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Correspondence - C

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Jack White Correspondence – JFK Related

Borrowed and Copied, January 2007-March 2009



Caddeo, Keven

   Email listing of similarities of JFK and Lincoln assassinations

Oct. 1996

``Cakebread, Walter

   Articles by Jack White on his and Cakebread's research on the "Stretcher Bullet Theory"

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: WC CE399, the "Magic Bullet"

   Corr. with Jack White, re. The Fourth Decade

   Flyer: "Facts Supporting Oswald's Claim of "I'm Just a Patsy""

   Corr. with H.E. Livingstone, re.: argument on accreditation of discovery of alleged discrepancies concerning WC CE 399

   E-mail responses, re.: Mannlicher-Carcano rifle

Nov. 23, 1994≈October 21, 1997

Cannon, David

   Manuscript: More Ruthless Than the Enemy (2)


Carlier, Francois

         "An outsider's view of the Kennedy assassination community."

         Corr. with Jack White


CBS – JFK Assassination Coverage

       Kennedy Out-takes from CBS

       CBS Corr. to employees re Kennedy coverage

       Review: "Great Figures in History – JFK"

Dec. 12, 1963 ≈  Oct. 1978

Center for Action (Bo Gritz)

       Monthly news Corr.

       Presidential Campaign Material – 1992

       Letter from Bo Gritz

       U.S. Veteran News and Report

Mar. 1992 ≈  Jul 1993

Center for National Security Studies

       First Principles. Newsletter

July 1980

Central Independent Television plc

       Corr. with Jack White

Aug. 19, 1988

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

       CIA and Jonestown

       CIA and Korean War

       CIA and John Lennon

       CIA and covert missions

       CIA and Bill Requiring Disclosure of Info

       Bacon, John E. corr. to Elton Manzione, re requested material

       Other Materials, CIA Related

       "The CIA – Dangerous Work" – Jim Wright

       "Cryptozoology in the Land of Shadows: Yetis, the CIA and Tibet" – Loren Coleman

       "The Poisoned President JFK Hit by CIA Dart" – J. David Truby

       "A CIA Subsidiary?" – Jean A. Douthwright

       "CIA Chief Casey Spoke too Soon"

       Documents received from the CIA for exhibition

Aug. 1976 ≈ Sep. 1992

Chaidez, L.S.

         Corr. with Jack White, re. requesting info.

         Re. selling a bibliography of Kennedy

Dec., 1980≈May, 1987

Chapman, Kevin P.

        Corr. with Jack White, re.: JFK autopsy

        Corr. With Jack White, re. recommendation

        Transcript of Interview with Mr. Brian Mee Concerning the Famous Backyard Rifle Photographs

Jan. 24, 1994 ≈ Sep. 7, 1997

CIA – James B. Wilcott

         CIA employment record – (national archives)

         "The Kennedy Assassination" – HSCA copy


Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassinations (CTKA) (see also, DiEugenio, Jim)

       Application Form

       Lemkin, Peter resignation

       List of Board of Directors

       News Corr.

       White, Jack expertise requested

       CTKA News: "Dallas Police Report Links Ruby, Oswald 44 Days Prior to JFK Assassination." (7)

       Probe article on Dave Mantik (CTKA Board Member)

       Flyer for Candlelight Vigil

       Corr. with Jack White

       Dallas Police Report

       Letter on Assassination Records Review Board closure

       Letter on Probe closure

       Corr. to Jack White, re.: list of story ideas

       Letter to subscribers on a possible discontinuation of the Probe.


Nov. 1993 ≈ Mar. 1996

Clark, W. D. III

       POW's and MIA's, Arts. and news clippings

1991 ≈  Aug. 1992

Cloak and Dagger Books


Dec. 1992

Coeyman, Teddy

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: photo analysis

Dec. 6, 1991

Collector's Archives, The

    Response to Jack White, re. inquiry of material


Committee for an Open Archives (C.O.A) (Judge, John)

    Request for donations

    A call to action  at the Dallas Assassination Symposium

    Corr. from John Judge to Advisory Board Members

Oct., 1992≈Nov. 1992

Committee on Political Assassinations (See "Judge, John")


Committee to Restore the Constitution

       Art. on The Federal Reserve System

Feb. 1989

Committee to Uphold the Right to Travel

   Report of meeting held by the organization concerning travel to Cuba

Apr. 26, 1999

Congressional Record

       97th Congress, 1st Session

Apr. 30, 1981

Conspiracy Museum, The

   Postcard: to Jack White

   Art. on the museum, "Coming to Grips with Slippery Facts about JFK's Death" by John Anders of the Dallas Morning News

May 17, 1995

Conspiracy Theory Materials

       Conspiratorial View of History

       Echoes of Conspiracy news Corr.

       The New World Order book promotion

       The Kennedy Conspiracy. (Copy of Pg. 207) (2)

       Request for books on JFK Assassination, Cuban Rev., or Radical right wingers.

Nov. 1990 ≈ Sep. 1992

Constantine, Alex

   Manuscript: "Tales from the Crypt: The Depraved Spies and Moguls of the CIA's Operation Mockingbird"

   Email on Project Paperclip and the Kennedy Assassination


Constitutional Founding Association (CFA)

       Promotional material

       Corr. re. Jack Ruby contacts

       CFA declaring constitutional rights

1980- 1993

Continuing Inquiry, The

   Corr. to Penn Jones from Martin Lansky, re.: Oswald

   Corr. to Penn Jones from Frank W. Hoffman, Jr., re.: medical evidence

   Corr. to Penn Jones from Alan M. Beauchesne

   News aricles on JFK  tapes (2)

   CBS tapes on JFK's shooting

   Price list of JFK video's

   Announcements to subscribers

   "Tramps" photos

   Invitation for publication


   Writing on "The Umbrella Man" by R.B. Cutler

   Newsletter Vol. 5, No. 10, 11, 12

   Neuron Activation Analysis Update

   LAPD photos and analyses

Jul. 28, 1978 ≈ Jan. 6, 1992

Coppens, Filip

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: Lee Harvey Oswald

1963- 1991

Cornejo, Joe A.

       Corr. re Umbrella Man and photo evidence

Nov. 1993 ≈  Dec. 1993

Corso, Philip

       Articles, re. Corso

       Memo, Allegations that Oswald was an FBI informant

Feb. 7, 1964≈Dec. 1994

Costello, George

       Book Reviews, Case Closed, and The Last Investigation

       Corr. with Jack White (4)

Apr. 1994≈Feb. 1997

Craig, Roger

   Manuscript: "When They Kill a President"


 Cranor, Milicent

       "Problems with Wallace Milam's Handling of my Work on Thorburn"

       Various writings to Jack White

       Corr. with Jack White

       Articles sent to Jack White

       JFK assassinations Zapruder Film circulation

       Photographs of weapons

       Email on CIA & Counterfit people, focus on Tony Mendez


Craven, Martin A. (see also Evans, Monte)

       The Tramp Identifications – Ramifications Ahead? Art.


Crenshaw, Charles

       Corr. with Jack White re. Kennedy's head wound

May 1993

Crosby, Jack H.

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: offering services as P.I.


Cunningham, Kathleen A.

       Corr. re Kennedy medical photos

       Questions re "Case Closed" by Gerald Posner

       Persons Identified as Present in the Morgue With Those Whose Presence is Implied or Insinuated –by Cunningham

Oct. 1993 ≈ July 1997

Cutler, Robert

       Corr. re House Select Committee on Assassinations

       Corr. re Dealey Plaza ballistics, etc.

       Article on evidence of conspiracy

       Articles on Weapons used in Assassination

         Reflection on JFK's Assassination

       Corr. to Jack White   to RB Cutler re: JFK shooting        

       Letter to Clandestine America on Blakey's analysis on the four-shot theory

       Letter to Editor of Gallery on the conspiracy of cover-ups 

       Photos from the New York Bureau

       Message to Eric Protter and re: singing for the Gallery

       Message  to Jimmy Carter re: review and analysis of famous assassinations

       Exhibit A Dallas Police Tape

       Exhibit B Dealey Plaza 

       Message to Jack White re: The Many Faces Scritp

       Postcard re: Assassinations

       Message to Jack White re: picture, Bertillon system 

       Message re: inside the TSBD

       Sketches on the second rifle theory and Dealey plaza

       Umbrella man order forms

       Publications of JFK's head and body reactions to the head shot on the Zapruder film

Nov. 1975 ≈  Oct. 1988

Cwiek, Tim

       Article re. Jackie's scramble


Cypher, James L.

       Corr. with Jack White

Jan. 3, 1995


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