid.

Captive to Christ, open to the world : on doing Christian ethics in public / Brian Brock ; edited by Kenneth Oakes.

Duns Scotus's theory of cognition / Richard Cross.

Knowledge : a very short Introduction / Jennifer Nagel.

All or nothing : systematicity, transcendental arguments, and skepticismin German idealism / Paul W. Franks.

Moral conscience through the ages fifth century BCE to the present / Richard Sorabji.

The bad conscience / Vladimir Jankelevitch ; translated by Andrew Kelley.