Subject Listing

New Materials in the Philosophy Collection

Accuracy and the laws of credence

Ambition : essays by members of the Chrysostom Society

Anger and forgiveness : resentment, generosity, justice

Aristotle on knowledge and learning : the posterior analytics

Causation and free will

Dead theory : Derrida, death, and the afterlife of theory

Disorientation and moral life

Ethics and religion

Experiencing time

First, second, and other selves : essays on friendship and personal identity

Free will and theism : connections, contingencies, and concerns

Honor bound : how a cultural ideal has shaped the American psyche

How Hume and Kant reconstruct natural law : justifying strict objectivity without debating moral realism

How to be good : the possibility of moral enhancement

Human predicaments and what to do about them

Images of history : Kant, Benjamin, freedom, and the human subject

Leo Strauss, philosopher : European vistas

Moral motivation : a history

Ontology after Carnap

Plato on the metaphysical foundation of meaning and truth

Plotinus : myth, metaphor, and philosophical practice

Rational spirituality and divine virtue in Plato : a modern interpretation and philosophical defense of Platonism

Reframing Catholic theological ethics

Selfless love and human flourishing in Paul Tillich and Iris Murdoch

Structure and the metaphysics of mind : how hylomorphism solves the mind-body problem

Studies in buddhist philosophy

The caring motivation : an integrated theory

The deep ecology of rhetoric in Mencius and Aristotle : a somatic guide

The limits of moral authority

The philosopher : a history in six types

Unity and plurality : logic, philosophy, and linguistics