Subject Listing

New Materials in the Business Collection

A man for all markets : from Las Vegas to Wall Street, how I beat the dealer and the market

Beyond US hegemony in international development : the contest for influence at the World Bank

Business in a changing climate : explaining industry support for carbon pricing

Case studies in courageous organizational communication : research and practice for effective workplaces

Contemporary feminisms in social work practice

Current theory and research in transforming organizations

EU cohesion policy : reassessing performance and direction

Financial deepening and post-crisis development in emerging markets : current perils and future dawns

Global capitalism in disarray : inequality, debt, and austerity

Luxury in global perspective : objects and practices, 1600-2000

Negotiated reform : the multilevel governance of financial regulation

Policy debates as dynamic networks : German pension politics and privatization discourse

Progress : ten reasons to look forward to the future

Simply brilliant : how great organizations do ordinary things in extraordinary ways

The Cambridge phenomenon : global impact

The Peter F. Drucker reader : selected articles from the father of modern management thinking.

The fix : how nations survive and thrive in a world in decline

The laws of globalization and business applications

The world trade system : trends and challenges

Trans-Pacific Partnership : an assessment