Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Literature

La mala luz / Carlos Castan.

El pajaro de hueso / Maria Carman.

Fragmentos de amor furtivo / Hector Abad Faciolince.

Tratado de culinaria para mujeres tristes / Hector Abad Faciolince.

Theatre in the expanded field : seven approaches to performance / Alan Read ; line drawings, Beryl Robinson.Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 2013.

Midstream : an unfinished memoir / Reynolds Price.

Cues : theatre training & projects from classroom to stage / Talia Pura.[2013].

Dany Laferriere : essays on his works / edited by Lee Skallerup Bessette.

America's first regional theatre : the Cleveland Play House and its search for a home / Jeffrey Ullom.

Fairy tales, natural history and Victorian culture / Laurence Talairach-Vielmas, Professor of English, University of Toulouse, France.2014.

Comedy, seriously : a philosophical study / Dmitri Nikulin.

What cannot be fixed / Jill Pelaez Baumgaertner.Publishers, [2014].

Writing for television, radio, and new media / Robert L. Hilliard, Professor Emeritus, Emerson College.

Acting Stanislavski : a practical guide to Stanislavski's approach and legacy / John Gillett ; illustrations by Jannis Labelle and Dany Heck.Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2014.

Acting : cut the crap, cue the truth : living the life and doing the job/ Natalie Burt.

Satyric and heroic mimes : attitude as the way of the mime in ritual andbeyond / Kathryn Wylie.[2014].

Rewriting Arthurian romance in Renaissance France : from manuscript to printed book / Jane H.M. Taylor.

Making theatre : the frazzled drama teacher's guide to devising / Joss Bennathan.

But enough about you : essays / Christopher Buckley.

Photobiography : photographic self-writing in Proust, Guibert, Ernaux, Mace / Akane Kawakami.

The dawn of the cheap press in Victorian Britain : the end of the 'taxeson knowledge', 1849-1869 / Martin Hewitt.2014.

The complete guide to article writing : how to write successful articlesfor online and print markets / Naveed Saleh.

The tradition of the actor-author in Italian theatre / edited by Donatella Fischer.Publishing, 2013.

A practical guide to greener theatre : introduce sustainability into your productions / by Ellen E. Jones ; with Jessica Pribble ; additional contributions by Paul Brunner and Maja E. White.Group, 2014.

Performance, theatre, and society in contemporary Nicaragua : spectaclesof gender, sexuality, and marginality / Alberto Guevara.

The Oxford handbook of the Georgian theatre, 1737-1832 / edited by JuliaSwindells and David Francis Taylor.

Manifesto now! : instructions for performance, philosophy, politics / edited by Laura Cull and Will Daddario.

The glyph and the gramophone : D. H. Lawrence's religion / Luke Ferretter.Publishing Plc, 2013.

In between angels and animals / Emily Cullen.

"The real thing" : essays on Tom Stoppard in celebration of his 75th birthday / edited by William Baker and Amanda Smothers.

Stage blood : five tempestuous years in the early life of the National Theatre / Michael Blakemore.

The National Theatre story / Daniel Rosenthal.

Early modern theatricality / edited by Henry S. Turner.

Engaging with reality : documentary and globalization / Id Bondebjerg.

The art of love : bimillennial essays on Ovid's Ars amatoria and Remediaamoris / edited by Roy Gibson, Steven Green and Alison Sharrock.

Naked cinema : working with actors / Sally Potter.

Parallax / Sinead Morrissey.

Unified discourse analysis : language, reality, virtual worlds, and video games / James Paul Gee.

Milton, toleration, and nationhood / Elizabeth Sauer, Brock University.

Joseph Conrad and the anxiety of knowledge / William Freedman.[2014].

Bertolt Brecht / Philip Glahn.

Shooting straight : guns, gays, God, and George Clooney / Piers Morgan.

Visionary philology : Geoffrey Hill and the study of words / Matthew Sperling.

Tolkien : the forest and the city / Helen Conrad-O'Briain & Gerard Hynes,editors.

Slow movies : countering the cinema of action / Ira Jaffe.

Screenwriting in a digital era / Kathryn Millard, Macquarie University, Australia.

Recasting transnationalism through performance : theatre festivals in Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Brazil / Christina S. McMahon, Theater and Dance, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.

Black theater is Black life : an oral history of Chicago theater and dance, 1970-2010 / Harvey Young and Queen Meccasia Zabriskie.

Reverberations across small-scale British theatre : politics, aestheticsand forms / edited by Patrick Duggan and Victor Ukaegbu.

The fall of Ireland : a novella / Dermot Bolger.

Forgotten leading ladies of the American theatre : lives of eight femaleplayers, playwrights, directors, managers, and activists of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries / Mary M. Turner.

The savvy actor career manual : turn your craft into your business / Jodie Bentley and Kevin Urban.

The grammar of good intentions : race and the antebellum culture of benevolence / Susan M. Ryan.

The complete Brecht toolkit / Stephen Unwin ; with Julian Jones.

Histoire de la semiotique / Anne Henault, ancienne eleve de l'Ecole normale superieure Maitre de conferences a l'Universite de Paris X.

Song of the shank : a novel / Jeffery Renard Allen.

The discourse reader / edited by Adam Jaworski and Nikolas Coupland.

So you want to work in theatre? / Susan Elkin.

Self-management for actors : getting down to (show) business / by BonnieGillespie.

newARTtheatre : evolutions of the performance aesthetic / Paul David Young.

Dramatic circumstances : on acting, singing, and living inside the stories we tell / William Wesbrooks.Leonard Corporation, 2014.

Reading for my life : writings, 1958-2008 / John Leonard ; edited by SueLeonard ; [with an introduction by E.L. Doctorow].

Literature and the theater in Shakespeare's day / Robert C. Evans ; Jeffery Moody and Mekoi Scott editoral assistants.

Tim O'Brien in the classroom : "this too is true : stories can save us" / Barry Gilmore, Alexander Kaplan.

The Newcomes / William Makepeace Thackeray ; edited by Arthur Pendennis,Esq.

Fahrenheit 451 : Ray Bradbury / editor, Rafeeq O. McGiveron, Lansing Community College.Services, Inc. ; Amenia, NY : Grey House Publishing, [2013].

Scourge of the ninth / Howard Nield.

Medbh McGuckian / Borbala Farago.Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2014].

With or without : reading postwar German women poets / Charlotte Ann Melin.

Marie NDiaye : blankness and recognition / Andrew Asibong.

A house in the sky : a memoir / Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett.

Staging ageing : theater, performance and the narrative of decline / Michael Mangan.

The lively arts of the London stage, 1675-1725 / edited by Kathryn Lowerre.

The actor's guide to creating a character : William Esper teaches the Meisner technique / William Esper and Damon Dimarco.

Midnight's children / editor, Joel Kuortti, University of Turku, Finland.Services, Inc. ; Amenia, NY : Grey House Publishing, [2014].

Pragmatic development in first language acquisition / Edited by DanielleMatthews, University of Sheffield.

Acting : onstage and off / Robert Barton.

The extraordinary adventures of Arsene Lupin, gentleman-burglar / Maurice Leblanc.

The art of the documentary : fifteen conversations with leading directors, cinematographers, editors, and producers / Megan Cunningham.

The poor little rich girl / Eleanor Gates.

Migration Italy : the art of talking back in a destination culture / Graziella Parati.

How to succeed in Hollywood : without losing your soul / Ted Baehr.

Can't and won't / Lydia Davis.

Women with a thirst for destruction : the bad mother in Russian culture / Jenny Kaminer.

The extraordinary life of Rebecca West / Lorna Gibb.

The pedagogical imagination : the republican legacy in twenty-first-century French literature and film / Leon Sachs.

The queer cultural work of Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner / Jennifer Reed.

Performance studies in motion : international perspectives and practicesin the twenty-first century / edited by Atay Citron, Sharon Aronson-Lehavi and David Zerbib.Publishing Plc, 2014.

Interpreting Dante : essays on the traditions of Dante commentary / edited by Paola Nasti and Claudia Rossignoli.

On reading the Grapes of Wrath / Susan Shillinglaw.

Coarticulation and sound change in romance / Daniel Recasens, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

The Decameron first day in perspective : volume one of the Lecturae Boccaccii/ edited by Elissa B. Weaver.

The Decameron third day in perspective / edited by Francesco Ciabattoni and Pier Massimo Forni.

Embracing arms : cultural representation of Slavic and Balkan women in war / edited by Helena Goscilo & Yana Hashamova.

Long day's journey into night / Eugene O'Neill ; edited by William Davies King ; foreword by Jessica Lange.

Unsettling Montaigne : poetics, ethics and affect in the Essais and other writings / Elizabeth Guild.

Reading unruly : interpretation and its ethical demands / Zahi Zalloua.

Theory of literature / Paul H. Fry.

Poverty in contemporary literature : themes and figurations on the British book market / Barbara Korte and Georg Zipp.

Deep map country : literary cartography of the Great Plains / Susan Naramore Maher.

All that is solid melts into air / Darragh McKeon.

Agents and patients : a novel / by Anthony Powell.

Long form improvisation and American comedy : the Harold / Matt Fotis.

Contemporary women playwrights : into the twenty-first century / edited by Penny Farfan and Lesley Ferris.

Cretan women : Pasiphae, Ariadne, and Phaedra in Latin poetry / Rebecca Armstrong.

Under the bed, creeping : psychoanalyzing the Gothic in children's literature / Michael Howarth.[2014].

Winter journal / Paul Auster.

Thornton Wilder : a life / Penelope Niven ; with a foreword by Edward Albee.

Theatre, performance and technology : the development and transformationof scenography / Christopher Baugh.

Theatre, performance and analogue technology : historical interfaces andintermedialities / edited by Kara Reilly.Macmillan, 2013.

Stray dog of anime : the films of Mamoru Oshii / Brian Ruh.

Shakespeare's Surrogates : Rewriting Renaissance Drama / Sonya Freeman Loftis.

Night thoughts : the surreal life of the poet David Gascoyne / by RobertFraser.

Politics and theatre in twentieth-century Europe : imagination and resistance / Margot Morgan.

European theatre performance practice, 1400-1580 / edited by Philip Butterworth, Katie Normington.

Drama education and second language learning / edited by Joe Winston andMadonna Stinson.

Avant-garde theatre sound : staging sonic modernity / Adrian Curtin.

Aspects of puppet theatre / Henryk Jurkowski ; edited by Penny Francis.

Ethical speculations in contemporary British theatre / edited by Mireia Aragay and Enric Monforte.

Edward Bond: a critical study / Peter Billingham.

Russian war films : on the cinema front, 1914-2005 / Denise J. Youngblood.

The Unknown Henry Miller : a Seeker in Big Sur / Arthur Hoyle.

The Norton anthology of theory and criticism / Vincent B. Leitch, general editor.

Bertolt Brecht : a literary life / Stephen Parker.

New dramaturgy : international perspectives on theory and practice / edited by Katalin Trencsenyi and Bernadette Cochrane.

Then what happens? : storytelling and adapting for the theatre / Mike Alfreds.

The Best women's stage monologues.

Little red readings : historical materialist perspectives on children's literature / edited by Angela E. Hubler.

The Homer encyclopedia / edited by Margalit Finkelberg.

Posthumous love : eros and the afterlife in Renaissance England / Ramie Targoff.

The Routledge introduction to theatre and performance studies / Erika Fischer-Lichte ; edited by Minou Arjomand and Ramona Thomasius ; translated by Minou Arjomand.

The creative process of Els Joglars and Teatro de La Abadia : beyond the playwright / Simon David Breden.

Animal acts : performing species today / edited by Una Chaudhuri and Holly Hughes.

Acting : psychophysical phenomenon and process : intercultural and interdisciplinary perspectives / Phillip B. Zarrilli, Jerri Daboo, Rebecca Loukes.2013.

The hidden world of poetry : unravelling Celtic mythology in contemporary Irish poetry / Adam Wyeth.

Susan Sontag / Jerome Boyd Maunsell.

Internationalism in Children's Series / edited by Karen Sands-O'Connor, Buffalo State University, USA and Marietta Frank, University of Pittsburgh, USA.

The Palgrave international handbook of women and journalism / edited by Carolyn M. Byerly, Howard University, US.2013.

The poetry of Raymond Carver : against the current / Sandra Lee Kleppe, Hedmark University College, Norway.

Plundered Hearts : New and Selected Poems / J.D. McClatchy.

Post-show discussions in new play development / Teresa A. Fisher.

The politics of interweaving performance cultures : beyond postcolonialism / edited by Erika Fischer-Lichte, Torsten Jost and Saskya Iris Jain.

Swinging the maelstrom / by Malcolm Lowry ; edited by Vik Doyen ; introduction by Vik Doyen & Miguel Mota ; explanatory notes by Chris Ackerley ; foreword by Patrick A. McCarthy & Paul Tiessen.

David Lodge and the tradition of the modern novel / J. Russell Perkin.

Religion around Shakespeare / Peter Iver Kaufman.Press, [2013].

Mrs. Spring Fragrance : a collection of Chinese-American short stories /Sui Sin Far.

Nor any country / Garth St Omer ; introduction, Jeremy Poynting.

The news gap : when the information preferences of the media and the public diverge / Pablo Javier Boczkowski and Eugenia Mitchelstein.

Hitchcock's partner in suspense : the life of screenwriter Charles Bennett / Charles Bennett ; edited by John Charles Bennett.

Concerned attentions / Knute Skinner.

Boat : poems / Christopher Merrill.

Beastly journeys : travel and transformation at the fin de siecle / Tim Youngs.

Herbarium / poem by Marie Luise Kaschnitz ; etchings by Michele Burgess.

Somerset / Leila Meacham.

New border voices : an anthology / edited by Brandon D. Shuler, Robert Johnson, and Erika Garza-Johnson ; introduction by Jose E. Limon.

A place to be someone : growing up with Charles Gordone / Shirley GordonJackson ; introduction by Maceo C. Dailey, Jr.

Witnessing sadism in texts of the American South : women, specularity, and the poetics of subjectivity / Claire Raymond.

Mediating the world in the novels of Iain Banks : the paradigms of fiction / Katarzyna Pisarska.

Bay of angels : poems / Diane Wakoski.

The metaphysics of detective Marlowe : style, vision, hard-boiled repartee, thugs, and death-dealing damsels in Raymond Chandler's novels / MirceaMihaies ; translated by Patrick Camillar.

Women and journalism / Suzanne Franks.Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, 2013.

George Gissing and the woman question : convention and dissent / edited by Christine Huguet and Simon J. James.[2013].

Bernard MacLaverty : new critical readings / edited by Richard Rankin Russell.

The Iraqi novel : key writers, key texts / Fabio Caiani and Catherine Cobham.

The sound and the fury : an authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts,criticism / William Faulkner ; edited by Michael Gorra, Smith College.

"They say / I say" : the moves that matter in academic writing / Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein, both of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Great monologues in dialect for young actors (ages 17-25). Volume II / edited and with a foreward by Kimberly Mohne Hill.

What so proudly we hailed : Francis Scott Key, a life / Marc Leepson.

Humour : a very short introduction / Noel Carroll.

Beast in the apartment : poems / Tony Barnstone.

As much as, if not more than / H.L. Hix.

Seymour Hersh : scoop artist / Robert Miraldi.

Shakespeare in & out of Africa / volume editor, Jane Plastow ; reviews editor, Martin Banham.

The cultural set up of comedy : affective politics in the United States post 9/11 / Julie Webber.

La virgen y el violin / Carmen Boullosa.

Spanish for the nutrition professional / Peggy A. Batty ; contributing editor, Mary Jo Kurko.

American gothic : new interventions in a national narrative / edited by Robert K. Martin & Eric Savoy.

Donegal haiku / Francis Harvey.

Doctor Who, the eleventh hour : a critical celebration of the Matt Smithand Steven Moffat era / edited by Andrew O'Day.

Taking it to the streets : the social protest theater of Luis Valdez andAmiri Baraka / Harry J. Elam, Jr.