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BULib New Materials Education

A history of Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Alumni directory

The greatest bulldog reunion of 1997, North Dallas High School : July 11-12, 1997.

The alumni directory - Texas Christian University.

12 Texas Aggie war heroes : from World War I to Vietnam

The University of Houston : our time : celebrating 75 years of learning and leading

Adult learning for self and relational growth (ALG) : an intergrative developmental model

Tell me so I can hear you : a developmental approach to feedback for educators

Germany's Catholic fraternities and the Weimar Republic

Integrated multi-tiered systems of support : blending RTI and PBIS

Working with students with disabilities : preparing school counselors

Using technology to engage students with learning disabilities

Intentional excellence : the pedagogy, power, and politics of excellence in Latina/o schools and communities

Race, religion, and civil rights : Asian students on the West Coast, 1900-1968

Asian Americans on campus : racialized space and white power

Home, school, and community collaboration : culturally responsive family engagement

EService-learning : creating experiential learning and civic engagement through online and hybrid courses

Those kids, our schools : race and reform in an American high school

Race, class, and affirmative action

Public housing and school choice in a gentrified city : youth experiences of uneven opportunity

Beyond economic interests : critical perspectives on adult literacy and numeracy in a globalised world

Closing the opportunity gap : identity-conscious strategies for retention and student success

Disengagement from education

Intersectionality in action : a guide for faculty and campus leaders for creating inclusive classrooms and institutions

World culture re-contextualised : meaning constellations and path-dependencies in comparative and international education research

Friedrich Nietzsche : reconciling knowledge and life

A policy history of standards-based education in America

Elements of grading : a guide to effective practice

Meeting the challenges to measurement in an era of accountability

Making your secondary school e-safe : whole school cyberbullying and e-safety strategies for meeting Ofsted requirements

Things to do if a bully's bugging you : 50 classroom activities to help elementary students

Student discipline : a prosocial perspective

The courage to collaborate : the case for labor-management partnerships in education

Collaborative coaching for disciplinary literacy : strategies to support teachers in grades 6-12

Crafting the feedback teachers need and deserve : a guide for leaders

Hiring the best staff for your school : how to use narrative to improve your recruiting process

Working toward success : board and superintendent interactions, relationships, and hiring issues

How to make data work : a guide for educational leaders

Designing data reports that work : a guide for creating data systems in schools and districts

Lead like the legends : advice and inspiration for teachers and administrators

A guide to data-driven leadership in modern schools

Five critical leadership practices : the secret to high-performing schools

Grad school essentials : a crash course in scholarly skills

Ed.D. programs as incubators for social justice leadership

National college entrance exam in China : perspectives on education quality and equity

Best practices in surveying students accepted into the college

Higher education consumer choice

Campus sexual assault : college women respond

How to succeed in college and beyond : the art of learning

Reengineering the university : how to be mission centered, market smart, and margin conscious

Passing on the right : conservative professors in the progressive university

Global university rankings and the mediatization of higher education

Of education, fishbowls, and rabbit holes : rethinking teaching and liberal education for an interconnected world

Rising to the challenge of transforming higher education : designing universities for learning and teaching

A blueprint for preparing teachers : producing the best educators for our children

Mentoring is a verb : strategies for improving college and career readiness

The mentoring continuum : from graduate school through tenure

Core instructional routines : go-to-structures for the 6-12 classroom

Moving from what to what if? : teaching critical thinking with authentic inquiry and assessments

Constructed responses for learning

Teaching literature in the context of literacy instruction

Close writing : developing purposeful writers in grades 2-6

Six steps to inclusive preschool curriculum : a UDL-based framework for children's school success

The importance of being little : what preschoolers really need from grownups

STEM learning with young children : inquiry teaching with ramps and pathways

Handbook of early literacy research

Courageous leadership in early childhood education : taking a stand for social justice

Visual research methods in educational research

Inspiration is key : unconventional strategies to motivate and support students

"I love learning; I hate school" : an anthropology of college

Reflections on the learning sciences

Learning across contexts in the knowledge society

12 brain/mind learning principles in action : teach for the development of higher order thinking and executive function

Connecting across disciplines : collaborating with informational text

Reading--the grand illusion : how and why people make sense of print

Home/schooling : creating schools that work for kids, parents and teachers

Teaching outside the box but inside the standards : making room for dialogue

Yes we can! : general and special educators collaborating in a professional learning community

The art of coaching teams : building resilient communities that transform schools

Bringing Montessori to America : S.S. McClure, Maria Montessori, and the campaign to publicize Montessori education

Effective digital learning environments : your guide to the ISTE standards for coaches

Instructional planning for effective teaching

Instructional strategies for effective teaching

Learning that matters : revitalising Heathcote's rolling role for the digital age

Connecting the dots : teacher effectiveness and deeper professional learning

European higher education policy and the social dimension : a comparative study of the Bologna process

Mission High : one school, how experts tried to fail it, and the students and teachers who made it triumph

The battle for Room 314 : my year of hope and despair in a New York City high school

For the common weal : the public high school in Victoria, 1910 - 2010

The anatomy of achievement gaps : why and how American education is losing (but can still win) the war on underachievement