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Jack White Correspondence – JFK Related

Borrowed and Copied, January 2007-March 2009



Taft Enterprise

   Letter to Jack White re: agreement to connection of investigation of JFK's assassination

   Checks to Jack White


Tatro, Edgar F.

       Corr. re request for info about JFK Assassination

       "Jaworski Blasted", Reader's Opinion by Tatro

       "Q.J.C. Course Studies Incredible Investigation"

       "Q.J.C. Teacher Convinced 3 Gunmen in JFK Assassination"

       Corr. re JFK Info and preparing college/high school teachers' manual on JFK Assassination

       "Neutron Activation Analysis Update", Art. by Tatro questioning ballistic reports

       Corr. and Arts. questioning integrity and reliability of Itek reports

       Corr. with Scholastic Magazine, Inc. re published statements about JFK Assassination

       Bibliographic List of JFK Books

       Neutron Activation Analysis Sheet

       Corr. with Penn Jones and Jack White re JFK Assassination Arts. for publication and further research

       Corr. re.: The Many Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald

       Corr. req. for "Fake"

       Gerald Ford essay

       Neutron Activation Analysis Update

       "Who's Afraid of the Grassy Knoll South?"

       Copies of slides of the grassy knoll

March 198 0≈ Feb. 1991

TenBrink, Philip

       Corr. and photos re possible identity of Dealey Plaza un-identified suspects

       "Bomb Shop in the Nile: Target Israel"

       "Nasser's Hired Germans"

       Corr. and photos re Pres. Limo used during JFK Assassination

       Copies of Jacqueline Kennedy's testimony at Warren Commission re shield between seats

       Corr. re further JFK research

       Article: "JFK set a dangerous precedent with his secret taping"

        Art. "Espionage"

       Corr with Jack re: Art. "The Umbrella Man"

       Art. " The Blood of Israel

(Jul. ≈  Nov. 1964) Feb. 1992 ≈ Jan. 1995

The Three Tramps (See Also, "Harrelson, Charles",  and "Hunt, Howard")

       Corr. to Jack White from Steve Wick, re. "hobo photos"

       Corr. to Jack White, re. Harrelson

Oct. 23, 1992

The Two Oswalds Theory

       Corr. to White, re. "Two Oswalds"

       Article "Two Oswalds?"

       Corr. re. "Third Oswald Evidence"

Oct. 12, 1994 ≈ Oct. 31, 1997

Third Decade, The (TTD) (Rose, Jerry)

       Dir. of Local Groups for Third Decade

       Jack White, info sheet submitted for Dir.

       Corr. re fake LHO "backyard photos"

       Corr. re discrepancies in TTD Art.

       "JFK Assassination-Related Suicides," list of persons, requested pub. of in TTD for researcher seeking photos

       Third Decade Seminar Announcements

       Corr. re Jack White's article from Third Decade

       Corr. re Release of government held documents

       Corr. re Jack White Videos

       Program of the Second research conference

        of the third decade

       Corr with Jack re: materials and Tyson Gorman

Dec. 1986 ≈ Mar. 1993

Thomas, Brian

       Downloaded JFK info from website

       Business card

       Hypercard and History

       Movie footage: "Who killed Kennedy"

       Thomas/ Nast

       Style and Gall

Nov. 1963 - Feb. 1992

Thomas, John R.

   Invoice for reproduction fees for photographs of Fort Worth area-buildings

   Art. Over Penn's coverage talks

   Photos, comments, evidence of  JFK assassination

Nov. 22 1963-Mar. 26, 1991

Thompson, W.C.

       "The Climate of Hate" by Henry P. Durkin, published in The New Guard

       "The Climate of Hate II" by Henry P. Durkin, published in The New Guard

       Corr. re Art. not published in The New Guard

Nov. 1966 ≈ Apr. 1970

Tobias, Richard

       Detailed medical & ballistic analysis of various headshot wounds compared to JFK's wounds, showing discrepancy in JFK photos

       Note from Richard Tobias to Jack White

       Joe West vs. Dr. Jeffrey J. Barnard case

       Request for autopsy photos from Jack White

Aug. 1992

Tom Davis Books

   Booklist: "The Assassination of John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963"

Dec. 15, 1994

Tong, Perry

       Corr. re negotiations for "FAKE" video rights with International Creative Exchange

Jun. 1991 ≈ Apr. 1993

Trask, Richard B.

   Order Form: That Day in Dallas

   Excerpt: Pictures of the Pain

1994 ≈ 2000

Truby, J. David

       "The Other Cheek" (2)

       "The Other Cheek: Peddling Conspiracy"

Feb. 1982

TV Guide

       "America's Longest Vigil: A Permanent Record of Televised Events from Nov. 22-25, 1963"

Jan. 1964


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