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Jack White Correspondence – JFK Related

Borrowed and Copied, January 2007-March 2009



Saltzman, Tony

       Corr. re Moorman photo, "badgeman", et al

Jun. 1993 ≈ Oct. 1993

Savage, Gary

       Corr. re Jack White presentation

       Corr. re book, "JFK: First-day Evidence"

       Manuscript: "JFK First Day Evidence" by Savage

Sep. 1991 ≈ Mar. 1996

Schaeffer, Roy L.

       Corr. re Zapruder film, alleged alterations; photocopies of Zapruder film

       Corr. re Moorman photo

       Analysis of Presidential Limo

       Schaeffer's personal testimony re approach by FBI re special mission involving weapons expertise

       Assassination theory – agent Greer shot JFK

       "Case Against the Single Bullet Theory"

       "The Elemental Comparison of Bullet-Lead Evidence Specimens." By Vincent Guinn

       Corr. to Jack White

       Corr. with Jack White re: Maurice Bishop', postcard of JFK

       Proof of editing of Zapruder film

       "The issue of the authenticity of the Abraham Zapruder film"

       Receipt concering corr. with  U.S Department of Justice

       James Altgens photo

Nov. 1993 ≈ Nov. 1997

Schallhorn, Martha

   Corr. with Jack White

Dec. 12, 1994 ≈ Jan. 22, 1995

Scheim, David

       New Evidence Indicates Mafia Role in JFK, RFK Murders

       Cover-up of Jack Ruby's Mafia Ties

       Corr. re Posner's use of unreliable witness in "Case Closed"

       Key JFK Source Lied, Author Gerald Posner Reveals

       Enclosure 1: Transcript of Gerald Posner's remarks on Zoppi

       Enclosure 2: References for cited quotations and assertions

May 1988 ≈ Sep. 1993

Schmidt, Harold W.

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: films of the assassination

May 1, 1989

Schmidt, Larrie

   Article: Look magazine: A Plot That Flopped

Jan. 26, 1969

Schneider, Tom

   Corr. with David Brinkley, re.: witnesses to JFK assassination (3)

Dec. 30, 1978

Schoonover, Cal

   Corr. with Jack White

   Corr. with Jack White re: Malcolm Wallace and fingerprints

July 28, 1997 – Nov. 16, 1998

Scott, Ned, Jr.

   Corr. with Jack White, re: Charles Harrelson

Feb. 27, 1991

Scott, Peter Dale

       Corr. to Jack White

       Reviews on "Deep Politics and the Death of JFK"

July 11, 1996

Segell, Michael

   Corr., re.: Roscoe White, recipient not identified

Aug. 30, 1990

Selby, Gerard

       Corr. re Dave Weigman film of Grassy Knoll

       Corr. re payment for prints

May ≈ Sept.1986

Shackleford, Martin

   E-mail to alt.conspiracy.jfk, re.: Mannlicher-Carcano (2)

   Booklist: "JFK Assassination Sources"

   Book review: "Political Repression in Modern America"

   "The Zapruder Film: Contents and Editing"

   Oswald's social security

Mar. 1979 ≈ Apr.1998

Shaw, J. Gary

       Corr. re sequence of police motorcycles at Dealey Plaza, esp. McClain's

       Corr. from Harry re loss of publication status

       "Visit to Dallas" – interview w/Gary Shaw

       "Solved Mystery: Death notice of stripper was concocted by Penn Jones"

       Corr. re symposium

       "Cased Closed or Posner's Pompous & Presumptious Postulations by J. Gary Shaw

       Corr. with Phillip TenBrink

       Corr. re.: Walt Cakebread's thesis on CE 399

       Corr. with Jack White

       "Untimely Deaths: Coincidence or Paranoia by Jack White"

       Corr. with Jack White re: meeting

Sep.23, 1975 ≈ Dec. 1994

Shearer, Russell H.

       Corr. to Jack White, re. location of the shots

       JFK Assassination Witnesses from the: JFK Index

July 12, 1995

Shepherd, Jake

       Corr. re De Mohrenschildt

Jun. 1992

Simpson, Ralph

       "Desperately Seeking Simpson"


Sims, Vic

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: course on JFK assassination at Lamar University, trip to Dealey Plaza

Sept. 10, 1985

Sixth Floor, The

       Corr. re Dedication of Dealey Plaza as National Historic Landmark

       Corr. re Jack White as consultant for The Sixth Floor

       Corr. re Jack White videos ordered

       Sixth Floor Promotional Folder containing documents re its origins, Q&A, events of Nov. 22, 1963, et al

       Rock Island Plow Company information

       Photos of Sixth Floor windows

       Dallas Times Herald "JFK exhibit lets Dallas confront history"

       Exhibition invitation flyer for  the Dallas County Historical Foundation

       Art: Debasing memory of a tragic morning

       Request to use Oswald's rifle  at the Dallas Historical Foundation

       Flyer of proof that Oswald did not shoot JFK

       Front cover of Rock Island and Great Western Farm  Implements and Machinery

       Examples of branch houses

       Retrospect art: KDFW –TV Makes Donation

       Retrospect: Visitors center expansion ushers in new level of service

       Museum  creating library to study life, death and legacy of JFK

       Showing of JFK Dallas tapes

       Four Days in November, film of JFK assassination

       Rsvp to "photographic memory"

       Parking pass to Dealey plaza

       Opening of Unfinished business: Kennedy and Cuba

       Invitations and RSVP's to The Sixth Floor

1913 ≈ Oct. 2000

Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File

       A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File (art. re mafia, organized crime, assassinations)


Sons of Liberty

       Foldable chart linking JFK Assassination to Organized Crime

Jul. 1980

Spears, Charles

       Corr. re:

       ODESSA (S.S. Nazi infiltration)

       Assassination, multiple assassins

       American inflation

       Nixon/Kissinger re Vietnam/Cambodia

       The Terrorists Threat, by Rena Pederson

       Reagan assassination


       Federal Emergency Management Act (FEMA)

       "Death in Washington: the murder of Orlando Letelier", book review by David Wemple

       "Max M. Fisher, United Brands and Their Roles in Dope, Incorp." Art.

       U.S./Israeli relations

       Organized Crime and Drugs

       Foreign Policy and Subversion

       To be or not to be  Oswald article


       Sirhan Case

       Federal Deficit.


       Cover up article

       New York times article

        "Was Howard Hughes a Texan "

       Art: "What ever happened to Randolph Scott"

       Harold Smith  interview

       "A Letter to the Pentagon" article

       Italian propaganda in Double Eagle

       Continuing  inquiry

       Article  concerning whistle blower  Tom  Patrick vs. Crook Cloyce

       Article about Williams Killing black youths

       An economic outlook

       Comments on art. "Doubts"

       Subversion of the political

       Article on Hungary and Czechoslovakia

       Article on Reagan's shooting

       "The So-Called Hostage Crisis

       Commentary on the article "Global Mystery Man"

       Commentary on the article " The Terrorist Threat"

        Ronald Reagan's monarists


Nov. 1980 ≈ Mar. 1982

Spotlight Magazine

       Growing Criticism of Trilateralists May Trip Bush

       Ordering information

       Article: "The New Bullies of Europe"

       Flyer  advertising the spotlight magazine

Feb. 1980 ≈ Mar. 22, 1999

Sprague, Richard – "How the CIA Controlled the HSCA"


   Corr. with Louis Stokes (HSCA Chairman)

   Corr. with Robert Blakely

   Subscripton to "People and the Pursuit of Truth"

   Evidence and witness reports.

   Article: How the CIA controlled the House Select Committee on Assasintaion   


Sprague, Richard E.

   Article on Dr. Blakey's Assignment


Sprague, Richard E. – "How the CIA Controlled the House Select Committee On Assassinations"


   Corr. with Robert Blakey

Aug. 1978

Sproesser, Lou

   Corr. with Penn Jones, re.: article in Gung-Ho magazine about German-turned-American spy

May 14, 1982

Sruba, Edwards S.

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: photos of the Grassy Knoll

Aug. 26, 1993

Steamshovel Press

       Corr. re arts. and copyrights on photos

       Art. On bankruptcy of Fine Print

Dec. 1993 ≈ Feb. 1994

Steiger, Brad

   Letter to the Editor of UFO Universe Special, Covert Action #3, re.: JFK and the Federal Reserve


Stevens, Jan

       Canon Copier Proposal

       Dealey Plaza Photos, enlarged by Canon copier

       Christmas card

       Corr. re music proposal for Jack White video

       Corr. re video orders on backyard photos in Third Decade

       Course Dates and Outline for JFK Assassination

       Corr. with Jack re: check for Oswald poster

       Lennon documens

Oct. 1990 ≈Dec. 1997

Stockwell, John

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: Walter Cakebread

Feb. 17, 1995

Stoessel, Frederic

   Newsletter: Tomorrow, subj.: Ronald Reagan

Dec. 20, 1981

Stone, Oliver ("JFK")

       "JFK Film Highlights New Assassination Info", News Art.

       "JFK (film) riles reviewers"

       "Landslide for JFK Tomes – All 70"

       Folders, promo for JFK' film (6 copies)

       "More Shots in Dealey Plaza: Oliver Stone returns to the 60s once again with strange, widely disputed take on the Kennedy assassination"

       JFK' poster

       JFK' premier admission ticket (2 copies)

       Corr. from Jack White

       Art.: Projects Focus on Kennedy Assassination

       On the Set: Dallas in Wonderland by George Lardner, Jr.

       Movie Deal in Works on JFK Killing

       Corr. re Tom Wilson

       Various JFK book covers

       Corr. with Jack re: Picture

       Theory that Nixon is linked to JFK assassination


Jun. 1991 ≈ Jan. 1992

Students, Public Schools – Requesting Information

       Corr. re info, cassette interviews on JFK Assassination:

       Hamby, Amy

       Wolaver, Sam

       Burris, Donny

       Campomanes, Joe

       Creel, Lori

       Kaneshiro, Robin

       Lynn, Randall (teacher)

       And other students (20)

       News articles on students researching JFK assassination

       Questionnaire chart on JFK's assassination

       Duncan Harp: Request for reporter's articles.

Dec. 1991-May. 1998

Swanson, Arthur A.

       Corr. to Justice Dept. re "Christmas Pardons" by Pres. Ford

       Calculations by Swanson re Assassination rifles

       Facsimile copy of front cover of The Christchurch Star, NZ newspaper, re JFK Assassination

       Corr. re importance of the time when NZ newspapers printed JFK Assassination

(Nov. 1963) Dec. 1974 ≈ Mar. 1993

Sylvester, Mike

       "Events Before Nov. 22, 1963 – Excerpts"

Dec. 1991

Synanon Foundation

       Record of court proceedings, Synanon Foundation, Inc. v. American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. (ABC)

       "ABC Payoff: Unanswered Questions", News Art.

       Photo of ABC Newscast with Synanon/LHO/Bullets in background

Mar. 1981 ≈ Jul. 1982


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