Baylor University Poage Library

Collection Statement

In February, 1995, Kent Keeth transferred twelve large file storage boxes from Austin, Texas to the Poage Library. These boxes contained materials received by Allen D. Place, Jr., during his first four years in the Texas House of Representatives from 1991 to 1994. They document the diversity a freshman legislator is exposed to as well as the vast amount of material he is expected to digest in order to be able to vote knowledgeably. After an initial box listing, the materials were reboxed into twenty-six standard 12x15x10 archive storage boxes. Then the preliminary inventory of file folder or publication titles was made with the following six major divisions :

  • Subject files including constituent related correspondence
  • Legislation files including constituent related correspondence
  • Publications and annual reports of Texas state agencies
  • House Journal and Senate Journal
  • Legislative Clipping Service
  • Texas Register

When Allen Place decided not to seek reelection in 1998, additional materials were transferred to the Poage Library and were incorporated into the earlier deposit.