Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Business

Modern multi-factor analysis of bond portfolios : critical implications for hedging and investing

Practical operational due diligence on hedge funds : processes, procedures and case studies

The shadow banking system : creating transparency in the financial markets

Guilty money : the City of London in Victorian and Edwardian culture, 1815-1914

European bank restructuring during the crisis

Fed power : how finance wins

Virtual billions : the genius, the drug lord, and the ivy league twins behind the rise of Bitcoin

Customer-centric marketing : a pragmatic framework

Creating a brand identity : a guide for designers

Architecting experience : a marketing science and digital analytics handbook

Real leadership : 9 simple practices for leading and living with purpose

Export empire : German soft power in Southeastern Europe, 1890-1945

Early modern trading networks in Europe : cooperation and the case of Simon Ruiz

The political economy of trade policy : theory, evidence and applications

The World Trade Organization : a beginner's guide

Handbook of the international political economy of trade

China's foreign places : the foreign presence in China in the treaty port era, 1840-1943

The Bankhead Highway in Texas : a history and driving guide for the nation's earliest all-weather transcontinental highway

Financing India's imperial railways, 1875-1914

Invent it or improve it : the legacy of Houston Engineers.

The urban working class in Britain, 1830-1914

Technological innovation and economic transformation : a method for contextual analysis

London clerical workers, 1880-1914 : development of the labour market

Navigating complexity in international development : facilitating sustainable change at scale

Managing multipartner strategic alliances

Picturing class : Lewis W. Hine photographs child labor in New England

Catalytic governance : leading change in the information age

Geographies of trash

State capitalism : how the return of statism is transforming the world

Bloodsport : when ruthless dealmakers, shrewd ideologues, and brawling lawyers toppled the corporate establishment

Boards that lead : when to take charge, when to partner, and when to stay out of the way

Socially responsible outsourcing : global sourcing with social impact

How South Africa works : and must do better

Aid and authoritarianism in Africa : development without democracy

Generational poverty : an economic look at the culture of the poor

Emerging powers, emerging markets, emerging societies : global responses

Consuls and the institutions of global capitalism, 1783-1914

Unequal Thailand : aspects of income, wealth and power

The English rural poor, 1850-1914

Paprika, foie gras, and red mud : the politics of materiality in the European Union

And the weak suffer what they must? : Europe's crisis and America's economic future

The smartest places on Earth : why rustbelts are the emerging hotspots of global innovation

American amnesia : how the war on government led us to forget what made America prosper

Concrete economics : the Hamilton approach to economic growth and policy

Low and lower fertility : variations across developed countries

Fundamentals of demographic analysis : concepts, measures and methods

Causal inference in econometrics