Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Education

Handbook of early literacy research / edited by Susan B. Neuman, David K. Dickinson.

Accountability, assessment, and teacher commitment : lessons from Kentucky's reform efforts / edited by Betty Lou Whitford and Ken Jones.

Teaching literacy in the digital age : inspiration for all levels and literacies / edited by Mark Gura.[2014].

Time for learning : top 10 reasons why flipping the classroom can changeeducation / Kathleen P. Fulton.

The literacy teacher's playbook, grades K-2 : four steps for turning assessment data into goal-directed instruction / Jennifer Serravallo ; foreword by Debbie Miller.

The modern land-grant university / edited by Robert J. Sternberg.

Reflection in action : a guidebook for student affairs professionals andteaching faculty / edited by Kimberly A. Kline ; foreword by Edward P. St. John.

The state role in school turnaround : emerging best practices / Lauren Morando Rhim & Sam Redding, editors.Pub., c2014.

Making civics relevant, making citizens effective : action civics in theclassroom / Daniel Millenson, Molly Mills, and Sarah Andes.

Chinese activism of a different kind : the Chinese students' campaign tostay in Australia / by Jia Gao.

Validity in educational & psychological assessment / Paul Newton & Stuart Shaw.

Making space for active learning : the art and practice of teaching / edited by Anne C. Martin, Ellen Schwartz ; foreword by Helen Featherstone.

Enjoying literature : classroom ready materials for teaching fiction andpoetry analysis skills in the high school grades / Arlene F. Marks.

Culture, cliches, and conversations : cultivating relations between teachers and administrators / Anthony Barber.

Alternative education and community engagement : making education a priority / Ornette D. Clennon, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK ; with Cassie Earl, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK and Kehinde Andrews, Newman University, UK.Macmillan, 2014.

Speaking of fourth grade : what listening to kids tells us about school in America / Inda Schaenen.

Reading, writing, and thinking about history : teaching argument writingto diverse learners in the common core classroom, grades 6-12 / Chauncey Monte-Sano, Susan De La Paz, and Mark Felton.University [2014].

Inquiry and innovation in the classroom : using 20% time, genius hour, and PBL to drive student success / A.J. Juliani.

Education, change and society / Raewyn Connell, Anthony Welch, Margaret Vickers, Dennis Foley, Nigel Bagnall, Debra Hayes, Helen Proctor, Arathi Sriprakash, Craig Campbell.

Many mansions : lessons of faith, family, and public service / Kathryn Boyer.

How children learn to write words / Rebecca Treiman and Brett Kessler.

Claiming our callings : toward a new understanding of vocation in the liberal arts / edited by Kaethe Schwehn, L. DeAne Lagerquist.

Sacrifice and survival : identity, mission, and Jesuit higher education in the American South / R. Eric Platt.

End of academic freedom : the coming obliteration of the core purpose ofthe university / by William M. Bowen, Cleveland State University; Michael Schwartz, Cleveland State University; and Lisa Camp, Case Western Reserve University.

Novum organum II : going beyond the scientific research model / Chris Edwards.

History of Texas Christian University : a college of the cattle frontier/ by Colby D. Hall.

Constructing twenty-first century socialism in Latin America : the role of radical education / Sara C. Motta and Mike Cole.

Re-envisioning higher education : embodied pathways to wisdom and socialtransformation / edited by Jing Lin, Rebecca L. Oxford, Edward J. Brantmeier.

International collaborations in literacy research and practice / edited by Cynthia B. Leung, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, Janet C. Richards, University of South Florida, Cynthia A. Lassonde, State University of New York, Oneonta.

First Freire : early writings in social justice education / Carlos Alberto Torres ; foreword by Moacir Gadotti.University, [2014].

Educational leadership for ethics and social justice : views from the social sciences / edited by Anthony H. Normore, California State University, Jeffrey S. Brooks, University of Idaho.

Digital social studies / edited by William B. Russell III, University ofCentral Florida.

Deeper learning : how eight innovative public schools are transforming education in the twenty-first century / Monica R. Martinez and Dennis McGrath.

Challenge thinking and deepen understanding : the instructional approachfor implementing the common core standards, grades 3-12 / Lisa A. Fisher.

Exploring globalization opportunities and challenges in social studies :effective instructional approaches / edited by Lydiah Nganga, John Kambutu, William B. Russell III.

Simulations, games and role play in university education / [Claus Nygaard, Nigel Courtney and Elyssebeth Leigh, editors].

You, me, and diversity : picturebooks for teaching development and intercultural education / Anne M. Dolan.2014.

The writing thief : using mentor texts to teach the craft of writing / Ruth Culham.

Writing on demand for the Common Core State Standards assessments / Kelly Sassi & Anne Ruggles Gere ; with Leila Christenbury.

What teachers need to know about assessment and reporting / Phil Ridden and Sandy Heldsinger.

Transforming your teaching : practical classroom strategies informed by cognitive neuroscience / Kimberly Carraway.

Shifting to fit : the politics of Black and White identity in school leadership / by Carol A. Mullen, Virginia Tech, and Kim Robertson, Vandalia Elementary School.

The pursuit of wisdom and happiness in education : historical sources and contemplative practices / Sean Steel.

Prudence Crandall's legacy : the fight for equality in the 1830s, Dred Scott, and Brown v. Board of Education / Donald E. Williams Jr.

Presenting your research : conferences, symposiums, poster presentationsand beyond / Lucinda Becker.

The mystery in school finances : discovering answers in community-based budgeting / Matthew Malinowski.

Multicultural education for learners with special needs in the twenty-first century / edited by Festus E. Obiakor, Valdosta State University, Anthony F. Rotatori, Saint Xavier University.

Common Core State Standards for grade 7 : language arts instructional strategies and activities / Michelle Manville.

Common Core State Standards for grade 6 : language arts instructional strategies and activities / Michelle Manville.

The common core grammar toolkit : using mentor texts to teach the language standards in grades 6-8 / Sean Ruday.2014.

Student engagement in today's learning environments : engaging the missing catalyst of lasting instructional reform / Justin A. Collins.Rowman & Littlefield, [2014].

Dropout prevention / C. Lee Goss, Kristina J. Andren.

School choice : a balanced approach / William H. Jeynes.[2014].

On the rocketship : how top charter schools are pushing the envelope / Richard Whitmire.

Comparative analysis of higher education systems : issues, challenges and dilemmas / edited by Michael Kariwo, University of Alberta, Canada, Tatiana Gounko, University of Victoria, Canada and Musembi Nungu, University of Alberta,Canada.

University adaptation in difficult economic times / edited by Paola Mattei.

Schooling for tomorrow's America / edited by Marcella L. Kysilka, University of Central Florida ; O.L. Davis, Jr., University of Texas-Austin.

Schooling for resilience : improving the life trajectory of Black and Latino boys / Edward Fergus, Pedro Noguera, and Margary Martin.

Be it remembered : the first century of public education in Tyler, 1882-1982 / compiled by Zella Lewis.

Science, technology, & mathematics (STEM) / Robert E. Slavin, editor ; foreword by Rodger Bybee.

No more sharpening pencils during work time and other time wasters / Elizabeth H. Brinkerhoff, Alysia D. Roehrig.

No more "look up the list" vocabulary instruction / Charlene Cobb and Camille Blachowicz.

A history of foreign students in Britain / Hilary Perraton.

The entrepreneurial university : engaging publics, intersecting impacts / edited by Yvette Taylor.

The deuce and a half iPad : an educator's guide for bringing discovery, engagement, understanding, and creativity into education / Carrie Thornthwaite.

Common core in the content areas : balancing content and literacy / Jessica Bennett.2014.

Classroom management & assessment / Robert E. Slavin, editor ; foreword by Marcia L. Tate.

Beyond the bubble test : how performance assessments support 21st century learning / Linda Darling-Hammond, Frank Adamson.

The poverty and education reader : a call for equity in many voices / edited by Paul C. Gorski and Julie Landsman.

Readers front & center : helping all students engage with complex texts / Dorothy Barnhouse.

Inequalities in the teaching profession : a global perspective / edited by Marie-Pierre Moreau, Reader in Education, University of Roehampton, UK.Macmillan, 2014.

Designing assessment for quality learning / Claire Wyatt-Smith, Valentina Klenowski, Peta Colbert, editors.

For what child / L. Lawrence Riccio.

Re-imagined universities and global citizen professionals : international education, cosmopolitan pedagogies and global friendships / ShantiGeorge.2014.

Action science : relevant teaching and active learning / William H. Robertson.

The ultimate guide to using ICT across the curriculum : web, widgets, whiteboards and beyond! / Jon Audain.Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2014.

Build the brain the common core way / Pamela A. Nevills.

Computerized multistage testing : theory and applications / edited by Duanli Yan, Alina A. von Davier, Charles Lewis, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, USA.[2014].

What lies ahead for America's children and their schools / edited by Chester E. Finn Jr. and Richard Sousa ; with an introduction by Chester E. Finn Jr.Institution Press, Stanford University, 2014.

The way of mindful education : cultivating well-being in teachers and students / Daniel J. Rechtschaffen ; foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Universal design for learning in action : 100 ways to teach all learners/ by Whitney H. Rapp, Ph.D., St. John Fisher College, Rochester, New York.

TechnoTeaching : taking practice to the next level in a digital world / Julie M. Wood, Nicole Ponsford.

Simple low-cost games and activities for sensorimotor learning : a sourcebook of ideas for young children including those with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and other learning differences / Lisa A. Kurtz.

Reading, writing, and literacy 2.0 : teaching with online texts, tools, and resources, K-8 / Denise Johnson ; foreword by Donald J. Leu.University, [2014].

Inside the common core classroom : practical ELA strategies for grades 9-12 / Katherine S. McKnight, National Louis University.

Children's peer talk : learning from each other / edited by Asta Cekaite,Shoshana Blum-Kulka, Vibeke Grover and Eva Teubal.

Building the federal schoolhouse : localism and the American education state / Douglas S. Reed.

Globetrotting or global citizenship? : perils and potential of international experiential learning / edited by Rebecca Tiessen and Robert Huish.Press, [2014].

Pedagogical imagination : a conceptual memoir / Edmund W. Gordon ; foreword by Eleanor Armour Thomas.

Notes on Ernesto Che Guevara's ideas on pedagogy / Lidia Turner Marti.[2014].

Governance reconsidered : how boards, presidents, administrators, and faculty can help their colleges thrive / Susan R. Pierce.

Engaging students in disciplinary literacy, K-6 : reading, writing, and teaching tools for the classroom / Cynthia H. Brock, Virginia J. Goatley, Taffy E. Raphael, Elisabeth Trost-Shahata, Catherine M. Weber ; foreword by Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar.University, [2014].

Education and learning : an evidence-based approach / Jane Mellanby, Katy Theobald.

Creating productive cultures in schools : for students, teachers, and parents / Joseph Murphy, Daniela S. Torre.

Colour coding for learners with autism : a resource for creating meaningthrough colour at home and school / Adele Devine ; illustrated by Quentin Devine.

Building a common core-based curriculum : mapping with focus and fidelity / Susan Udelhofen.[2014].

A tale of nine centuries : the story and sprituality of the Le Cheile Catholic Schools Trust / Una Collins and Sean Goan.

Essentials of planning, selecting, and tailoring interventions for unique learners / edited by Jennifer T. Mascolo, Vincent C. Alfonso, Dawn P. Flanagan.

Minority education in China : balancing unity and diversity in an era ofcritical pluralism / edited by James Leibold and Chen Yangbin.

The normal accident theory of education : why reform and regulation won't make schools better / Andrew K. Milton.

The power of teacher rounds : a guide for facilitators, principals, & department chairs / Vivian Troen, Katherine C. Boles ; with Jacob Pinnolis and Aviva Scheur ; foreword by Richard F. Elmore.

Alliances for advancing academic women : guidelines for collaborating inSTEM fields / edited by Penny J. Gilmer, Florida State University, Berrin Tansel,Florida International University, and Michelle Hughes Miller, University of South Florida.

Alleviating bullying : conquering the challenge of violent crimes / edited by Ashraf Esmail.

Strategies for teaching content effectively in the inclusive secondary classroom / Lisa A. Dieker, Rebecca A. Hines.

The emotional growth of teens : how group counseling intervention works for schools / William L. Fibkins.

Race, empire, and English language teaching : creating responsible and ethical anti-racist practice / Suhanthie Motha.University, [2014].

Teacher identity and the struggle for recognition : meeting the challenges of a diverse society / edited by Patrick M. Jenlink.

Power and moral education in China : three examples of school-based curriculum development / Wangbei Ye.

Professors and their politics / edited by Neil Gross and Solon Simmons.

The reflective practitioner in professional education / Linda Lawrence-Wilkes, Leeds City College, UK and Lyn Ashmore, University of Huddersfield, UK.

The school in the United States : a documentary history / edited by James W. Fraser.

Leading for educational lives : inviting and sustaining imaginative actsof hope in a connected world / John M. Novak, Denise E. Armstrong and Brendan Browne.

Psychology in education : critical theory~practice / edited by Tim Corcoran, The Victoria Institute, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

Youth transitions, international student mobility and spatial reflexivity : being mobile? / David Cairns, Senior Researcher, Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology, ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal.Macmillan, 2014.

Nonfiction strategies that work : do this-- not that! / Lori G. Wilfong.

Education for citizenship in Europe : European policies, national adaptations and young people's attitudes / Avril Keating, Institute of Education,University of London.

Development education in policy and practice / edited by Stephen McCloskey, Director, Centre for Global Education.

A toolkit for deans / Patricia Mosto and Dianne Dorland.

Growing as a teacher : goals and pathways of ongoing teacher learning / Clive Beck and Clare Kosnik.

Getting it right : dynamic school renewal, fixing what's broken / Patricia Anne Duncan Parrish.

The Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education / Jose AngelGutierrez and Natalia Verjat Gutierrez.

How Black and working class children are deprived of basic education in Canada / Bairu Sium.

Education in North America / edited by D.E. Mulcahy, D.G. Mulcahy and Roger Saul.

Educated in whiteness : good intentions and diversity in schools / Angelina E. Castagno.

Defensible teacher evaluation : student growth through classroom assessment / Rick Stiggins.

Writing well in the 21st century : the five essentials / Linda Spencer.

The war on learning : gaining ground in the digital university / Elizabeth Losh.

The unacknowledged disaster : youth poverty and educational failure in America / Bruce J. Biddle, The University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, USA.

Should I go to grad school? : 41 answers to an impossible question / edited by Jessica Loudis, Bosko Blagojevic, John Arthur Peetz, and Allison Rodman.

Reframing transformational leadership : new school culture and effectiveness / edited by Issa M. Saleh, University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain, and Myint Swe Khine, Emirates College for Advanced Education, United Arab Emirates.

New Islamic schools : tradition, modernity, and class in urban Pakistan / Sanaa Riaz.

The legacy of desegregation : the struggle for equality in higher education / Rebeka L. Maples, Former Instructor, The Ohio State University.

Evaluating the undergraduate research experience : a guide for program directors and principal investigators / by Gabriel M. Della-Piana, Connie Kubo Della-Piana and Michael K. Gardner.

Engaging students as partners in learning and teaching : a guide for faculty / Alison Cook-Sather, Catherine Bovill, and Peter Felten ; Maryellen Weimer, consulting editor.

Defining student success : the role of school and culture / Lisa M. Nunn.

Reading assessment : a primer for teachers in the common core era / JoAnne Schudt Caldwell.

What excellent community colleges do : preparing all students for success / Joshua S. Wyner ; [foreword by Anthony P. Carnevale].

The snarktastic guide to college success / edited by Sandra Mizumoto Posey, Teague von Bohlen.

Let's find out! : building content knowledge with young children / SusanKempton ; foreword by Ellin Oliver Keene.

Questioning sequences in the classroom / Robert J. Marzano, Julia A. Simms.

Unleashing student superpowers : practical teaching strategies for 21st century students / Kristen Swanson, Hadley J. Ferguson ; foreword by Marilee Sprenger.

Leading and supporting early years teams : a practical guide / Deborah Price and Cathy Ota.

How to innovate : the essential guide for fearless school leaders / MaryMoss Brown, Alisa Berger ; foreword by Tony Wagner.

The hidden teacher : not only surviving the system, but thriving in it! / Anthony P. Barber.

Focus on teaching : using video for high-impact instruction / Jim Knight.

Teaching as a practice of wisdom / David Geoffrey Smith.

The promise of a pencil : how an ordinary person can create extraordinary change / Adam Braun.

Online learner competencies : knowledge, skills, and attitudes for successful learning in online settings / by Michael Beaudoin [and four others].[2013].

Pedagogy out of bounds : untamed variations of democratic education / byYusef Waghid, Stellenbosch University, Matieland, South Africa.

Lesson study : making a difference to teaching pupils with learning difficulties / edited by Brahm Norwich and Jeff Jones.

Big-city school reforms : lessons from New York, Toronto, and London / Michael Fullan, Alan Boyle.

The Black campus movement : Black students and the racial reconstitutionof higher education, 1965-1972 / Ibram H. Rogers.

Learn and play out : how to develop your primary school's outside space / [by Learning Through Landscapes].

Learning with mothers : a study of home schooling in China / Xiaoming Sheng.

The practice of teachers' professional development : a cultural-historical approach / by Helen Grimmett.

Ipsative assessment : motivation through marking progress / Gwyneth Hughes, Institute of Education, University of London, UK.

The future of educational research : perspectives from beginning researchers / edited by Noleine Fitzallen, University of Tasmania, Australia, Robyn Reaburn, University of Tasmania, Australia, and Si Fan, University of Tasmania, Australia.

Writing behind every door : teaching common core writing in the content areas / Heather Wolpert-Gawron.

Practical design patterns for teaching and learning with technology / edited by Yishay Mor [and three others].

Popular culture, piracy, and outlaw pedagogy : a critique of the miseducation of Davy Jones / Elizabeth Alford Pollock, independent scholar.

A first step into a much larger world : the Christian university and beyond / John W. Hawthorne.

Equal scrutiny : privatization and accountability in digital education /Patricia Burch, Annalee G. Good.

Digital technologies for school collaboration / Anastasia Gouseti.

Can pop culture and Shakespeare exist in the same classroom? : using student interest to bring complex texts to life / Kristine Gritter, Kathryn Schoon-Tanis, and Matthew Althoff.

Equity, opportunity and education in postcolonial Southeast Asia / edited by Cynthia Joseph and Julie Matthews.

Higher education in Ireland : practices, policies and possibilities / edited by Andrew Loxley, Aidan Seery and John Walsh.

From the ivory tower to the schoolhouse : how scholarship becomes commonknowledge in education / Jack Schneider.

Education in Sub-Saharan Africa : comparing faith-inspired, private secular, and public schools / Quentin Wodon.

Unsafe gods : security, secularism and schooling / Lynn Davies.

Making classrooms better : 50 practical applications of mind, brain, andeducation science / Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa.

Enhancing the art & science of teaching with technology / Sonny Magana, Robert J. Marzano.

Digital networking for school reform : the online grassroots efforts of parent and teacher activists / edited by Alison Heron-Hruby, Assistant Professorof English Education, Morehead State University, USA, and Melanie Landon-Hays, Assistant Professor, Division of Teacher Education, Western Oregon University, USA.

Curriculum-based assessment for instructional design : using data to individualize instruction / Matthew K. Burns, David C. Parker.

The common core coaching book : strategies to help teachers address the K-5 ELA standards / Laurie Elish-Piper, Susan K. L'Allier.

The Cleopatra teacher rules : effective strategies for engaging studentsand increasing achievement / Sean B. Yisrael.

Beyond books, butts, and buses : ten steps to help assistant principals become effective instructional leaders / Rebecca Good.

Augmented education : bringing real and virtual learning together / Kieron Sheehy, Rebecca Ferguson, and Gill Clough.

Academic freedom in conflict : the struggle over free speech rights in the university / edited by James L. Turk.

A fresh look at grading and reporting in high schools / Sandra Herbst, Anne Davies, Ph.D.Publishing, [2014].

Close reading and writing from sources / Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey.

An introduction to coaching skills : a practical guide / Christian van Nieuwerburgh.2014.

Urban Catholic education : the best of times, the worst of times / edited by Thomas C. Hunt, David J. O'Brien, & Timothy Walch.

How to design a world-class engineering college : a history of engineering at Carnegie Mellon University / by Leah Pileggi.

Inclusion : teachers' perspectives and practices / Faith Edmonds Andreasen.

Deleuze & Guattari, politics and education : for a people-yet-to-come / [edited by] Matthew Carlin and Jason Wallin.

Built to fail : structural deficiencies and student failure / Randy K. Trani and Robert K. Irvine.