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About Project 9-11

About Project 9-11

What is Project 9-11?


Project 9-11 is the an attempt to preserve as much of the original publications concerning the attacks, and to make these easily available to researchers worldwide, as well as in the Waco area.

One of the most daunting tasks is the digitization of the newspapers from the day of September 11 and for several days after. All libraries microfilmed these newspapers or possibly scanned the front page. We here at the Poage Library have gone above and beyond the norm and scanned the newspapers at 400dpi and created PDFs, so that every article about the attacks can be read in full color.

Issues from approximately two dozen different newspapers were saved. They are arranged on the site by newspaper and then date. You may view the PDFs by clicking on a thumbnail or through a list of pages available for that newspaper. Although all items have not been scanned, they are available to researchers at the library.

Front Page Headlines:

* Newspapers on Sept. 11, before the event - What was important in the news (scanned)
* Special editions on Sept. 11 (scanned)
* Wednesday, Sept. 12 (scanned)
* Thursday, Sept 13 (scanned)
* Friday, Sept. 14 (not scanned)
* Saturday, Sept. 15 (not scanned)
* Sunday, Sept 16 (not scanned)
* Monday and following, Sept 17+ (not scanned)
* Foreign Language newspapers from Sept. 12. (not scanned)



Other Online Resources:

ATTACK ARCHIVE Search 225+ attack-related articles by date, topic, and author. Instructions for keyword or concept searching.

A comprehensive web resource:

The World Trade Center (history, images, construction and collapse) from

Web archive of attacks

September 11 Digital Archive has stories, images, emails, documents, sounds and videos of September 11. is a collection of more than 2,000 first-person accounts from everyday people sharing where they were and what they were doing when they heard about the attacks.

Library of Congress September 11 Web Archive

Iraqi materials Received from Jeffrey M. Ward