Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Philosophy

Four lectures on ethics : anthropological perspectives

Ethics : twelve lectures on the philosophy of morality

The sociology of hypocrisy : an analysis of sport and religion

Joy and human flourishing : essays on theology, culture and the good life

Famine, affluence, and morality

Essays on ethics and feminism

A natural history of human morality

Inside ethics : on the demands of moral thought

Diffractive technospaces : a feminist approach to the mediations of space and representation

Renunciation : acts of abandonment by writers, philosophers, and artists

Epistemic justification in post-Gettier epistemology : the role of perspective in acquiring and justifying beliefs

What's the use of truth?

Epistemic evaluation : purposeful epistemology

An introduction to metametaphysics

Bird relics : grief and vitalism in Thoreau

The Enlightenment : history of an idea

Freedom and self-creation : Anselmian libertarianism

Epistles of the Brethren of Purity : On astronomia : an Arabic critical edition and English translation of epistle 3

Søren Kierkegaard : subjectivity, irony, and the crisis of modernity

The everlasting check : Hume on miracles

Engaged emancipation : mind, morals, and make-believe in the Moksopaya (Yogavasistha)

Returning to Zhu Xi : emerging patterns within the supreme polarity