Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Law

Law and imperialism : criminality and constitution in colonial India and Victorian England

Texas DTPA forms and practice

Florida rules of court : containing amendments.

Press and speech under assault : the early Supreme Court justices and the Sedition Act of 1798, and the campaign against dissent

Of courtiers and kings : more stories of Supreme Court law clerks and their justices

U.S. Supreme Court opinions and their audiences

The federal courts : an essential history

Fostering state-tribal collaboration : an Indian law primer

Law at Little Big Horn : due process denied

Targeting Americans : the constitutionality of the U.S. drone war

Family law : examples & explanations

Voting rights and election law

The student loan handbook for law students and attorneys

Conflict of laws : examples and explanations

Reason in law

Principles of environmental law

Encryption made simple for lawyers

Locked down : practical information security for lawyers

A legal strategist's guide to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board practice

Professional responsibility : examples & explanations

The bar exam in a nutshell

The how-to guide to lawyering like Lincoln : "lessons, tips, and tales on practicing law and hanging out a shingle"

Best friends at the bar : top-down leadership for women lawyers

The counselor and the law : a guide to legal and ethical practice

Strategic legal research : finding the information you need efficiently and cost-effectively

Discrediting the Red Scare : the Cold War trials of James Kutcher, "the legless veteran"

Antitrust evidence handbook.

Section 1983 litigation forms

The drafting history of UCC Article 5

International family law desk book

Theatre & law

Justice as friendship : a theory of law

Remaking law firms : why and how