Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Literature

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage / Haruki Murakami ;translated from the Japanese by Philip Gabriel.

Studies in medievalism.

Studies in the age of Chaucer.c1979-Tennessee. Chaucer Society, Washington University.

Literature and belief / Center for the Study of Christian Values in Literature, Brigham Young University.


Thinking Italian animals : human and posthuman in modern Italian literature and film / edited by Deborah Amberson and Elena Past.

Show me your environment : essays on poetry, poets, and poems / David Baker.

Speech acts and politeness across languages and cultures / Leyre Ruiz deZarobe & Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe (eds).

Cohesion : a discourse perspective / Thomas Christiansen.

Navigating English grammar : a guide to analyzing real language / Anne Lobeck and Kristin Denham.& Sons, Ltd. Publication, 2014.

Forbidden words : taboo and the censoring of language / Keith Allan and Kate Burridge.

Philology : the forgotten origins of the modern humanities / James Turner.

Accidents of providence / Stacia M. Brown.

The fire within : desire in modern and contemporary Italian literature /edited by Elena Borelli.

Dostoevsky and the Catholic underground / Elizabeth A. Blake.

The coldest day in Texas / Peggy Purser Freeman.

Her Texas : story, image, poem & song / edited by Donna Walker-Nixon, Cassy Burleson, Rachel Crawford, Ashley Palmer.

Ancient and early medieval Chinese literature : a reference guide / edited by David R. Knechtges and Taiping Chang.

Station Eleven / Emily St. John Mandel.

Gertrude Stein and the reinvention of rhetoric / Sharon J. Kirsch.

Gendered frames, embodied cameras : Varda, Akerman, Cabrera, Calle, and Maiwenn / Cybelle H. McFadden.

Acquiring pragmatics : social and cognitive perspectives / Sandrine Zufferey.

The wall : a novel / H.G. Adler ; translated from the German by Peter Filkins.

Unearthing the changes : recently discovered manuscripts of the Yi Jing (I Ching) and related texts / Edward L. Shaughnessy.

Shakespeare, dissent and the Cold War / Alfred Thomas, Professor of English, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.Macmillan, 2014.

Oleanna / by David Mamet.

Slavic folklore : a handbook / Natalie Kononenko.

The age of the crisis of man : thought and fiction in America, 1933-1973/ Mark Greif.

All dressed up : modern Irish historical pageantry / Joan Fitzpatrick Dean.

Huck Finn's America : Mark Twain and the era that shaped his masterpiece/ Andrew Levy.

Willow quartet / by Joan Burrows.

This is war / Hannah Moscovitch.[2013].

Brazil / Paul McAuley.the British Film Institute, 2014.

These things shall I remember, by Clara Hood Rugel.

The world of Tolkien : mythological sources of The lord of the rings / David Day.

Arigato, Tokyo / Daniel MacIvor.[2013].

By the way, meet Vera Stark / Lynn Nottage.

Between the sheets / by Jordi Mand.

Belleville / Amy Herzog.

Fantasy and the real world in British children's literature : the power of story / Caroline Webb.

Here be dragons : exploring fantasy maps and settings / Stefan Ekman.

Stories about stories : fantasy and the remaking of myth / Brian Attebery.

So we read on : how The Great Gatsby came to be and why it endures / Maureen Corrigan.

Stone mattress : nine tales / Margaret Atwood.

A vulgar art : a new approach to stand-up comedy / Ian Brodie.

Stage directing : the first experiences / Jim Patterson.

Literary fiction : the ways we read narrative literature / Geir Farner.

The making of Samuel Beckett's L'innommable/The unnamable / Dirk Van Hulle, Shane Weller.

Penelope Fitzgerald : a life / Hermione Lee.

Shakespeare's nigga / Joseph Jomo Pierre.

Berliner Ensemble adaptations : The tutor ; Coriolanus ; The trial of Joan of Arc at Rouen, 1431 ; Don Juan ; Trumpets and drums / [adapted by BertoltBrecht and members of Berliner Ensemble] ; edited and introduced by David Barnett ; with notes by John Willett ; series editor, Tom Kuhn.

Nothing for you here, young man / Marie-Claire Blais ; translated by Nigel Spencer.

Collection of sand : essays / Italo Calvino ; translated by Martin McLaughlin.

Andre Bazin's new media / Andre Bazin ; edited and translated by Dudley Andrew.

Modern British playwriting : voices, documents, new interpretations. The1970s / Chris Megson.

Philosophy through film / Mary M. Litch, Amy Karofsky.

Filiations & connexions = Filiations & connecting lines / edited by/edite par Yann Mevel, Dominique Rabate and/et Sjef Houppermans.

Practising the real on the contemporary stage / Jose A. Sanchez ; translation, Charlie Allwood.

Once more, with feeling : five affecting plays / edited by Erin Hurley.

The unfinished song of Francisco Urondo : when poetry is not enough / Hernan Fontanet ; preface by Osvaldo Bayer.

Revisiting Molloy, Malone meurt / Malone dies and L'innommable / The unnamable / edited by David Tucker, Mark Nixon, Dirk Van Hulle.

Ford Madox Ford's Parade's end : the First World War, culture, and modernity / edited by Ashley Chantler and Rob Hawkes.

Bethany : a play / Laura Marks.

Behind the scenes / Judi Dench ; with an introduction by John Miller.

All the way / Robert Schenkkan.

Pessoa's geometry of the abyss : modernity and the Book of disquiet / Paulo de Medeiros.

Modern archaics : continuity and innovation in the Chinese lyric tradition, 1900-1937 / Shengqing Wu.Distributed by Harvard University Press, [2013].

Meow = Miau : a tragicomedy / Benito Perez Galdos ; translated with an introduction by Ruth Katz Crispin.

Man'yoshu and the imperial imagination in early Japan / by Torquil Duthie.

Family revolution : marital strife in contemporary Chinese literature and visual culture / Hui Faye Xiao.

The crimson thread of abandon : stories / Terayama Shuji ; translated with an introduction by Elizabeth L. Armstrong.

Techne / Technology : researching cinema and media technologies --their development, use, and impact / edited by Annie van den Oever.

Hagiography and modern Russian literature / Margaret Ziolkowski.

Ghostly tales of Route 66 : Oklahoma to Arizona / by Connie (Corcoran) Wilson.

Miguel Hernandez, el desafio de la escritura : el proceso decreacion de la poesia hernandiana / Carmen Alemany Bay.Juan Gil-Albert, [2013].

The Old Vic : the story of a great theatre from Kean to Olivier to Spacey / Terry Coleman.

Performing new media, 1890-1915 / edited by Kaveh Askari, Scott Curtis, Frank Gray, Louis Pelletier, Tami Williams and Joshua Yumibe.University Press.

Performance projections : film and the body in action / Stephen Barber.

The visual laboratory of Robert Lepage / Ludovic Fouquet ; translated byRhonda Mullins.

The Latin American short story at its limits : fragmentation, hybridity and intermediality / by Lucy Bell.Publishing, 2014.

Dante and Islam / edited by Jan M. Ziolkowski.

Conquering demons : the "Kirishitan," Japan, and the world in early modern Japanese literature / Jan C. Leuchtenberger.2013.

The besieged ego : doppelgangers and split identity onscreen / Caroline Ruddell.

Courtly visions : the Ise stories and the politics of cultural appropriation / by Joshua S. Mostow.

Tennessee Williams : mad pilgrimage of the flesh / John Lahr.

The original folk and fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm / Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm ; translated and edited by Jack Zipes ; illustrated by Andrea Dezso.

L'ideologie politique de Marguerite Yourcenar d'apres son oeuvre romanesque / Mireille Blanchet-Douspis.

Brecht on theatre / Bertolt Brecht ; edited by Marc Silberman, Steve Giles, Tom Kuhn ; translations by Jack Davis, Romy Fursland, Steve Giles, Victoria Hill, Kristopher Imbrigotta, Marc Silberman and John Willett.

Back to the futurists : the avant-garde and its legacy / edited by Elza Adamowicz and Simona Storchi.Macmillan, 2013.

Multilingualism / Anat Stavans and Charlotte Hoffmann.

Politics and ideology in children's literature / Marian Therese Keyes & Aine McGillicuddy, editors.

The Middle Ages in children's literature / Clare Bradford, Deakin University, Australia.

Performing democracy : international perspectives on urban community-based performance / Susan C. Haedicke and Tobin Nellhaus, editors.

"If then the world a theatre present ..." : revisions of the theatrum mundi metaphor in early modern England / edited by Bjorn Quiring.

Brecht in practice : theatre, theory and performance / David Barnett.

Blue-collar Broadway : the craft and industry of American theater / Timothy R. White.

By the grace of God : Francoist Spain and the sacred roots of political imagination / William Viestenz.

Byron and the forms of thought / Anthony Howe.

MacArthur's hour / by Cosette Faust Newton.

The triumph of Brazilian modernism : the metanarrative of emancipation and counter-narratives / by Saulo Gouveia.2013.

Dylan Thomas : a centenary celebration / edited by Hannah Ellis.

Brain fever : poems / Kimiko Hahn.

Comi / Martin Caparros.

Animality and children's literature and film / Amy Ratelle.

Ming Cho Lee : a life in design / Arnold Aronson.

Italian women writers : gender and everyday life in fiction and journalism, 1870-1910 / Katharine Mitchell.

The Englishman from Lebedian' : a life of Evgeny Zamiatin (1884-1937) / J.A.E. Curtis.

The creative dialectic in Karen Blixen's essays : on gender, Nazi Germany, and colonial desire / Marianne T. Stecher.Copenhagen, 2014.

The burden of female talent : the poet Li Qingzhao and her history in China / Ronald Egan.

Closely watched films : an introduction to the art of narrative film technique / Marilyn Fabe.

Shakespeare and the digital world : redefining scholarship and practice / edited by Christie Carson and Peter Kirwan.

Franz Kafka and Michel Foucault : power, resistance, and the art of self-creation / Nicholas Dungey.

Things we do not talk about : exploring latino/a literature through essays and interviews / Daniel A. Olivas.

Apocalypse in contemporary Japanese science fiction / Motoko Tanaka.

Research methodologies in translation studies / Gabriela Saldanha and Sharon O'Brien.

A small fire / by Adam Bock.

Performing migrancy and mobility in Africa : cape of flows / edited by Mark Fleishman.Macmillan, 2015.

The Goodman Theatre's Festival Latino : six plays / edited by Henry D. Godinez and Ramon H. Rivera-Servera.

Disability, public space performance and spectatorship : unconscious performers / Bree Hadley.

Russian-English dictionary of idioms / Sophia Lubensky.

Tolstoy's false disciple : the untold story of Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Chertkov / Alexandra Popoff.

The Swahili novel : challenging the idea of 'minor literature' / Xavier Garnier.

American playwriting and the anti-political prejudice : twentieth- and twenty-first-century perspectives / Nelson Pressley.

Refining nature in modern Japanese literature : the life and art of Shiga Naoya / Nanyan Guo.

Lector ludens : the representation of games and play in Cervantes / Michael Scham.[2014].

Heroic forms : Cervantes and the literature of war / Stephen Rupp.[2014].

Goethe and the poets of Arabia / Katharina Mommsen ; translated by Michael M. Metzger.

Gender and modernity in Spanish literature : 1789-1920 / Elizabeth SmithRousselle.

The first epoch : the Eighteenth Century and the Russian cultural imagination / Luba Golburt.

Decadent literature in twentieth-century Japan : spectacles of idle labor / Ikuho Amano.

The creation of Israeli Arabic : political and security considerations in the making of Arabic language studies in Israel / Yonatan Mendel, University of Cambridge, UK.2014.

Chinese literature and the child : children and childhood in late-twentieth century Chinese fiction / Kate Foster.2013.

The Arthur of the Italians : the Arthurian legend in medieval Italian literature and culture / edited by Gloria Allaire and F. Regina Psaki.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn : Cold War icon, gulag author, Russian nationalist? : a study of the Western reception of his literary writings, historical interpretations, and political ideas / Elisa Kriza ; with a foreword by Andrei Rogatchevski.

Agostino / Alberto Moravia ; translated from the Italian by Michael F. Moore.

The subject of film and race : retheorizing politics, ideology, and cinema / Gerald Sim.

Distribution revolution : conversations about the digital future of filmand television / edited by Michael Curtin, Jennifer Holt, and Kevin Sanson ; with a foreword by Kurt Sutter.

The tender friendship and the charm of perfect accord : Nabokov and his father / Gavriel Shapiro.

The big drift : a novel / by Patrick Dearen.

The undiscovered country : text, translation, and modernity in the work of Yanagita Kunio / Melek Ortabasi.Distributed by Harvard University Press, 2014.

How to teach your children Shakespeare / Ken Ludwig.

Tales of futures past : anticipation and the ends of literature in contemporary China / Paola Iovene.

Revolutionary experiments : the quest for immortality in Bolshevik science and fiction / Nikolai Krementsov.

Recasting Red culture in proletarian Japan : childhood, Korea, and the historical Avant-Garde / Samuel Perry.

Liminal fiction at the edge of the millennium : the ends of Spanish identity / Jessica A. Folkart.

Inferno revealed : from Dante to Dan Brown / Deborah Parker and Mark Parker.

The dynamics of gender in early modern France : women writ, women writing / Domna C. Stanton, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, USA.

The avowal of difference : queer Latino American narratives / Ben. Sifuentes-Jauregui.

Paula Vogel / Joanna Mansbridge.

The Other Solzhenitsyn : telling the truth about a misunderstood writer and thinker / by Daniel J. Mahoney ; with an appendix, The Gift of Incarnation by Natalia Solzhenitsyn.

Actor movement : expression of the physical being : a movement handbook for actors / Vanessa Ewan and Debbie Green.

Researching for the media : television, radio and journalism / Adele Emm.

Found footage horror films : fear and the appearance of reality / Alexandra Heller-Nicholas.[2014].

Calling Dr. Strangelove : the anatomy and influence of the Kubrick masterpiece / George Case.[2014].

Adaptation theory and criticism : postmodern literature and cinema in the USA / Gordon E. Slethaug.

American poetry in performance : from Walt Whitman to hip hop / Tyler Hoffman.

Jabberwocky and other nonsense : collected poems / Lewis Carroll ; edited with an introduction and notes by Gillian Beer.

Dead women talking : figures of injustice in American literature / BrianNorman.

Innovation, technology and converging practices in drama education and applied theatre / edited by Michael Anderson, David Cameron and Paul Sutton.

William Blake's illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy : a study of theengravings, pencil sketches and watercolors / Eric Pyle.[2014].

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind / Andrew M. Butler.Film Institute ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.

Dr. Strangelove, or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb / Peter Kramer.the British Film Institute, 2014.

A dark rose : love in Eudora Welty's stories and novels / Sally Wolff.

Teaching with heart : poetry that speaks to the courage to teach / Sam M. Intrator and Megan Scribner, editors ; foreword by Parker J. Palmer ; introduction by Taylor Mali ; afterword by Sarah Brown Wessling.

Barbarous antiquity : reorienting the past in the poetry of early modernEngland / Miriam Jacobson.

The invisible satirist : Juvenal and second-century Rome / James Uden.

Fictions of evidence : witnessing, literature, and community in the lateMiddle Ages / Jamie K. Taylor.

The new Cambridge companion to Joseph Conrad / edited by J. H. Stape, StMary's University, Twickenham, London.

Rhetoric & power : the drama of classical Greece / Nathan Crick.[2015].