Subject Listing

BULib New Materials English Language and Literature

Collected poems 1936-1970

Elijah in Jerusalem : a novel

Espionage in British fiction and film since 1900 : the changing enemy

Charles Williams : the third Inkling

Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings : sources of inspiration

Hobbit lessons : a map for life's unexpected journeys

The Christian world of The hobbit

Complete poems

Romanticism, enthusiasm, and regulation : poetics and the policing of culture in the Romantic period

Romantic poetry and literary coteries : the dialect of the tribe

Victorian poetry and modern life : the unpoetical age

Voice and context in eighteenth-century verse : order in variety

Mapping mythologies : countercurrents in eighteenth-century poetry and cultural history

New postcolonial British genres : shifting the boundaries

Mourning and mysticism in First World War literature and beyond : grappling with ghosts

A history of modernist literature

Modernism, periodicals, and cultural poetics

Intimate violence and Victorian print culture : representational tensions

Queer Victorian families : curious relations in literature

British romanticism and the Catholic question : religion, history, and national identity, 1778-1829

British literature and classical music : cultural contexts 1870-1945

Surprise : the poetics of the unexpected from Milton to Austen

Literary salons across Britain and Ireland in the long eighteenth century

Sovereign power and the enlightenment : eighteenth-century literature and the problem of the political

Hegel and the English romantic tradition

Of memory and literary form : making the early modern English nation