Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Medicine

The Medical Library Association guide to providing consumer and patient health information / edited by Michele Spatz.

Healthcare management strategy, communication, and development challenges and solutions in developing countries / edited by Emmanuel K. Ngwainmbi.

Research methods in health communication : principles and application / edited by Bryan B. Whaley.

Natural environments and human health / Alan W. Ewert, PhD, Indiana University, USA, Denise S. Mitten, PhD, Prescott College, USA, Jillisa R. Overholt, PhD, Warren Wilson College, USA.

Multicultural approaches to health and wellness in America / Regan A.R. Gurung, editor ; foreword by Michael Winkelman.[2014].

Dr. Moody's Sanitarium, San Antonio, Texas.

Global health inequities : a sociological perspective / Fernando De. Maio.

Collaborative helping : a strengths framework for home-based services / William C. Madsen, Kevin Gillespie.

Health care disparities and the LGBT population / edited by Vickie L. Harvey and Teresa Heinz Housel.

Handbook of metallonutraceuticals / edited by Yashwant Vishnupant Pathak,Jayant Nemchand Lokhande.[2014].

Rhetoric of a global epidemic : transcultural communication about SARS /Huiling Ding.

A quick guide to cancer epidemiology / Paolo Boffetta, Stefania Boccia, Carlo La Vecchia.

Overpowered : what science tells us about the dangers of cell phones andother wifi-age devices / Martin Blank, PhD.

The obesity paradox : when thinner means sicker and heavier means healthier / Carl J. Lavie, M.D. ; with Kristin Loberg.

Streamlined cooking with the slender chef / [by Mildred M. Oppenheimer].

Lamaze : an international history / Paula A. Michaels.

Treating AIDS : politics of difference, paradox of prevention / Thurka Sangaramoorthy.

Biologically optimized radiation therapy / editor, Anders Brahme, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.

The spark in the machine : how the science of acupuncture explains the mysteries of western medicine / Dr. Daniel Keown, M.B. Ch. B., Lic. Ac.

Shakin', bakin', and celebratin' : a breast cancer survivor project of the Julie Rogers "Gift of Life" Program.

John P. McGovern, MD : a lifetime of stories / Bryant Boutwell ; foreword by Michael Bliss.

Enduring legacy : the M.D. Anderson Foundation & the Texas Medical Center / William Henry Kellar ; foreword by George H.W. Bush & James A. Baker, III.