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BULib New Materials American Language and Literature

The best of Thoughts for Thursday : inspirational prose and poetry

The Best American sports writing.

Texas chili? Oh my!

The land of rain shadow : Horned Toad, Texas

Narrow escapes

This is only a test

Sex as a political condition : a border novel

Journey to Plum Creek

Journey to Galveston

The life of images : selected prose

An American tune : a novel

El Camino del Rio

A Pecos River pilgrim's poems 7

Confessions of a guilty freelancer

The time it never rained

Canicula : snapshots of a girlhood en la frontera

Blazin' bloats & cows on fire!

The complete fiction of Nella Larsen

Undead Souths : the Gothic and beyond in Southern literature and culture

Grandmother must have been quite a girl, or, "Bama" was a flapper