Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Music

The art of songwriting

Sonic art : an introduction to electroacoustic music composition

Compendiolum musicæ pro incipientibus

How to write for percussion : a comprehensive guide to percussion composition

Creative teaching for creative learning in higher music education

Music, technology, and education : critical perspectives

Remixing the classroom : toward an open philosophy of music education

Notes for flutists : a guide to the repertoire

Dig me out

The Geto Boys

It's a long story : my life

My life with Wagner : fairies, rings, and redemption : exploring opera's most enigmatic composer

The last waltz : the Strauss dynasty and Vienna

Jimi Hendrix : soundscapes

The selected letters of John Cage

My beloved man : the letters of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears

The variations of Johannes Brahms

Civil rights music : the soundtracks of the civil rights movement

A new English music : composers and folk traditions in England's musical renaissance from the late 19th to the mid-20th century

Sonic rupture : a practice-led approach to urban soundscape design

Musical biographies : the music of memory in post-1945 German literature

Music library and research skills

Instrumentalists and Renaissance culture, 1420-1600 : players of function and fantasy

The creative echo chamber : contemporary music production in Kingston, Jamaica

Tropical renditions : making musical scenes in Filipino America

Heartbeat, warble, and the electric powwow : American Indian music

Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama : the first 150 years

Music in Vienna 1700, 1800, 1900

Music in Boston : composers, events, and ideas, 1852-1918

Source readings in music history

Expanding the horizon of electroacoustic music analysis

Banjo : an illustrated history

Tres piezas para clarinete solo, op. 165, no. 1

Flute 3.2.4 : for unaccompanied flute

String quintet : (2014)

Fluchtpunkte : fur Ensemble : 2006

Organum : greeting prelude for Paul Fromm : for piano, harp, vibraphone, marimba, and glockenspiel (or celesta) : (1981)

Molly on the shore : British folk-music settings no. 1 : for string quartet : (1907)

Kleines Doppelkonzert : Duo fur Oboe und Harfe (1977/88)

Concerto for clarinet

Voiles : (extrait des Preludes, 1er livre)

Going away : for violin and piano

La Chercheuse d'esprit : pour piano

Six sonates progressives : (1810) : fur Violine und Klavier = for violin and piano = pour violon et piano : WeV P.6

Midnight sun. Volume 1 : collected songs from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Moments of vision : settings of poems by Thomas Hardy : for renaissance consort : 1975

Beaumarchais' aria : (baritone) [from] The ghosts of Versailles

Ausgewahlte Arien fur Sopran und Orchester

Cold Mountain

V. Livre des chansons.

Lu : via crucis de pajaors : for piccolo solo

A road all paved with stars : a symphonic fantasy

The City : for orchestra

Hamburgisches Konzert : fur Horn solo und Kammerorchester (mit zwei Bassetthornern und vier obligaten Naturhornern) = Hamburg concerto : for solo horn and chamber orchestra (with two bassett horns and four obligato natural horns) : (1998/99, 2003)

Konzert Nr. 17 fur Kontrabass & Orchester

Concerto grosso per tre violoncelli e orchestra (2000/2001)

Symphonie Nr. 3 C-Dur