Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Business

The use of technical and fundamental analysis in the stock market in emerging and developed economies

Wall Street potholes : insights from top money managers on avoiding dangerous products

Risk management for Islamic banks : recent developments from Asia and the Middle East

Non-knowledge risk and bank-company management : the role of intangibles in rating models

How the Fed moves markets : central bank analysis for the modern era

Private banking in Europe : rise, retreat, and resurgence

It's not just about the money : how to build authentic major donor relationships

How would you like to pay? : how technology is changing the future of money

Better bankers, better banks : promoting good business through contractual commitment

Personalized digital advertising : how data and technology are transforming how we market

Campaigns that shook the world : the evolution of public relations

Disrupting digital business : create an authentic experience in the peer-to-peer economy

Smart pricing : how Google, Priceline, and leading businesses use pricing innovation for profitability

Customer-centric marketing : build relationships, creating advocates, and influence your consumers

Pay attention! : how to listen, respond, and profit from customer feedback

All for one : 10 strategies for building trusted client partnerships

Customer experience : future trends and insights

Uncommon service : how to win by putting customers at the core of your business

Answering the ultimate question : how Net Promoter can transform your business

The 85% niche : the power of women of all colors--Latina, Black, Asian

The business of choice : marketing to consumers' instincts

Buyer personas : how to gain insight into your customer's expectations, align your marketing strategies, and win more business

Consumer experiences and emotion management

The science of why : decoding human motivation and transforming marketing strategy

Buy me! : new ways to get customers to choose your products and ignore the rest

Data-driven marketing : the 15 metrics everyone in marketing should know

Digital disciplines : attaining market leadership via the cloud, big data, social, mobile, and the internet of things

Behavioral marketing : delivering personalized experiences at scale

Street marketing : the future of guerrilla marketing and buzz

Adaptive marketing : leveraging real-time data to become a more competitive and successful company

The rise of the platform marketer : performance marketing with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, plus the latest high-growth digital advertising platforms

The dragonfly effect : quick, effective, and powerful ways to use social media to drive social change

Driving demand : transforming B2B marketing to meet the needs of the modern buyer

What is a 21st century brand? : new thinking from the next generation of advertising leaders

New brand leadership : managing at the intersection of globalization, localization and personalization

The cool factor : building your brand's image through partnership marketing

The next evolution of marketing : connect with your customers by marketing with meaning

Mission-based marketing : positioning your not-for-profit in an increasingly competitive world

Predictive marketing : easy ways every marketer can use customer analytics and big data

Digital relevance : developing marketing content and strategies that drive results

Business, ethics and peace

Always in fashion : from clerk to CEO: lessons for success in business and in life

The business romantic : give everything, quantify nothing, and create something greater than yourself

Going to market : women, trade and social relations in early modern English towns, c. 1550-1650

Regionalism and integration in Africa : EU-ACP economic partnership agreements and Euro-Nigeria relations

The global division of labour : development and inequality in world society

Braniff Airways : flying colors

Biennial report - State Highway Department of Texas.

Model woman : Eileen Ford and the business of beauty

The road to luxury : the evolution, markets, and strategies of luxury brand management

Texas boomtowns : a history of blood and oil

Full planet, empty plates : the new geopolitics of food scarcity

Boss life : surviving my own small business

Dealing with complexity in development evaluation : a practical approach

Remix strategy : the three laws of business combinations

Project leadership : creating value with an adaptive project organization

Odyssey, the business of consulting : how to build, grow, and transform your consulting business

The business of family : how to stay rich for generations

The 10 commandments for family business

Myths and mortals : family business leadership and succession planning

Building sustainable competitive advantage : through executive enterprise leadership

Democratic by design : how carsharing, co-ops, and community land trusts are reinventing America

Scaling up business solutions to social problems : a practical guide for social and corporate entrepreneurs

Corporate responsibility : social action, institutions and governance

Knowledge preservation through community of practice : theoretical issues and empirical evidence

Developing a turnaround business plan : leadership techniques to activate change strategies, secure competitive advantage, and preserve success

Value stream mapping : how to visualize work and align leadership for organizational transformation

Negotiating at work : turn small wins into big gains

Modeling discrete competitive facility location

The leader's pocket guide : 101 indispensable tools, tips, and techniques for any situation

The psychology of employee empowerment : concepts, critical themes and a framework for implementation

Emergency planning for the solo entrepreneur : back up your business--before disaster strikes

New models for sustainable logistics : internalization of external costs in inventory management

Paths to power : how insiders and outsiders shaped American business leadership

The other "F" word : how smart leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs put failure to work

Mindful leadership coaching : journeys into the interior

Profit from science : solving business problems using data, math, and the scientific process

The entrepreneur's guide to running a business : strategy and leadership

The revenue growth habit : the simple art of growing your business by 15% in 15 minutes a day

Seeing the future : how to build basic forecasting models

Innovations in sustainability : fuel and food

The big shift in IT leadership : how great CIOs leverage the power of technology for strategic business growth in the customer-centric economy

Knowledge and discourse matters : relocating knowledge management's sphere of interest onto language

The business of sharing : making it in the new sharing economy

The business and human rights landscape : moving forward, looking back

Inequality : what can be done?

Towards global sustainability : issues, new indicators and economic policy

Climate capitalism : capitalism in the age of climate change

Waste to wealth : the circular economy advantage

This changes everything : capitalism vs. the climate

The Third World in global perspective : a journey from hope to despair

Japan company handbook.

Economic development in the Middle East and North Africa : challenges and prospects

Persistent economic ways of living : production, distribution, and consumption in late prehistory and early history

Against the troika : crisis and austerity in the Eurozone

The moral economy of EU association with Africa

Mexico's uneven development : the geographical and historical context of inequality

Equity, growth, and community : what the nation can learn from America's metro areas

The money makers : how Roosevelt and Keynes ended the Depression, defeated fascism, and secured a prosperous peace

Crash! : how the economic boom & bust of the 1920s worked

Freedom, opportunity, and security: economic policy and the political system.

The automatic customer : creating a subscription business in any industry

Shaping entrepreneurial mindsets : innovation and entrepreneurship in leadership development

Strategy and sustainability : a hard-nosed and clear-eyed approach to environmental sustainability for business

Economics and computation : an introduction to algorithmic game theory, computational social choice, and fair division