Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Education

Worth striking for : why education policy is every teacher's concern (lessons from Chicago)

The politics of authentic engagement : perspectives, strategies, and tools for student success

The efficiency of educational production : a comparison of Denmark with other OECD countries

The Open University : a history

Assessing the online learner : resources and strategies for faculty

Managing online instructor workload : strategies for finding balance and success

The old boys : the decline and rise of the public school

Private world(s) : gender and informal learning of adults

Neurodevelopmental disorders : a definitive guide for educators

Mobile teachers, teacher identity and international schooling

Why tutoring? : a way to achieve success in school

From school delusion to design : mixed-age groups and values-led transformation

Educating children and young people in care : learning placements and caring schools

Self-regulated learning interventions with at-risk youth : enhancing adaptability, performance, and well-being

Making online teaching accessible : inclusive course design for students with disabilities

Diversity, special needs and inclusion in early years education

Methodologies for researching cultural diversity in education : international perspectives

Gender and education from different angles

Rac(e)ing to class : confronting poverty and race in schools and classrooms

Summer melt : supporting low-income students through the transition to college

Pedagogical imagination : a conceptual memoir

Becoming a teacher of language and literacy

Language and literacy in Roman Judaea : a study of the Bar Kokhba documents

Empowering families : practical ways to involve parents in boosting literacy, grades preK-5

Intercultural education in the European context : theories, experiences, challenges

The case for intercultural education in a multicultural world

Effective grading practices for secondary teachers : practical strategies to prevent failure, recover credits, and increase standards-based/referenced grading

Design in five : essential phases to create engaging assessment practice

Sharing the fire : the igniting role of transformational leadership on the relationship between public managers' and employees' organizational commitment

Is leadership in the eye of the beholder? : a study of intended and perceived leadership strategies and organizational performance

Score to soar : moving teachers from evaluation to professional growth

Principal professional development : leading learning in the digital age

Pathways to school system improvement

Learning to improve : how America's schools can get better at getting better

Continuing the journey to reposition culture and cultural context in evaluation theory and practice

Early childhood governance : choices and consequences

Achieving coherence in district improvement : managing the relationship between the central office and schools

Behind the curtain : tackling the myths and mistakes of school management

Survey of Alumni Surveys

College tutoring program benchmarks

Motivating and retaining online students : research-based strategies that work

Inquiry-based learning for the arts, humanities, and social sciences : a conceptual and practical resource for educators

Help! my college students can't read : teaching vital reading strategies in the content areas

Planning your postgraduate research

Talent development in European higher education : honors programs in the Benelux, Nordic and German-speaking countries

Estimating applications, transfers and accepted offers to the college.

Graduate admissions essays : write your way into the graduate school of your choice

Campus tours benchmarks

Perspectives on student affairs in South Africa

Marketing the college to parents

The politics of performance funding for higher education : origins, discontinuations, and transformations

The department chair as transformative diversity leader : building inclusive learning environments in higher education

Dual enrollment policies, pathways, and perspectives

The college completion agenda : practical approaches for reaching the big goal

Redesigning America's community colleges : a clearer path to student success

An introduction to the internationalization of higher education : essential topics

Offenheit fA1/4r das Ganze - die Chance der UniversitA$?t

What connected educators do differently

From policy to practice : sustainable innovations in school leadership preparation and development

Mentoring for the professions : orienting toward the future

Mentoring for learning : "climbing the mountain"

Appropriating the discourse of social justice in teacher education

Research on teaching and learning with the literacies of young adolescents

Core ready lesson sets. Grades 6 to 8 : a staircase to standards success for English language arts

Creative schools : the grassroots revolution that's transforming education

Understanding core skills and influences in primary school science learning : taking a scientific approach

Vocabulary for the new science standards

The intensive phonological awareness (IPA) program

Reading basics for all teachers : supporting the common core

Planning the Primary National Curriculum : a complete guide for trainees and teachers

Challenging perceptions in primary education : exploring issues in practice

Urban myths about learning and education

Systems theory for pragmatic schooling : toward principles of democratic education

Handbook of early literacy research

Learning together : the law, politics, economics, pedagogy, and neuroscience of early childhood education

The great disconnect in early childhood education : what we know vs. what we do

From preschool to prosperity : the economic payoff to early childhood education

Research methods in early childhood : an introductory guide

Student voice : the instrument of change

Partnering with students : building ownership of learning

Building a community of self-motivated learners : strategies to help students thrive in school and beyond

Educational psychology : a problem-based approach

Applied psychometrics using SAS

Using reading to teach a world language : strategies and activities

Exploding the reading : building a world of responses from one small story, 50 interactive strategies for increasing comprehension

Play out : how to develop your outside space for learning and play.

Conquering the content : a blueprint for online course design and development

Survey of online and MOOC course design plans & practices

Creating a sense of presence in online teaching : how to "be there" for distance learners

Continuing to engage the online learner : activities and resources for creative instruction

Content curation : how to avoid information overload

Collaborating online : learning together in community

Learning online with games, simulations, and virtual worlds : strategies for online instruction

The game believes in you : how digital play can make our kids smarter

Using wikis for online collaboration : the power of the read-write Web

Learning in real time : synchronous teaching and learning online

Engaging the online learner : activities and resources for creative instruction

Information and communication technologies in education, research, and industrial applications : 10th International Conference, ICTERI 2014, Kherson, Ukraine, June 9-12, 2014, revised selected papers

5 skills for the global learner : what everyone needs to navigate the digital world

Naturalizing digital immigrants : the power of collegial coaching for technology integration

Strategic directions for career services within the university setting

It's game time! : games to enhance classroom learning

Dilemmas of the modern educational discourse

Chen Hengzhe : a life between orthodoxies

Changing women's lives : a biography of Dame Rosemary Murray

"I have done the work" : the times and life of James Hutchison Kerr

Higher education in America

What really works in secondary education

What really works in elementary education

The new teacher revolution : changing education for a new generation of learners

American education in popular media : from the blackboard to the silver screen