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Correspondence - D

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Jack White Correspondence – JFK Related

Borrowed and Copied, January 2007-March 2009



Dallas County Historical Foundation

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: Sixth Floor Museum

   Corr. with Jack White, , re: LHO slide

   Dealy Plaza National Historic Landmark Plaque Program

   Questions from HSCA to Dallas County Architect


Dallas Morning News


         -re. Oswald tape

         -re. Sixth Floor Museum

         -re. Subway plan would upset JFK site

         -re. District attorney Henry Wade

         -re. Sirhan Sirhan

          -re. CIA

          -re. Carlos Marcello

          -re. JFK CD-ROM

         -re. "Slayer's Waiting a Puzzle"

         -re. "Wounded Policeman retires"

         -re. Reagan shooting

       Picture of three men digging Oswald's grave "to see the truth"

       -re/ "Pastor testifies in inquiry of '63 church bombing

       -re. "A shocking starr scenario"


Nov. 24, 1963 – Oct. 24, 1998

Dallas Police Department

       List of the Dallas Police officers at the Texas Theater

       Police officers who found Oswald's wallets

       DPD tapes

Aug. 11, 1997 – June 6, 1998

Dallas Police Department Files

   Article re Acoustic Analysis

   Ben Phelper's information on the assassination

   List of the Dallas Police officers at the Texas Theater

   Police officers who found Oswald's wallets

   DPD tapes

Aug. 11, 1997 – June 6, 1998

Daniels, R.E.

   Corr. with Jack White

Mar 11, 1993

David Park Books

   Book List: Capt. Cranky Off Trail


Davies, Col.

       Berlin and Cuba – The Limits of Power

       Corr. with Jack White: The Nix Film

Aug. 12, 1996

De Mohrenschildt, George

       The Mysterious Death of a Key JFK Witness

       De Mohrenschildt's relationship to  George Bush

Nov. 1977

Dealey Plaza – Scale Drawings, Ballistic Calculations, Graphs

       Eyewitness account accuracy

       Sun Angles in Dealey Plaza

       Diagrams, Charts of Dealey Plaza

       Mystery People of Dealey Plaza

       Corr. with Jack White and R.B Cutler re: Oswald Photos

       Corr with Peter Vea re: Jean Hill

       Ballistics Chart

       3-D Computer Reconstruction of JFK Assassination

       Article: Dealey Plaza Revisited

       Shot Sequence and its analysis

       Tague Hit

       Dealey plaza; Location of witnesses

       Sketch of half of Dealey plaza

       The Unified Solution by William Truels

1963 ≈  Jan. 1999


       Corr. with Jack White re. Honor Guard

       Internet Post re. "Who Killed President Kennedy"

Apr. – Sep. 1992

Deep Politics Quarterly

       Flyers (2)

       Subscription expiration notice

Dec. 20, 1997

Department of Justice

   Review and Acoustical Reports of House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations.

   Letter to Hon. Rankin re: Loaning of Zapruder film to the CIA for training purposes

   Letter and attachments to Mr. Shaw re: FOIA request

   Letter to Hon. Rodino Jr. re: recommendations of further investigation of assassinations of JFK and Dr. King.

   Corr. of Hon. Rodino Jr.  to Mr. Stevens re: enclosure re case forwarded to the committee by Dept. of Justice


Detroit News, The (  Re. Seth Kantor)

   Letter to Jack White re: copy of booklet and recent trip


   News article re: JFK secret death file

   Letter to Sen. Schweiker re: use of multiple weapons in JFK case

   Article: "Senator studies top secret files on slaying of JFK"

   Article: "Senator sees secret files on JFK death

   Letter to Jack White re: secrecy  of the Schweiker investigations and Detroit News publishing and his publishing of a book, and a letter carried  to Sen. Schweiker

   Article: "Phone calls a JFK death secret"

   Article: " Shh! Reporter's calls a JFK death file secret"


Di Giovanni, Michael

   Corr. with Jack White

Nov. 3, 1992-January 16, 1993

Diaz, Janis

       New Stories?  From Old Sources


DiEugenio, Jim (CTKA)

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: Walter Cakebread

   Corr with Jack White, re: Oswald and Ruby offense report

   Corr with Jack White re: C.T.K.A statement of purpose and service on the B.O.D of C.T.K.A


Douglass, Jim

       Article by Douglass, "The Crucifixion of Martin Luther King."

       Corr. with Jack White

Oct.  1996≈Feb. 1997

Douglass, Jim – "Why Martin, Malcolm, JFK, and RFK Were Killed"

       Copy of text


Ducar, Rich

       Article: "Did panel overlook JFK plot of evidence?"


Duck, Wayne

       Email r e: shots fired at JFK's assassination


Dupont, Dan

       Dealey Plaza Photos

       JFK Fatal Head Wound – Front or Back?

       Photographic Analysis

       Corr. with Jack White, with photos of JFK and J.D. Tipppit

       Corr. with Jack White re: Cabluck photo

       Corr with Richard Trask  re: Photos

       Photo from the  bridge

       Corr. with Jack White re: photo of the tank

Feb. 1992 ≈  Dec. 16 1994


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