Subject Listing

New Materials in the Business Collection

Collecting food, cultivating people : subsistence and society in Central Africa

Corporate citizen? : an argument for the separation of corporation and state

Creative social change : leadership for a healthy world / ǂc edited by Kathryn Goldman Schuyler, Alliant International University; Coherent Change, San Francisco, CA, USA, John Eric Baugher, Goucher College, Baltimore, MD, USA, Karin Jironet, InClaritas Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Crowdfunding for SMEs : a European perspective

Designing value-creating supply chain networks

Exchange-traded funds and the new dynamics of investing

Managerial forensics

Narratives of crisis : telling stories of ruin and renewal

Poverty is a person : human agency, women and Carribean households Theresa Ann Rajack-Talley.

Reframing resolution : innovation and change in the management of workplace conflict

Saving for development : how Latin America and the Caribbean can save more and better

Should rich nations help the poor?

Sufficiency thinking : Thailand's gift to an unsustainable world

The Italian model of management : a selection of case studies

The Russian Far East : strategic priorities for sustainable development

The human side of virtual work : managing trust, isolation, and presence

The performance of European business in the twentieth century

The quest for stable money : central banking in Austria, 1816-2016

Tombstone : the great Chinese famine, 1958-1962