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A note from Herman P. Sanford

If you have read many of the letters on the Prestridge-Sandford web page, you have run into a few puzzles that the letters do not solve. From time to time we find blanks in the story of George and Mary Ann Rebecca Frost Prestridge as told by these family letters. There are simply not enough letters to tell the whole story. This is especially true after George and Rebecca get married in Arkansas and move on to Louisiana. Information from the letters is indeed sparse until the time they ride the steamer Osceola, an upper Red River packet, back into Arkansas early in 1861. Consequently, I decided that I should write a letter to fill in some of the blanks. Writing a letter of moderate length to cover almost a decade is a formidable chore, so you should not expect all questions to be answered. In fact, it is possible that we may raise nearly as many questions as we answer, but we hope not.