Subject Listing

New Materials in the History Collection

Almoravid and almohad empires

Archive and memory in German literature and visual culture

Asylum : a survivor's flight from Nazi-occupied Vienna through wartime France

Civilization : the West and the rest

Contested conventions : the struggle to establish the constitution and save the union, 1787-1789

Culloden (Cùil Lodair)

Frederick Barbarossa : the prince and the myth

French children under the Allied bombs, 1940-45 : an oral history

Inscriptiones Asiae, provinciarum Europae graecarum, Illyrici latinae

Inscriptiones Calabriae, Apuliae, Samnii, Sabinorum, Piceni latinae

Inscriptiones Galliae Cisalpinae latinae,

Inscriptiones parietariae Pompeianae, Herculanenses, Stabianae

Inside the Cold War from Marx to Reagan : an unprecedented guide to the roots, history, strategies, and key documents of the Cold War ; with and Internet library of over 900 official documents

Jackson, 1964 : and other dispatches from fifty years of reporting on race in America

Japanese girl at the Siege of Changchun : how I survived China's wartime atrocity

Landscape and Englishness

Life on a short fuse

Lusitania : the cultural history of a catastrophe

Merrie England : a journey through the shire

Miracles of St Edmund

Moral commerce : Quakers and the Transatlantic boycott of the slave labor economy

Obedience Smith (1771-1847), pioneer of three American frontiers : her ancestors and descendants

Power and rural communities in Al-Andalus : ideological and material representations

Race to the Rhine : liberating France & the Low Countries

Reallexikon der Assyriologie und vorderasiatischen Archäologie

Resplendent adventures with Britannia : personalities, politics and culture in Britain

Revolt and Resistance in the Ancient Classical World and the Near East : In the Crucible of Empire

Russia's home front in war and revolution, 1914-22.

Soviets : pictures from the end of the USSR

The History of Manchuria 1840-1948 : a Sino-Russo-Japanese triangle

The cry of the renegade : politics and poetry in interwar Chile

The discovery of chance : the life and thought of Alexander Herzen

The empire that would not die : the paradox of eastern Roman survival, 640-740

The later medieval Inquisitions Post Mortem : mapping the medieval countryside and rural society

The terrible Indian Wars of the West : a history from the Whitman Massacre to Wounded Knee, 1846-1890

Theodore Roosevelt, conservation, and the 1908 Governors' Conference

U.S.-Latin American relations

Vladimir Jabotinsky's Story of my life

William Wallace : a national tale