Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Math

Refractions of mathematics education : festschrift for Eva Jablonka

Stability and stabilization : an introduction

Emotion modeling : towards pragmatic computational models of affective processes

Advances in crowdsourcing

Serious games analytics : methodologies for performance measurement, assessment, and improvement

Big data : principles and best practices of scalable real-time data systems

The nature of code

Platform embedded security technology revealed : safeguarding the future of computing with Intel embedded security and management engine

Git in practice

Advanced malware analysis

Learning AV Foundation : a hands-on guide to mastering the AV Foundation framework

Functional programming in Scala

Seven concurrency models in seven weeks : when threads unravel

The Ruby way

Local collapsing, orbifolds, and geometrization

Discrete and computational geometry and graphs : 16th Japanese Conference, JCDCGG 2013, Tokyo, Japan, September 17-19, 2013 : revised selected papers

The PoincarA(c) conjecture : Clay Research Conference, resolution of the PoincarA(c) conjecture, Institute Henri PoincarA(c), Paris, France, June 8-9, 2010

Differential operators of Fuchs type, conical singularities, and asymptotic methods

Using multivariate statistics

Mathematics in Victorian Britain

Integrating touch-enabled and mobile devices into contemporary mathematics education

Modern graph theory

A course in combinatorics

Cases on technology integration in mathematics education

Building proportional reasoning across all grades using mathematical strands and standards, K-8

Making sense of algebra : developing students' mathematical habits of mind

Modeling with mathematics : authentic problem solving in middle school

Children count : exploring what is possible in a classroom with mathematics and children

Mathematizing : an emergent math curriculum approach for young children

Teaching to the math Common Core state standards : focus on Grade 5 to Grade 8 and Algebra 1

Teaching the common core math standards with hands-on activities, grades 9-12

Using teacher inquiry for knowing and supporting parents with mathematics

Lesson study : challenges in mathematics education

Making number talks matter : developing mathematical practices and deepening understanding, grades 4-10

How to be inventive when teaching primary mathematics : developing outstanding learners

Eureka math study guide : grade 4.

Eureka math study guide : grade 3.

Eureka math study guide : grade 2.

Eureka math study guide : grade 1.

Eureka math study guide : kindergarten.

Well played : building mathematical thinking through number games and puzzles, grades 3-5

Engaging in mathematics in the classroom : symbols and experiences

A practical guide to transforming primary mathematics : activities and tasks that really work

Spatial reasoning in the early years : principles, assertions, and speculations

It's all relative : key ideas and common misconceptions about ratio and proportion, grades 6-7

Common misconceptions in mathematics : strategies to correct them

Common core sense : tapping the power of the mathematical practices

Mathematical problem posing : from research to effective practice

Leaders in mathematics education : experience and vision

Large-scale studies in mathematics education

Math workshop in action : strategies for grades K-5

The Texas arithmetic : or, Arithmetic made easy. A thorough, practical work ...

Mathematics professional development : improving teaching using the problem-solving cycle and leadership preparation models