Subject Listing

BULib New Materials History


The Organization of American States as the advocate and guardian of democracy : an insider's critical assessment of its role in promoting and defending democracy

Reforging the white republic : race, religion, and American nationalism, 1865-1898

Graves, L. H., diary,

The Southern bivouac.

The long emancipation : the demise of slavery in the United States

The scholar denied : W.E.B. Du Bois and the birth of modern sociology

W.E.B. Du Bois : an American intellectual and activist

Finding Charity's folk : enslaved and free black women in Maryland

This is not Dixie : racist violence in Kansas, 1861-1927

Beyond civil rights : the Moynihan Report and its legacy

And still I rise : Black America since MLK : an illustrated chronology

Ensuring inequality : the structural transformation of the African-American family

America's original sin : racism, white privilege, and the bridge to a new America

From power to prejudice : the rise of racial individualism in midcentury America

The color factor : the economics of African-American well-being in the nineteenth-century South

How Blacks built America : labor, culture, freedom, and democracy

Wales and the American dream

Second-generation Korean Americans and transnational media : diasporic identifications

The invisible Irish : finding Protestants in the nineteenth-century migrations to America

Racial ambiguity in Asian American culture

Brown is the new white : how the demographic revolution has created a new American majority

Shades of white flight : evangelical congregations and urban departure

Brown v. Board and the transformation of American culture : education and the South in the age of desegregation

Beneath the surface of white supremacy : denaturalizing U.S. racisms past and present

The post-racial limits of memorialization : toward a political sense of mourning

Citizen sailors : becoming American in the age of revolution

By wind and iron : naval campaigns in the Champlain Valley, 1665-1815

Christians in Egypt : strategies and survival

African independence : how Africa shapes the world

Thinking through China

Britain in India, 1765-1905

Recovering Armenia : the limits of belonging in post-genocide Turkey

The Kosova Liberation Army : underground war to Balkan insurgency, 1948-2001

This gulf of fire : the destruction of Lisbon, or apocalypse in the age of science and reason

The last ironsides : the English expedition to Portugal, 1662-1668

Sites of memory in Spain and Latin America : trauma, politics, and resistance

Surviving Kinsale : Irish emigration and identity formation in early modern Spain, 1601-40

New directions in early Medieval European archaeology : Spain and Italy compared: essays for Riccardo Francovich

Live souls : citizens and volunteers of civil war Spain

Vasily's Island : the pearl of Petersburg

Russia and the Arctic : environment, identity and foreign policy

The Ukrainians : unexpected nation

Vilnius between nations, 1795-2000

Russian/Soviet studies in the United States, Amerikanistika in Russia : mutual representations in academic projects

Remembrance, history, and justice : coming to terms with traumatic pasts in democratic societies

The politics of public space in republican Rome

Shaping the new man : youth training regimes in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany

East and West in the Roman Empire of the fourth century : an end to unity?

Rome : the first book of foundations

Roman festivals in the Greek East : from the early empire to the Middle Byzantine Era

Thucydides and political order : concepts of order and the History of the Peloponnesian War

Germany : memories of a nation

Avignon and its papacy, 1309-1417 : popes, institutions, and society

Spoiling the peace? : the threat of dissident Republicans to peace in Northern Ireland

The politics of constitutional nationalism in Northern Ireland, 1932-70 : between grievance and reconciliation

From protest to pragmatism : the Unionist government and North-South relations from 1959-72

Defining events : power, resistance and identity in twenty-first-century Ireland

The west must wait : County Galway and the Irish Free State, 1922-32

The Irish Civil War and society : politics, class and conflict

Remembering the revolution : dissent, culture, and nationalism in the Irish Free State

Famine and disease in Ireland

Muslims in Ireland : past and present

Clubbing together : ethnicity, civility and formal sociability in the Scottish diaspora to 1930

A tolerant nation? : revisiting ethnic diversity in a devolved Wales

Meat, commerce and the city : the London food market, 1800-1855

London : architecture, building and social change

Britannia's shield : Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Hutton and late-Victorian imperial defence

Rural society and economic change in County Durham : recession and recovery, c.1400-1640

John Forbes : Scotland, Flanders and the Seven Years' War, 1707-1759


The diaries of John Wilkes, 1770-1797

Empire and revolution : the political life of Edmund Burke

Liberty, property and popular politics : England and Scotland, 1688-1815 : essays in honour of H.T. Dickinson

Elizabeth I's foreign correspondence : letters, rhetoric, and politics

Making history : Edward Augustus Freeman and Victorian cultural politics

The sister queens : Isabella & Catherine de Valois

Ruling England, 1042-1217

Authority, gender and emotions in late medieval and early modern England

Eco-cultural networks and the British Empire : new views on environmental history

Multiculturalism, social cohesion and immigration : shifting conceptions in the UK

Rule Britannia? : Britain and Britishness, 1707-1901

Ravensbruck : life and death in Hitler's concentration camp for women

Holocaust scholarship : personal trajectories and professional interpretations

Community newspapers and the Japanese-American incarceration camps : community, not controversy

When titans clashed : how the Red Army stopped Hitler

Midnight in broad daylight : a Japanese American family caught between two worlds

Early medieval Europe 300-1050 : the birth of western society

The O'Byrne mill; digging for facts and fantasies.