Subject Listing

BULib New Materials HHPR

Step by step through modern square dance history / Jim Mayo.

The Official ... basketball record book of the Southwest Conference.

Sports, peacebuilding and ethics / Linda M. Johnston, editor.

Youth leadership in sport and physical education / Tom Martinek and Don Hellison.

Developing physical health and well-being through gymnastics (7-11) : a session-by-session approach / Maggie Carroll and Jackie Hannay.

Philosophy of sport : core readings / edited by Jason Holt.

Before Brittney : a legacy of champions / Dr. Nancy R. Goodloe.

Dance in scripture : how biblical dancers can revolutionize worship today / Angela Yarber.

Ethnicity and race in association football : case study analyses in Europe, Africa and the USA / edited by David Hassan.

Sport and the Christian religion : a systematic review of literature / by Nick J. Watson and Andrew Parker.

Sorry I don't dance : why men refuse to move / Maxine Leeds Craig.

In motion, at rest : the event of the athletic body / Grant Farred.