Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Law

International law

The legal system of the People's Republic of China in a nutshell

West's revised code of Washington annotated.

Virginia Code

Texas criminal forms.

Environmental insider's EI news.

Latinos and the Voting Rights Act : the search for racial purpose

Tort reform, plaintiffs' lawyers, and access to justice

Texas family law practice and procedure

Handbook of Texas lawyer and judicial ethics : attorney tort standards, attorney ethics standards, judicial ethics standards.

Criminal forms and trial manual

West's Texas forms.

Texas administrative code.

Oklahoma statutes annotated.

New York consolidated laws service

West's New Mexico statutes annotated.

West's annotated Mississippi code : using the classification and numbering system of the Mississippi code of 1972.

Michigan compiled laws service

Michie's annotated code of the public general laws of Maryland.

West's Louisiana statutes annotated : under arrangement of the official Louisiana revised statutes.

Kentucky revised statutes, annotated.

West's annotated Indiana code : under arrangement of the official Indiana code.

Michie's Hawaii revised statutes annotated

West's Florida statutes annotated : under arrangement of the official Florida statutes.

Connecticut General statutes annotated.

West's Colorado revised statutes annotated : under arrangement of the Colorado revised statutes.

Arizona revised statutes, annotated. Prepared under legislative authority, Laws 1956, chapter 129.

Michie on banks and banking

Cultural issues in criminal defense

Federal criminal code and rules.

Freedom for all : an attorney's guide to fighting human trafficking

Misrepresentation in the life, health, and disability insurance application process : a national survey

Defending the jury : crime, community, and the Constitution

Assessment of earning capacity

Litigation of international disputes in U.S. courts

Federal rules of evidence service

Cross-examination handbook : persuasion, strategies, and techniques

Preparing for trial : 60 days and counting

Spoliation in the electronic age.


Motions in federal court.

Federal practice and procedure

Federal rules digest

Federal civil judicial procedure and rules.

Directory of federal court guidelines

Federal rules of court

Diversity matters : judicial policy making in the U.S. Courts of Appeals

Reimagining courts : a design for the twenty-first century

Almanac of the federal judiciary.

American Indian law deskbook.

Contract drafting : powerful prose in transactional practice

Price on contemporary estate planning

Can you trust your trust? : what you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of trusts and trust compliance issues

United States code annotated.

Moynihan's introduction to the law of real property : an historical background of the common law of real property and its modern application

Water law in a nutshell

Natural resources law

On democracy's doorstep : the inside story of how the Supreme Court brought "one person, one vote" to the United States

Religion and the Constitution

The big leagues go to Washington : Congress and sports antitrust, 1951-1989

What is ... the anti-kickback statute?

Social security law and practice

Whistleblowing : the law of retaliatory discharge

The survival guide to implementing effective law firm management strategies

Coaching your client : a lawyer's guide for improving communication and client outcomes

Mastering professional responsibility

Finding bliss : innovative legal models for happy clients & happy lawyers

How to build a real estate law practice

The trouble with lawyers

The law professor's handbook : a practical guide to teaching law

Preparing plain legal documents for nonlawyers

The American Bar Association guide to establishing a motor vehicle law practice : from inception to trial

The unsigned essays of Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story : early American views of law

Nichols cyclopedia of legal forms annotated

Antitrust laws and trade regulation

American jurisprudence; a modern comprehensive text statement of American law, State and Federal.

West's bankruptcy digest.

Premerger notification practice manual.

Disclosures and remedies under the securities laws

Securities and federal corporate law

Recent developments in business and corporate litigation

The ABCs of nonprofits

American law reports.

American law reports. annotations and cases.

Products liability law

Right of publicity : analysis, valuation, and the law

Digest of United States Supreme Court reports, annotated with case annotations, dissenting and separate opinions since 1900, collateral references ...

Careers in international law : a guide to career paths in international law : a resource of the American Society of International Law