Subject Listing

BULib New Materials Art and Photography

Fashion design research

Haute couture ateliers : the artisans of fashion

The gown

DVF 40 : journey of a dress

Yves Saint Laurent

Halston : inventing American fashion

Hubert de Givenchy

To Audrey with love

Vogue on Christian Dior

Monsieur Dior : once upon a time

Fashion lives : fashion icons with Fern Mallis

Lanvin : I love you

Italian style : fashion since 1945

Sound design : the expressive power of music, voice, and sound effects in cinema

W stories

Piercing time : Paris after Marville and Atget : 1865-2012


Untitled (after cinema)

Rear views, a star-forming Nebula, and the office of foreign propagana : the works of Taryn Simon

Visiones de tejanos

The power of pictures : early Soviet photography, early Soviet film

The still life in product presentation and editorial design

Photoshow : landmark exhibitions that defined the history of photography

John Heartfield : laughter is a devastating weapon : his original photomontages and printed matter from the Akademie der KA1/4nste Berlin and the David King Collection at Tate Modern

The photographs of Lewis Carroll : a catalogue raisonnA(c)

Beaton : photographs


Pre-Raphaelite masculinities : constructions of masculinity in art and literature

The art of mechanical reproduction : technology and aesthetics from Duchamp to the digital

Romantic Paris : histories of a cultural landscape, 1800-1850

Wooden dreams : East African headrests from the Eduardo LA3pez Moreno collection.

The silence of the women : Bamana mud cloths

Embroidery designs for fashion and furnishings : from the Victoria and Albert Museum

The Baur Collection Geneva : Japanese Buddhist textiles = Collections Baur-GenA"ve : textiles bouddhiques japonais

MicromonumentalitA(c) : l'A(c)loge du minuscule dans l'art africain = Micromonumentality : a tribute to miniature works of African art

Transforming images : New Mexican santos in-between worlds

The Civil War and the material culture of Texas, the lower South, and the Southwest.

American material culture and the Texas experience : itinerant and immigrant artists and artisans in 19th-century Texas.

American material culture and the Texas experience : the David B. Warren Symposium, volume 1

Arts & crafts stained glass

Something of splendor : decorative arts from the White House : an exhibit at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, October 1, 2011, to May 6, 2012

Theatre of dreams, theatre of play : nA and kyAgen in Japan

The FranASSois vase : new perspectives

The contexts of painted pottery in the ancient Mediterranean world (seventh-fourth centuries BCE)

I made this jar-- : the life and works of the enslaved African-American potter, Dave

Chinese domestic furniture in photographs and measured drawings

Artists living with art

Elsie de Wolfe's Paris : frivolity before the storm

Style and satire : fashion in print, 1777-1927

Bonaparte and the British : prints and propaganda in the age of Napoleon

Bruegel in detail

Van Gogh : the asylum year

Van Gogh and nature

Anselm Kiefer.

The Nazarenes : romantic avant-garde and the art of the concept

Georges Seurat : the art of vision

Monet : a bridge to modernity

Henri Matisse

Jongkind : aquarelles

Paul Gauguin

Corot in Italy : open-air painting and the classical-landscape tradition

Gustave Caillebotte : the painter's eye

Arcabas et les pA"lerins d'EmmaA1/4s

The work of art : plein air painting and artistic identity in nineteenth-century France

Monet and the Birth of Impressionism

Samuel Palmer : shadows on the wall

Ben Nicholson

Terry Frost

John Constable : the making of a master

The illuminated year : manuscript pages from the Borso d'Este Bible

La villa romaine de Boscoreale et ses fresques

Frank Stella : the black paintings : [exhibition, November 23, 1976-January 23, 1977]

Frank Stella : American abstract artist

Frank Stella : Irregular polygons, 1965-66

Frank Stella 1958

Looking at Russell

The pastel range : Frank Reaugh, range historian : an exhibition of original paintings by Frank Reaugh

Jackson Pollock : blind spots

Ancel E. Nunn : a catalogue of recent work with comments by the artist.

Whimsical art of Herschberger on the culture of vultures

John Baeder's Road Well Taken

Realism in the Age of Impressionism Painting and the Politics of Time

Painting the modern garden : Monet to Matisse

Painting labour in Scotland and Europe, 1850-1900

Joshua Reynolds : experiments in paint

Cheng Pan-chE1/4iao : poet, painter and calligrapher

Depicted = Abgebildet = Afgebeeld

Artist by nature

Caspar David Friedrich : die Zeichnungen, das gesamte Werk

Seventeenth-century European drawings in Midwestern collections : the age of Bernini, Rembrandt, and Poussin

Texas : art on the road.

Frank Pick's London : art, design and the modern city

Wit & wisdom under the tree of knowledge. Volumn [sic] one

The sketches of Tom Phillips.

Greece and Rome at the Crystal Palace : classical sculpture and modern Britain, 1854-1936

Metamorphoses : in Rodin's studio


Strong-Cuevas sculpture : premonitions in retrospect

Mutilation and transformation : damnatio memoriae and Roman imperial portraiture


Chang'an Avenue and the modernization of Chinese architecture

Chinese houses : the architectural heritage of a nation

On becoming an architect : a memoir

Isaiah Rogers : architectural practice in antebellum America

George Hadfield : architect of the federal city

(IN)formal L.A. : the space of politics

Annual historical homes tour

Galveston 19th century homes

Live Oak Festival tour of homes.

Le Corbusier : the Chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut at Ronchamp

A personal view of the Rothko Chapel and the Newman Obelisk

Detail in contemporary staircase design

The sketchbooks of Chris Wilkinson.

Blouin art sales index.

Cosmigraphics : picturing space through time

Icons : masterpieces of Russian art 16th-19th centuries from the collection of the Moscow State Integrated Museum-Reserve at Kolomenskoye

Paper blossoms, butterflies & birds : a book of beautiful bouquets for the table

Portrait of a lady : peintures et photographies amA(c)ricaines en France, 1870-1915

Emperors and ancestors : Roman rulers and the constraints of tradition

Iconology : image, text, ideology

The beauty of a social problem : photography, autonomy, economy

The work of art in a digital age : art, technology and globalisation


Nights, the cosmos and I

Between us

The bad sparrow, or, My pathetic fallacy


Blue in the picture

In the event of moon disaster.

I always have an audience for my work

Sometimes I pretend : a poem

Agent Orange : an American legacy in Vietnam

The tower book.

Diagram of wind : architectural book with poem by Michael Donaghy

Warped words.

Mind maps.

Letters never sent, 3.

Four passages

Directions for a successful life.

Happy Days


Mix & match families

Power trip

The end of the wasp season

Blocks off the block : San Quentin Arts.

Blinded 2

Words fail {me}

Urban alchemy


A pocket book of forms

Taxonomy of shapes

A footless knee : two cut-up poems

The book of witness and words

Bernoulli equation for unsteady potential flow

Dia de los locos

The day after the Dia de los Muertos : San Miguel, Mexico


Cloud poems

Sleeping beauty : finding that special someone when you're not the aggressive type

Brain drawers

Objects Stein

Who gets to say

Market to market : a commuter diary

Channel & flow.

Memory loss

Townsite house.

Power play

Last Gods' retreat.

What we carried : fragments from the cradle of civilization




Sea monster.

Treading the maze : an artist's journey through breast cancer


Moving forward

Blow : winds from Christina Rossetti and the Beaufort scale.

Letter home.


Fade (Euridice)

Words collide

Yi costume festival

Sometimes, all I can do is sing : Song of Songs 2:8-17

Mementos of things still present but may soon become past

Displaced on the fault lines

You and me.

Library book


Monsters & beasts : tales imagined from Greek myths

Out of gas

Wildflower identification.

Extinct extant


Meet me in my kitchen

Why you can't get married : an unwedding album

The tower

Snow flakes


Traveling companions



The printed page : Denver, Colorado, February 21 - April 5, 2014.

Narrative threads : Denver, Colorado, June 21 - August 2, 2013.

Extended horizons : Denver, Colorado, September 19 - October 19, 2013.

Artists' book cornucopia V : Denver, Colorado, April 18 - June 7, 2014.

Artists' book cornucopia II : an international exhibition of contemporary artists' bookworks : April 15 - June 4, 2011.

Uncommon threads : the handicrafts in book arts

The poetic pen : celebrating calligraphy and poetry.

Ideation by chance : an exhibit of contemporary artists book works

Blood quantum : contemporary artist books

Disobedient objects

Qing encounters : artistic exchanges between China and the West

Onobrakpeya : masks of the flaming arrows

Meschac Gaba : Museum of Contemporary African Art

Yayoi Kusama : I who have arrived in heaven

Ai Weiwei

Beyond the first emperor's mausoleum: new perspectives on Qin art

Jean-Etienne Liotard, 1702-1789.

Representation and the politics of difference.

Munch, Van Gogh

Charles-Joseph Natoire and the AcadA(c)mie de France in Rome : a re-evaluation

Sonia Delaunay

Foreign artists and communities in modern Paris, 1870-1914 : strangers in paradise

Monet, Gauguin, Van Gogh... : Japanese inspirations

Andy Goldsworthy : ephemeral works 2004-2014.

Eileen Cooper : between the lines

Face to face : interviews with artists

Vital art nouveau 1900 : from the collections of the museum of decorative arts in Prague

Frank Stella : the retrospective, works 1958-2012

Maurice Schmidt : a life in art

Glenn Ligon : encounters and collisions

Joseph Cornell : Wanderlust.

Texas abstract : modern, contemporary

American material culture and the Texas experience : the David B. Warren Symposium, volume 2.

Installation art now

History of modern art : painting, sculpture, architecture, photography

An exhibition of sculpture and painting from the Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Ted Weiner at the Art Museum of the University of Texas, Austin, Texas, October 23 to November 27, 1966.

Art in theory, 1815-1900 : an anthology of changing ideas

Art in theory 1648-1815 : an anthology of changing ideas

L'art mediA(c)val

The social history of Roman art

A short book about art

British models of art collecting and the American response : reflections across the pond

A bibliography of salon criticism in Paris from the Ancien RA(c)gime to the Restoration, 1699-1827

The people's galleries : art museums and exhibitions in Britain, 1800-1914

Tragic modernities

The theory of the sublime from Longinus to Kant