Subject Listing

New Materials in the Philosophy Collection

Chaturvedi Badrinath : unity of life and other essays

Continuants : their activity, their being and their identity : twelve essays

Dignāga's investigation of the percept : a philosophical legacy in India and Tibet

From valuing to value : a defense of subjectivism

Kierkegaard secondary literature

Leo Strauss on science : thoughts on the relation between natural science and political philosophy

Mere civility : disagreement and the limits of toleration

On betrayal

Questions of character

Reasonableness and fairness : a historical theory

Responding to global poverty : harm, responsibility, and agency

Sources of knowledge : on the concept of a rational capacity for knowledge

The Cambridge companion to Popper

The Cambridge companion to medieval logic

The Routledge handbook of hospitality studies

The epistemic dimensions of ignorance

Thomas Aquinas on moral wrongdoing

Thomas Aquinas on war and peace

Topography and deep structure in Plato : the construction of place in the Dialogues

Varieties of virtue ethics

What do philosophers do? : skepticism and the practice of philosophy