Subject Listing

New Materials in the History Collection

A history of the 'Alawis : from medieval Aleppo to the Turkish republic

A sure foundation

Across legal lines : Jews and Muslims in modern Morocco

Alexander's marshals : a study of the Makedonian aristocracy and the politics of military leadership

Asian American culture : from anime to tiger moms

Asian/American curricular epistemicide : from being excluded to becoming a model minority

Civil society, post-colonialism and transnational solidarity : the Irish and the Middle East conflict

Communal violence in the British Empire : disturbing the Pax

Confederate calendar

Contemporary Israel : new insights and scholarship

How the Jews defeated Hitler : exploding the myth of Jewish passivity in the face of Nazism

Irish adventures in nation-building

John Adams's republic : the one, the few, and the many

Louis Philippe and the July Monarchy

Margin of victory : five battles that changed the face of modern war

Meaning-making, internalized racism, and African American identity

My Russian yesterdays

Native America and the question of genocide

Nothing ever dies : Vietnam and the memory of war

Our black sons matter : mothers talk about fears, sorrows, and hopes

Owain Gwynedd : prince of the Welsh

Pure heart : the faith of a father and son in the war for a more perfect union

Russian history through the senses : from 1700 to the present

Sketches of slave life ; and from slave cabin to the pulpit

Summerfolk : a history of the dacha, 1710-2000

The Irish in early medieval Europe : identity, culture and religion

The affect of difference : representations of race in East Asian empire

The death care industry : African American cemeteries and funeral homes

The life and legacy of Constantine : traditions through the ages

The magic lantern : the revolution of '89 witnessed in Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin, and Prague

The power of place : rulers and their palaces, landscapes, cities, and holy places

The prehistory of the Crusades : missionary war and the Baltic Crusades

The return of ideology : the search for regime identities in postcommunist Russia and China

The thinker and the specialist : Hannah Arendt and the Eichmann Trial

The truce : the day the war stopped

Too great a burden to bear : the struggle and failure of the Freedmen's Bureau in Texas

Untold stories : the socio-cultural life of images in Qajar era Iran

What did you do during the war? : the last throes of the British pro-Nazi Right, 1940-45

Women's travel writings in Scotland