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New Materials in the Law Collection

Animal law : welfare, interests, and rights

Child welfare law and practice : representing children, parents, and state agencies in abuse, neglect, and dependency cases

Children's justice : how to improve legal representation of children in the child welfare system

Closing the courthouse door : how your constitutional rights became unenforceable

Constitutional morality and the rise of quasi-law

Constitutionalism, executive power, and the spirit of moderation : Murray P. Dry and the nexus of liberal education and politics

Defining and acquiring interests in property

European Union law

Experiencing other minds in the courtroom

Hydraulic fracturing : a guide to environmental and real property issues

Jacobs, White and Ovey : the European Convention on Human Rights

Nonprofit law : the life cycle of a charitable organization

Perspectives on predictive coding : and other advanced search methods for the legal practitioner

Principles of bankruptcy law

Principles of property law

The construction lawyer's guide to labor and employment law

The history of courts and procedure in medieval Canon law

The law and practice of the United Nations

Transnational civil litigation : principles and prospects

Trial advocacy basics

Understanding election law and voting rights

Vaccine court : the law and politics of injury