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Some of the Highlights of Bob Poage's Innumerable Contributions to Central Texas

Bob Poage is a loyal son of Central Texas. He knows the people and the country. As a State Representative, a State Senator, and now a Member of the House of Representatives, he has served his constituents diligently and unselfishly.

His career in the Congress has gained him worldwide acclaim, particularly in the realm of agriculture, but his responsibilities nationwide have not altered his tireless service to Central Texas, which is exemplified below by a number of his achievements.

  • He has been a strong supporter of the Rural Electrification Program and has sponsored amendments to this law to provide electricity to virtually 100% of Rural America. He secured the passage of the present R.E.A. financing legislation.
  • He introduced and obtained passage of the Rural Telephone Financing Bill providing telephone service to vast areas of Rural America.
  • He has supported Farm Credit and introduced and passed the New Farm Credit Act of 1971 which has expanded the role of the Farm Credit system enabling it to provide credit to the nation's farmers.
  • He introduced the first bill for Upstream Flood Prevention Projects which became Public Law 566. His Subcommittee approved the first Upstream project in the United States on the lower Brushy Creek. He has secured 12 Upstream Flood Prevention Districts.
  • He was author of the Humane Slaughter Law and was given the Dr. Albert Schweitzer Award following the passage of this legislation.
  • He introduced and passed the first resolution for the survey and development of the Brazos River and its tributaries, and in fact has been the moving factor in developing the Brazos River Authority now headquartered in Waco.
  • He developed Rural Water and Waste Disposal system through loans grants with the Poage-Aiken Act. He has sponsored 80 rural water supply systems and 6 waste disposal systems in the 11th District.
  • He was the first Member of Congress to introduce a bill to provide for educational loans to students.
  • He was the main sponsor of the Rural Development Act of 1972 which is widely hailed as one of the greatest pieces of legislation in history for the development of Rural America.
  • He assisted in the establishment of Fort Hood and has worked unceasingly to maintain and enlarge it. This is now the largest military reservation in the United States.
  • He restored much of the use of their lost lands to the Fort Hood Cattlemen's Association.
  • He helped establish and keep utilized the ordinance facilities at McGregor.
  • He was instrumental in locating Marlin Mills in Marlin and in securing financing for Turkey Plants at Marlin, Waco, and Clifton.
  • He helped make Belton Reservoir water available to Belton, Nolanville, Harker Heights, Killeen, Fort Hood, and Copperas Cove.
  • He secured Veterans' Hospitals at Temple and Marlin and enlarged and air conditioned the Waco Hospital.
  • He brought the Regional V. A. Administrative Office back to Waco.
  • He promoted the construction and subsequent enlargement of McCloskey Hospital in Temple.
  • He insisted (successfully) on the inclusion of Waco as one of the first three Model Cities in the United States. This has enabled Waco to receive millions of dollars in aid.
  • He assisted in securing Federal Grants for help in building water and sewerage plants at Marlin, Waco, Killeen, Rosebud, and many other cities.
  • He brought the Downtown Urban Renewal to Cameron.
  • He made possible the transfer of Post Office buildings for the Temple Public Library and the Federal Office Building in Marlin.
  • He enabled Texas State Technical Institute to be established at Waco. He secured the Federally owned property at a small part of its value.
  • He secured the construction of Post Office buildings in Killeen, Temple, Rosebud, Marlin, Clifton, Rockdale, and Moody.
  • He played a vital part in securing the construction and planning funds for Possum Kingdom Dam, Whitney Dam, Belton Dam, Proctor Dam, Granger Dam, Waco Dam, Stillhouse Hollow Dam, San Gabriel Dam, Aquilla Creek Dam and Town Lake Dam in Waco.
  • He secured the location of most of the Agriculture Department State offices in Temple and he has now secured a new Federal Office Building in Temple to house them and other Federal offices.
  • He sponsored and passed the new Commodities Futures Trading Bill which will regulate the trading of billions of dollars of agricultural commodities each year.
  • He secured inclusion of funds for enlargement of the Pecan Research Station at Brownwood - the foremost pecan research center in the world.
  • He fathered the Department of Agriculture Forrage and Grasslands Research Center in Temple which will be in full operation shortly.
  • As Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee he has been the primary sponsor of our basic Farm Programs.
  • He obtained one of the first three V. A. Medical Schools in the United States for Temple.