Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Business

The financialization of commodity markets : investing during times of transition

More evidence against the random walk hypothesis

Managerial communication

Steve Jobs and philosophy : for those who think different

The architecture of Russian markets : organizational responses to institutional change

From Walmart to Al-Qaeda : an interdisciplinary approach to globalization

Texas and the interstate highway system.

The wizards of os : the story of Medical Plastics Laboratory

W.G. McMillan Construction Co., Inc. : general contractors, Lubbock, Texas.

Oilfield revolutionary : the career of Everette Lee DeGolyer

The Fort Worth Stockyards national historic district : longhorns, cattle brands, barbed wire and a tin bathtub, an illustrated history and guide

North Texas beer : a full-bodied history of brewing in Dallas, Fort Worth and beyond

Gail Borden : father of the modern dairy industry

Diagnostics for a globalized world

Women in the Chartist Movement

Energy, economic growth, and geopolitical futures : eight long-range scenarios

Management as consultancy : neo-bureaucracy and the consultant manager

Small firms as innovators : from innovation to sustainable growth

Case studies of nonprofit organizations and volunteers

International operations : how multiple environments impact productivity and location decisions

The business of doing good : insights from one social enterprises's journey to deliver on good intentions

Systemic change management : the five capabilities for improving enterprises

Business continuity : state of the industry report

William Hazell's gleaming vision : a co-operative life in South Wales, 1890-1964

Supervisor inflicted ignorance

The collaboratory : a co-creative stakeholder engagement process for solving complex problems

Managing digital enterprise : ten essential topics

Opportunities in the development of Pakistan's private sector

Blaming the victim : how global journalism fails those in poverty

Lessons in sustainable development from Malaysia and Indonesia

Pakistan : moving the economy forward

The emerging Indian economy

Meeting the challenges : a historical record of China's development

A tale of two capitalisms : sacred economics in nineteenth-century Britain

Free market in its twenties : modern business decision making in central and eastern Europe

Corporate welfare : crony capitalism that enriches the rich

Industrial survey of Port Arthur and the greater Port Arthur industrial district : prepared for the Industrial Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Shipping, Port Arthur, Texas

Population in the human sciences : concepts, models, evidence

Can Earth's and society's systems meet the needs of 10 billion people? : Summary of a workshop

Games of strategy

Building better econometric models using cross section and panel data