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New Materials in the Linguistics Collection

44-F presents The gig sheet.

A Cole Porter companion


Discovering Genesis : content, interpretation, reception

Do something else : the road ahead for the mainline church

Islam and international relations : contributions to theory and practice

Islam evolving : radicalism, reformation, and the uneasy relationship with the secular West

Jesus and the Prodigal son : the God of radical mercy

Northwest Texas : opening up a new farming country on a new railway line.

Ostension : word learning and the embodied mind

Pots, pans and prayers : a collection of favorite recipes

Qur'ān and the lyric imperative

Singing and dancing to The Book of Mormon : critical essays on the Broadway musical

The Journal of law and religion.

The Taliban's virtual emirate : the culture and psychology of an online militant community

The earliest Christologies : five images of Christ in the postapostolic age

The impassioned life : reason and emotion in the Christian tradition

The sociology of Islam : knowledge, power and civility

The spirituality of martyrdom ... to the limits of love