Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Business

The financialization of commodity markets : investing during times of transition

More evidence against the random walk hypothesis

Managing FDI for development in resource-rich states : the Caribbean experience

Reform and price discovery at the Tokyo Stock Exchange : from 1990 to 2012

Market timing and moving averages : an empirical analysis of performance in asset allocation

Civil society and the reform of finance : taming capital, reclaiming virtue

Making ends meet : budgeting made easy

The richest man who ever lived : the life and times of Jacob Fugger

Advertising ratios & budgets.

Managerial communication

Consumer brand relationships : meaning, measuring, managing

Why people (don't) buy : the go and stop signals

All you can pay : how companies use our data to empty our wallets

Steve Jobs and philosophy : for those who think different

Ten more years of the Rotary Club of El Paso, Texas : published March, 1974--the 60th anniversary

The architecture of Russian markets : organizational responses to institutional change

English inland trade, 1430-1540 : Southampton and its region

Prospects and challenges of free trade agreements : unlocking business opportunities in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) markets

Impact of China's rise on the Mekong Region

Economic sanctions vs. soft power : lessons from North Korea, Myanmar, and the Middle East

The political economy of EU ties with Iraq and Iran : an assessment of the trade-peace relationship

Developing countries in the world economy

From Walmart to Al-Qaeda : an interdisciplinary approach to globalization

Beyond free trade : alternative approaches to trade, politics and power

Texas and the interstate highway system.

The wizards of os : the story of Medical Plastics Laboratory

W.G. McMillan Construction Co., Inc. : general contractors, Lubbock, Texas.

Oilfield revolutionary : the career of Everette Lee DeGolyer

Life of the Texas Pacific Coal & Oil Co. : 1888-1963

The Fort Worth Stockyards national historic district : longhorns, cattle brands, barbed wire and a tin bathtub, an illustrated history and guide

North Texas beer : a full-bodied history of brewing in Dallas, Fort Worth and beyond

Food and environment in early and medieval China

Gail Borden : father of the modern dairy industry

Diagnostics for a globalized world

Women in the Chartist Movement

The local economy solution : how innovative, self-financing "pollinator" enterprises can grow jobs and prosperity

Choosing a career in international development : a practical guide to working in the professions of international development

Energy, economic growth, and geopolitical futures : eight long-range scenarios

The knowledge capital of nations : education and the economics of growth

Managing and working in project society : institutional challenges of temporary organizations

Management as consultancy : neo-bureaucracy and the consultant manager

Team of teams : new rules of engagement for a complex world

Small firms as innovators : from innovation to sustainable growth

Case studies of nonprofit organizations and volunteers

International operations : how multiple environments impact productivity and location decisions

The business of doing good : insights from one social enterprises's journey to deliver on good intentions

Sustainable frontiers : unlocking change through business, leadership and innovation

Systemic change management : the five capabilities for improving enterprises

It takes more than casual Fridays and free coffee : building a business culture that works for everyone

The ignorant maestro : how great leaders inspire unpredictable brilliance

Relational perspectives on leading

Work rules! : insights from inside Google that will transform how you live and lead

Business continuity : state of the industry report

Research in the decision sciences for global supply chain network innovations : best papers from the 2014 Annual Conference

Managing supply chain risk : integrating with risk management

Commercial and inclusive value chains : doing good and doing well

The politics of African industrial policy : a comparative perspective

The dilemma of the commoners : understanding the use of common-pool resources in long-term perspective

William Hazell's gleaming vision : a co-operative life in South Wales, 1890-1964

Supervisor inflicted ignorance

Analysing quantitative data : for business and management students

The collaboratory : a co-creative stakeholder engagement process for solving complex problems

Managing digital enterprise : ten essential topics

Making co-operative promoters--40 years ICDC : report on the degree course in co-operative economics and the Institute for Co-operation in Developing Countries (ICDC), University of Marburg, Germany

Opportunities in the development of Pakistan's private sector

The origins of corporations : the mills of Toulouse in the Middle Ages

South Africa's BPO service advantage : becoming strategic in the global marketplace

Informal economies in post-socialist spaces : practices, institutions and networks

For God and revolution : priest, peasant, and agrarian socialism in the Mexican Huasteca

Emerging issues in contemporary African economies : structure, policy, and sustainability

The next Africa : an emerging continent becomes a global powerhouse

Blaming the victim : how global journalism fails those in poverty

The environments of the poor in South Asia : simultaneously reducing poverty, protecting the environment, and adapting to climate change

The foreign aid regime : gift-giving, states and global dis/order

Puzzles, paradoxes, controversies, and the global economy

Financing the green transformation : how to make green finance work in Indonesia

Lessons in sustainable development from Malaysia and Indonesia

Pakistan : moving the economy forward

The emerging Indian economy

Meeting the challenges : a historical record of China's development

Poverty reduction policies and practices in developing Asia

Institutions always "mattered" : explaning prosperity in Mediaeval Ragusa (Dubrovnik)

Preparing for the unexpected : design of the future global enterprise

History, time, and economic crisis in Central Greece

What the Victorians threw away

Wanting and having : popular politics and liberal consumerism in England, 1830-70

Austerity : the demolition of the welfare state and the rise of the zombie economy

A tale of two capitalisms : sacred economics in nineteenth-century Britain

Turkey and the European Union

The European Union illuminated : its nature, importance and future

Sectoral responses to a new world order : the European Union and its policies

European integration and the problem of the state : a critique of the bordering of Europe

Emissions trading as a policy instrument : evaluation and prospects

Security and the Turkey-EU accession process : norms, reforms and the Cyprus issue

Free market in its twenties : modern business decision making in central and eastern Europe

Achieving dynamism in an anaemic Europe

Colombia's political economy at the outset of the twenty-first century : from Uribe to Santos and beyond

Mobilizing poor voters : machine politics, clientelism, and social networks in Argentina

Decline of the United States hegemony: a challenge of ALBA and a new Latin American integration of the twenty-first century

Bilateral aid to Latin America : foreign economic assistance from major donor nations

Corporate welfare : crony capitalism that enriches the rich

The great divide : unequal societies and what we can do about them

Industrial survey of Port Arthur and the greater Port Arthur industrial district : prepared for the Industrial Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Shipping, Port Arthur, Texas

Desert America : boom and bust in the new Old West

The good life

Contending perspectives in economics : a guide to contemporary schools of thought

Population in the human sciences : concepts, models, evidence

Hard-to-survey populations

Can Earth's and society's systems meet the needs of 10 billion people? : Summary of a workshop

Translating empire : emulation and the origins of political economy

Wisdom for business success : practical guide for entrepreneurs and fresh graduates

Wicked entrepreneurship: defining the basics of entreponerology.

The positive economics of corporatism and corporate governance

Games of strategy

Building better econometric models using cross section and panel data

Seven figures in the history of Swedish economic thought : Knut Wicksell, Eli Heckscher, Bertil Ohlin, Torsten GAY=rdlund, Sven Rydenfelt, Staffan Burenstam Linder and Jaime Behar