Subject Listing

BULib New Materials History

The years of Lyndon Johnson

The 40s : the story of a decade

Civil War generals in defeat

The book of life

Between sovereignty and anarchy : the politics of violence in the American revolutionary era

Colorblind : the rise of post-racial politics and the retreat from racial equity

From the Browder file : 22 essays on the African American experience

Color lines and racial angles

The age of acquiescence : the life and death of American resistance to organized wealth and power

Former British Southern Cameroons journey towards complete decolonization independence, and sovereignty : a comprehensive compilation of efforts

Understanding South Asian minorities in Hong Kong

The 2008 battle of Sadr City : reimagining urban combat

The Kurdish liberation movement in Iraq : from insurgency to statehood

Hymnen, Klagelieder und Gebete

Israel since the Six-Day War : tears of joy, tears of sorrow

Indecision points : George W. Bush and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israeli peacemaking since 1967 : factors behind the breakthroughs and failures

Future Israel : why Christian Anti-Judaism must be challenged

Gaza : a history

Abdullah GA1/4l & the making of the new Turkey

V centenario de los Reyes CatA3licos

Enemies in the plaza : urban spectacle and the end of Spanish frontier culture, 1460-1492

The Russian Primary chronicle:

High society dinners : dining in Tsarist Russia

Putin's kleptocracy : who owns Russia?

Developments in Russian politics 8

Zoii, ai,! KosmodemE1ii, ai,!nskaii, ai,! : pravda protiv lzhi

Anguish, anger, and folkways in Soviet Russia

The Roman Forum : a reconstruction and architectural guide

Manuale di civiltA italiana : materiali ed approcci didattici

School of Classical Studies, 1915-1916 : [papers].

The two Kassels: Same time, another space = Die beiden Kassels: gleiche Zeit, anderer Ort

The icon curtain : the Cold War's quiet border

New literary and linguistic perspectives on the German language, National Socialism, and the Shoah

Dictionnaire des femmes des LumiA"res

The French writers' war, 1940-1953

L'Ancien RA(c)gime

Joan of Arc : a history

Freedom and the Fifth Commandment : Catholic priests and political violence in Ireland, 1919-21

Ireland in official print culture, 1800-1850 : a new reading of the Poor Inquiry

Gender and Enlightenment culture in eighteenth-century Scotland

The history of Wales

London and Europe in the later Middle Ages

Institutional crisis in 21st-century Britain

Cynicism in British post-war culture : ignorance, dust and disease

The crisis of British Protestantism : church power in the Puritan Revolution, 1638-44

A great and terrible king : Edward I and the forging of Britain

British decolonisation, 1918-1984

The king's body : burial and succession in late Anglo-Saxon England

Le petit bruit

Historical writing in Britain, 1688-1830 : visions of history

"The enemy within never did without" : German and Japanese prisoners of war at Camp Huntsville, 1942-1945

Explaining the holocaust : how and why it happened

Enemy in the East : Hitler's secret plans to invade the Soviet Union

First World War : still no end in sight

MA(c)moires, 1218-1243



A visual history record of Alamo defender Gordon Cartwright Jennings' family : lineage of Samuel K. Jennings Texas Ranger

The pioneer Squire Barker family

The Roman imperial coinage

Repensar el sombrio medioevo : nuevas perspectivas para el estudio de la cultura medieval y de la temprana Edad Moderna = Those dark ages revisited : new perspectives for the study of medieval and early modern culture