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BULib New Materials Art and Photography

Graduate programs in the visual arts : the CAA directory.

Landscapes of mobility : culture, politics, and placemaking / edited by Arijit Sen, Jennifer Johung.

Special affects : cinema, animation and the translation of consumer culture / Eric S. Jenkins.

Tractatus post-historicus (1976) : Braco Dimitrijevic / edited by Aaron Levy ; with critical commentary by Jean-Hubert Martin ... [et al.].

Evasions of power : on the architecture of adjustment / edited by Katherine Carl, Aaron Levy, and Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss ; contributions by Carlos Basualdo ... [et al.].

Daan van Golden : photo book(s) / [concept and editing, Emiliano Battista and Daan van Golden].

An Eakins masterpiece restored : seeing the Gross Clinic anew / edited by Kathleen A. Foster, Mark S. Tucker ; with essays by Steven Conn, Kathleen A. Foster, Mark S. Schreiner, MD, Mark S. Tucker.

Expressionism in Germany and France : from van Gogh to Kandinsky / Timothy O. Benson ; with curatorial assistance by Frauke Josenhans ; with contributions by Laird M. Easton [and 6 others].

Nature as muse : inventing impressionist landscape : from the collectionof Frederic C. Hamilton and the Denver Art Museum.Print.).

Carrier-Belleuse : le maitre de Rodin : Palais de Compiegne,22 mai-27 octobre 2014 / [commissariat, June Hargrove, Gille Grandjean].Copyright 2014.

Living as form : socially engaged art from 1991-2011 / edited by Nato Thompson.MIT Press, 2012.

Photography today : a history of contemporary photography / Mark Durden.

I Prelibri = Prebooks = Vorb ocher = Prelivres / Bruno Munari.

Diedrich Rulfs : designing modern Nacogdoches / Jere Langdon Jackson ; color photography by Christopher Talbot.

Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino : diverging paths of Mannerism / edited byCarlo Falciani and Antonio Natali.

Slavic themes In the art of Alphonse Mucha / Livia Vidicki-Pentney.

Ranch gates of the Southwest / Daniel M. Olsen, Henk van Assen ; introduction by Lucy R. Lippard ; text by Kenneth I. Helphand.

Reynolds : portraiture in action / Mark Hallett.British Art by Yale University Press, [2014].

The Dusseldorf School of photography / [edited by] Stefan Gronert.

Out of actions : between performance and the object, 1949-1979 ; [exhibition catalogue] / organized by Paul Schimmel ; with essays by Kristine Stiles ... [et al.].Thames and Hudson, 1998.

Historical wig styling : ancient Egypt to the 1830s / Allison Lowery.

The aesthetics of the total artwork : on borders and fragments / edited by Anke Finger and Danielle Follett.

WACK! : art and the feminist revolution / organized by Cornelia Butler ;essays by Cornelia Butler ... [et al.] ; edited by Lisa Gabrielle Mark.Press, c2007.

Thomas Struth, photographs, 1978-2010 / edited by Anette Kruszynski, Tobia Bezzola, and James Lingwood ; essays by Armin Zweite ... [et al.].

Essays on the blurring of art and life / Allan Kaprow ; edited by Jeff Kelley.

Words not spent today buy smaller images tomorrow : essays on the present and future of photography / by David Levi Strauss.

Selections from Portals to the past / Claire Masters.

[Social scene].

Life circle / by Eunkang Koh.

The Rushdie fatwa and after : a lesson to the circumspect / Brian Winston, University of London, UK.Macmillan, 2014.

La Calavera Catrina : Dia de los Muertos : the cemeteries, San Miguel deAllende, Mexico / Howard Munson.

A seamless web : transatlantic art in the nineteenth century / edited byCheryll L. May and Marian Wardle.

Permission to laugh : humor and politics in contemporary German art / Gregory H. Williams.

Stairway to heaven : the functions of Medieval upper spaces / Toby Huitson.

Pop art : a critical history / edited by Steven Henry Madoff.

Reading abstract expressionism : context and critique / edited and with an introduction by Ellen G. Landau.

Land and environmental art / edited by Jeffrey Kastner ; survey by BrianWallis.

Land art / Michael Lailach ; Uta Grosenick (ed.).

Ecologies, environments, and energy systems in art of the 1960s and 1970s / James Nisbet.

Too much order / Carolyn Shattuck.

Library book / Lise Melhorn-Boe ; with Wendy Cain's story.

Ursula's garden / Paul Johnson.

Star spell.

Alphabeta concertina / Ronald King.

Little but often / Richard Price ; designed by Ronald King.

Die stadt = the city.

Melanie handwriting / [Melanie Mowinski].

The first writing : prose, letters and painted pages in an original book/ by Cari Ferraro.

Whispers / [Terry Horrigan ; in collaboration with Ann Miller].

Rain / [poet, Hone Tuwhare ; calligraphy, design, Dave Wood].Serigraphics).

Excerpts from Chief Seattle's Peace Treaty Statement.

Ogham / Terry Horrigan.

Graduate programs in art history : the CAA directory.