Subject Listing

New Materials in the English Literature Collection

"The age of oddities" : Byronism and the fictional representations of Byron

Beckett's thing : painting and theatre

Coleridge, Byron and the romantic statesman

Curious case of inequalitry : a journey for justice with Dorothy L. Sayers

Defoe's major fiction : accounting for the self

Engendering melancholy : romantic gender performance and the pre-history of abnormality

Illiberal arts : Orientalism and the juridical imaginary of romanticism

Imaginary bonnets with real bees in them

My mother said I never should

Next swan down the river might be black

Original poetry

Populous solitudes : the Orient and the young romantics

Ross & Rachel

Say you're one of them

Shakespeare Jahrbuch.

Spain, politics, and the British romantic imagination

Sunset baby

Sweetness in the belly

The armour

The dangerous lover and the erotics of failure : nineteenth-century Byronism and the contemporary romance

The great tower of Elfland : the mythopoeic worldview of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, and George MacDonald

The political poetess : Victorian femininity, race, and the legacy of separate spheres

The widow's tale : a poem, in four parts

Victorian dogs, Victorian men : affect and animals in nineteenth-century literature and culture

Warrior Square