Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Linguistics and Language

The children's garland from the best poets

The poetical works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning : complete. With a memoir.

The pride of Castle Hills : a bushel full of recipes

Pioneer sesquicentennial celebration cookbook : favorite recipes

The Pink Ladies cook book

The Pierian Club bicentennial cookbook, Lampasas, Texas.

Pass it on : a collection of our favorites

The Papert family cookbook.

The P.T.A. of George W. Truett School cook book.

Origins : early-life solutions to the modern health crisis

AdS/CFT correspondence in condensed matter

Dry land

Oklahoma law review.

New England journal on criminal and civil confinement.

Mercer law review.

Kentucky law journal.

European journal of international law = Journal europA(c)en de droit international.

Chicano-Latino law review.

Canadian English : a sociolinguistic perspective

The power of writing : Dartmouth '66 in the twenty-first century

Keywords in writing studies

Creative writing pedagogies for the twenty-first century

English A: language and literature : perspectives on planning : teacher companion

Vowel length from Latin to Romance

La vie A la campagne

Remarques sur la langue franASSaise : utiles a ceux qui veulent bien parler et bien A(c)crire

Une francophonie en quAate de sens : retour sur le premier forum mondial de la langue franASSaise

Cognitive linguistics and lexical change : motion verbs from Latin to Romance

Impoliteness in corpora : a comparative analysis of British English and spoken Turkish

Inscrever e apagar : cultura escrita e literatura (sA(c)culos XI-XVIII)

Language for specific purposes

Challenging the myth of monolingualism

Language, identity, and choice : raising bilingual children in a global society

Parliamentary communication in EU affairs : connecting with the electorate?

The truth, the whole truth, and, -uh-....-uh-....oh, well, here it is anyhow!

Austin impressions

Dust storms and half dugouts : tales from the good old days in the Texas Panhandle : a treasury of 20th century memories

Palo Pinto County cemetery records

Palo Pinto campfires

Benjamin Franklin's numbers : an unsung mathematical odyssey

Don't say that, Willy Nilly!

Jim Curious : a voyage to the heart of the sea

Clean sweep campers

Passions & virtue

Psychology and geriatrics : integrated care for an aging population

Promoting psychological well-being in children and families

The structure of enquiry in Plato's early dialogues

Victorian writers and the stage : the plays of Dickens, Browning, Collins and Tennyson