Subject Listing

New Materials in the Philosophy Collection

A companion to experimental philosophy

Aristotle re-interpreted : new findings on seven hundred years of the ancient commentators

Aristotle transformed : the ancient commentators and their influence

Cheating, corruption, and concealment : the roots of dishonesty

Confucius : the man and the way of Gongfu

Contemplating friendship in Aristotle's Ethics

Damn great empires! : William James and the politics of pragmatism

Epicureans and atheists, 1650-1729

Goldman and his critics

Kierkegaard on dialogical education : vulnerable freedom

Knowledge and the Gettier problem

Logical modalities from Aristotle to Carnap : the story of necessity

Martin Buber

Morality after Calvin : Theodore Beza's Christian censor and reformed ethics

Ontology and the ambitions of metaphysics

Reasons why

Revenge and social conflict

The Socratic turn : knowledge of good and evil in an age of science

The construction of human kinds

The geography of morals : varieties of moral possibility

The timeliness of George Herbert Mead

Tolerance among the virtues